BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #2: BlackBerry Adrenaline!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2011 08:31 pm EDT

Our second finalist in CrackBerry's BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest comes to us via CrackBerry member Deathcommand. Deathcommand is well known on the CrackBerry forums, having racked up almost 4,000 forum posts to date (win or lose, he's a BB super fan in my book!). 

His video entry is titled BlackBerry Adrenaline... and well.. let's just say as I did with our first finalist video, I'll keep the teaser here short so you can watch and be surprised and entertained for yourself. But it's definitely got a bit of everything, action, humor and everything in between. When you're done watching the video above, you can keep reading below for more on deathcommand and his BlackBerry Adrenaline video. CrAzY awesome stuff!

About Deathcommand

Hello. My name is Hans Lee. I am 17 years old and am known as Deathcommand on the forums. I am currently in highschool and attending Georgia Perimeter College. Yeah. One of those million campuses.

I got the 8330m on sprint in 2009 of September, and after a few days of learning I finally found out how I could use it. Most of the learning was from my Youth Pastor at church but soon I began to love it even more.

As I found out, my 8330m would never get BlackBerry 5.0. I was devastated. But I filled in the gap by falling in love with I remember when the 9650 rumored with 256mb's of RAM, when it was labeled as a Tour when the Tour was changed only to have WiFi and a trackpad as added features.

I remember the release. I read up Kevin's article at least 3 times that day and many more after that. I remembered that in my head, RIM just released the best phone created.

Fast forward to September 2010, I asked my dad if I could get the 9650. He saw the $200 price tag and said no. He told me to get a phone that has 4G and a bigger screen. He even offered to pay for the Epic 4G if I agreed to use it. I said I wanted the 9650 for its keyboard and after a good hour of begging him and pestering him, I was grounded for my persistence and for declining his offer.

1 Month later I asked again. Same result.

1 Month later. I asked again. He finally agreed. Now it is the same with the 9930. Except he now wants me to get the Galaxy S2.

The Video

My video is called "BlackBerry Adrenaline" as I try my best to make this as much into an action genre as possible.

It also features Mystery, Comedy, Tragedy, and Horror.

What you see in the film is not me being reckless (well it kind of is). I understand what I am doing and I do practice. The type of running is Parkour. I chose to add this because I don't feel the videos on what people did for the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest were quite... amazing enough. For example, the tattoo for many is very un-risky. If there is any problem, they can get money back or just have them fix it. Shot with paint balls? It's merely pain. Bruises go away within a few days. How about embarrassing yourself at Time Square? Why do we want others to think this is what BB Addicts do?

Mine is a bit different.

A BlackBerry user can do what? They aren't afraid? That is what I think is awesome.

For explanation, the video begins with a happy intro, which has a very small bit of mystery, which turns to action, and then turns to comedy, then back to action, then to terror and drama.

I hope you enjoy the video. May the best video win.

Acting, Hans Lee and Abraham Lee.
Extra Info: Filmed By Abraham Lee, Ellen Lee, Joseph Nam and Hans Lee

Also. There is a magical purple line at the first scene. I don't know where it came from and it gives nothing to the video so don't try to analyze it at all. It is a hardware issue.

** Quick Note: For anyone interested in learning Parkour. Do not attempt to pick up at the level that I displayed. It is not a sport that is simply seen and repeated. I have been training for over 8 years (since I was in 3rd grade). You can contact me on the forums if you want to learn but even I am not the best teacher. Youtube has been my teacher.

Typed on my 9650

-Hans Lee (Deathcommand)

Reader comments

BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #2: BlackBerry Adrenaline!


And why was the other guy the first finalist? This is Jackie Chan stuff. Awesome! The other guy is lame and boring (relatively)...

I perfer Parkour to jackiechan stuff.
Or Ninja. :P

His video was hard to produce. The lyrics then making the song. I can't imagine the amount of time that took.

If i Had to come up with lyrics to a song and whatnot.. Game Over for me. kik

I'm just waiting for that guy who did stunts and made his own soundtrack. lol

May be I should have done this when my PB got stolen from me at a restaurant...I just gave up after running after the thief for 2.5 blocks...

Yeah, he was half a minute ahead of me (took my PB through the restaurant's window and ran)...he got to a transit station and my friend and I gave up. At least it gave me the opportunity to get a 64GB at the reduced price!

You're definitely my favorite so far. I love your awesome moves! Could you maybe post some youtube links that you found helpful for the parkour? because I've been inspired for if my PlayBook ever gets stolen!

Honestly I spent most of my time watching showcases, Being able to notice the good(efficient and painless) and bad(energy wasting and painful) is probably the first step in learning.

Then it's slowly getting to higher heights.

Glad you enjoyed it though. Sorry about the PB D:

awesome stunts guys! reminded me of the chase in the movie casino royale.

Hans you will go a long way man, I liked your note and the way you presented yourself. All the best for your future, you are very young than I thought.

You should take into account that you're a moron. This video was awesome. All the action was great but one of my favorite things he did was sitting in front of a laptop needing to look something up and instead of using it started to look for his playbook. Priceless!!!

He forced my family into BlackBerry when I first got one.
I liked my BB so I went up to a 9650, This year, He got everyone a Nexus S (Except he got an S2)

@Stinky- And Yeah I know it was Not.. the best acting and editing, But you have to take into account that I do have school to go to. Both High school and College. D:

You did a great job. Very cool!

A lot of people forget that these movies are just a fun little thing on the side. Still it takes a LOT of time and effort to do these 'fun little things'. It takes only 10 seconds to make a contestant feel bad in a comment.

Ugh. I can't imagine how much time yours took. Not just the fact that you had to make lyrics then recite them later.

I'm okay. I know most of Crackberry is Understanding. :)

At least the fans are.

both of your videos are freakin cool! which is why you made it as finalists...
mines is no where near that cool, but i do wish it could at least end up a finalist...
...its apparent how much effort went into your awesome videos!

Good suspense buildup, and agreeing with everybody else: very nicely done on the stunts. Some of those jumps couldn't have been easy. If I had to pick one, I'm not sure whether I'd take the first or second so far - both very good overall.

this reminds me of the video that guy did about 6months ago...story line is almost exact!
other than that good for them

I honestly can say that I thought up the storyline myself.. Which isn't very impressive. But yeah. I had to cut some parts because it was raining for a few days. D:

hey hans, this was fun to watch and parkour looks awesome. im 39 and i want to try it. lol. my first smartphone was a bb 8530. i used it for six months and upgraded to the 9650 on june 15 2010. i had this phone until aug.16,2011 when i upgraded to the 9930. i just gave a family member my 9650 who was using my 8530 which is now retired. i love blackberry for many reasons but what i really like is that where one family. with bbm u can speak to anyone in any part of the world. doesn't matter where u are from everyone gets along. and its always cool seeing a stranger with a blackberry in hand. well anyway good luck to you. i wish they had smart phones when i was in highschool in 1990. i would had study to be a programmer. kevin from ny/ ct @kenefick

I like it a lot! Very fun! But oh so tragic!
Kevin has a very hard task infront of him! Trying to pick a winner is going to be very hard cause of such good entries. Give the kid a bold 99xx!

Ok, this video was very well thought out. I have to hand it to Death for the take on the video. As far as the Parkour, I will leave that to you, I know I would break a bone or two. Great video, and glad to see you made it to the finals on this one!

You have no idea how awkward it was to wear shoes in the house. Like I was walking upstairs like. What if this makes up my floor? D:

It was awkward just watching you. I thought you were going to rub your shoes off, then you just walked right upstairs. I was thinking, "What is he doing!? That is HERESY!!!".

It was a fallacy that was less appearant than me jumping out of the house with shoes suddenly on. lol

It's okay though. I think only Asian users would really understand the extent of my heresy. :p

Best one so far! Great job dude!!! Where do you live? Those houses are huge! Would love to live there

Awesome vid. Makes me realize just how out of shape i am... if i jumped out of a 2nd story window i would probably just make a big hole in the ground. haha

Are you saying that CB users are Hypocritical?
Because.. you aren't seeing the big picture. We call them kids because they are so easy to follow the crowd. The thing thats "cool" Many lack opinions saying they love iPhone because they do. horrible reasons.

I may be a minor. I'm not a kid.
Now critique the video rather than the user please~

Here's a newsflash for you: This contest was about the ultimate BlackBerry FANBOY. That was the assignment. I'm amazed by the fact that (luckily only a few, but still) there are idiots complaining about the fact that the movies are just that: fanboy movies. It's what Crackberry asked for so it was fully expected things would get nuts/ridiculous. That's the point of it all.

The ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze me.

Now I don't know who to root for :( first finalist blew me away, and now this? :| amazing job on this man srsly. Well thought out, beautifully executed. Just wow. On a side note :| I'm not asian and still disprove of wearing shoes all over the house! Lol. Was worth it for this vid though ;D

Totally awesome job on the video Hans, I mean DC! You are truly a BlackBerry SUPERFAN!!! Seriously, very well done my young Asian friend, hope you win it all dude! MC

Yeah that first stunt from the building to the ground took a while to film. I played the thief in the video by the way :D