BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #1: BlackBerry for Life rap - Go Hard for the Brand I Love!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2011 01:18 pm EDT

Our first finalist video in CrackBerry's BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest comes via Marco van Hylckama Vlieg, who put together an AWESOME BlackBerry rap video. I don't want to give too much away in the teaser here, so hit play on the video above and take it all in. It's totally hardcore BlackBerry Super Fanboy. Which also means I'll slap on a little warning for explicit lyrics. :)

Once you're done watching, keep reading for the back story on this video entry as well as the full lyrics to the song. Bonus points go to Marco for developing his own BlackBerry PlayBook app too. On a day where Apple is doing their new iPhone announcement, I think it's totally good timing that we're posting this up on CrackBerry today... time to go hard for the brand I love! 

Background info from Marco on this video....

This thing has been a long time in the making. I pretty much started immediately after the contest was announced. First I spent several evenings writing lyrics. This was harder than I thought it was gonna be because the words have to flow exactly right. Next up was recording the song. Rapping isn't really one of my core talents so this was even harder. Probably the hardest part of preparing this entry. The song was recorded over several evenings ending up in a humongous GarageBand project file. Everything in the soundtrack is me. The megaphone yelling, the backing vocals, all me. In the meanwhile I found some violent destruction footage on the net to spice things up a bit. And of course the various CEO pics etc.

I wanted a BlackBerry baseball cap but... I didn't have one! I have no idea if they even exist but I had to have one. So... I made one myself. My wife found me a plain black cap and I bought some white felt, cut out pieces to form a BlackBerry logo and glued them on. It came out pretty nice I think! She also got me the fake gold chain which I used to create the 'wearable PlayBook' together with the case and some tape.

I managed to find a cool 'ghetto scene' photo which I manipulated to have 'Blackberry for Life' grafitti artwork in Photoshop. I also prepared the 'Blackberry for life' tattoo-reveal piece in the meanwhile. I'm still learning After Effects so this was pretty cool to try. Then came the shooting. I was starting to run out of time and I hadn't really practiced a lot so this was quite the challenge. The blue screen setup (in my living room) wasn't really ideal so it doesn't look quite perfect. My lipsyncing cold be better as well but there was not enough time to practive.

Then I prepared the scenes in After Effects, going for the 'gritty black and white' look from the original DJ Khaled video. Like I said before, the blue screen setup was a bit crap so it doesn't look perfect.

Finally I mashed everything together in Adobe Premiere and there it was, my Super Fanboy Contest entry. I don't think I've ever spend this much time on a video so I really hope you'll like it!

For those who wonder what the cool Crackberry Logo scroller is: It's my own PlayBook app 'Screamager'. It comes with this animation.

Since some bits may be a bit hard to understand thanks to my stupid Dutch accent I'm also including the lyrics.

BlackBerry for Life - Go Hard for the Brand I Love! Lyrics

I think it's time for me to go hard for the brand I love
I think it's time for me to go hard for the brand I love
I think it's time for me to go hard for the brand I love
I think it's time for me to go hard for the brand I love

This is for Waterloo! Crackberry told me I could

If it ain't got BBM you don't stress
tell them fruitcakes that we are the best

You can't stop this!

Fuck yeah Blackberry owns the game
Apple, Android, Windows, all the same

If you could you would get rid of me
what you gonna do when a fan got to go hard
but I won't let you get to me
you should already figure imma go hard
If you were as real as me
You would never let an iPhone step in yo yard
Fart apps ain't shit to me
this is in my veins and it gets to my heart
so I am, I will I gots to say
There ain't no other brand than Blackberry
I am BBMing it in until the end I got to go, go, go hard

I am the hardest
Definitely the farthest
Disgusted with the rest
I mean ughh where do I start
First I stand around and vomit
then I shit up on it
Love Blackberry so much
Android's got nothing on it
They look slick BBM is sick so sick
Fuck your Droid don't look at me bitch
I'm lookin at who made Steve rich
I'm lookin at who made Steve rich
We had some wins some losses
Just a life of a Blackberry boss's
With the case off tapping on the keys like a mother fucking messaging boss
this is dope as it gets
dope as a mother fuckin acid trip
fly as fiftyseven passengers
This Bold be another classic bitch
everybody knows I got it if you want it then get at it
but You ain't gonna have
no You ain't gonna have it

If you could you would get rid of me
what you gonna do when a fan gotta go hard
but I won't let you get to me
you should already know I'm gonna go hard
If you were as real as me
You would never let an iPhone in yo yard
Fart apps ain't shit to me
this is in my veins and it gets to my heart
so I am, I will I gots to say
There ain't no other brand than Blackberry
I am BBMing it in until the end I got to go, go, go hard

Let me be heard
I hate robots and fruity turds
WebOS was cool and all
Till Leo the clown dropped the ball
Windows Phone, seriously?
Don't give a damn if you can't see
Man I don't care what you think is best
My gear's the the best so fuck the rest
Blackberry owns, RIM's the best
Better take note it's me who said
Don't care what others think they see
Apple hipsters got nothing on me
Don't even talk Wind-ows or Droids now
Stead of RIM they gon go down
Maybe I would have slowed down if I knew what I know now
QNX in the house gonna kick some ass
Soon you're gonna be the one who will be sassed
TAT's gonna get it on
We got what it takes to be number one
I guess it's gon be what it's gon be
But there's one thing you gotta hear
Gonna tell you like Crackberry told me
Fuck y'all hippies I'm out of here

If you could you would get rid of me
what you gonna do when a fan gotta go hard
but I won't let you get to me
you should already figure imma go hard
If you were as real as me
You would never let an iPhone step in yo yard
runnin' fart apps ain't shit to me
this is in my veins and it gets to my heart
so I am, I will I gots to say
There ain't no other brand than Blackberry
I am BBMing it in until the end I got to go, go, go hard

I'm goin in, I'm goin in!!!

I go hard for the Bold
I go hard for the Torch
I go hard for the Playbook

Mike, Jim, Research In Motion!
They're the best!
They won't stop!
They can't stop!
I won't stop!



Bwuahahahaha this is awesome XD


Nice! Very entertaining! Hope this guy wins!!!!


who said Blackberry hasn't got fans like Apple?


Good job lol That was very creative indeed.


WOW! That was AWESOME!!!! I think you have a winner!!!! KUDOS MARCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was just fantastic, Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was awesome! Great! Good luck in the contest!


autotune hardcore! lol


Hah! The original song is autotuned to oblivion as well so I tried to mimick the effect ;)

Thanks for the cool comments everyone!


You should be proud of your Dutch heritage. the way, cool video.


I just want to know if there's a clean version that I can get from BBM Music!


HAHAHA! awesome marco!!!


can't hear the words. Not good.


LMAO!! this guy looks and raps like a old retarded inbred hill billy.


Thanks for your comment!
I created this video. You sat behind your computer screen and posted this comment.

Me: 1 You: 0



Ignore the idiots Marco


You've got to take the good with the bad too Marco.
Nice HD vid of a dying iPhone, but in regards to everything else, it wasn't particularly impressive.

I certainly applaud the effort though. Good luck.


Let's see your video, bro.
Some people need to wake up and realize that these videos are being made by BB fans. We're not watching MTV music videos with huge budgets here.


I don't expect a Hype Williams production, but just because these videos are made by BB fans it doesn't mean that they can't be made better. These videos should at least be on par with submitted videos of the past. Unfortunately, this video was out of sync, the lyrics were tough to decipher unless reading them, rapping is not his thing, and the project as a whole was rushed, and it shows. TheMarco even stated these points.

Critiquing work is necessary in order to improve for the next time around. I haven't made any absurd statements nor have I insulted the man's efforts. It just didn't impress me. That's my opinion. If you like it, then you like it. That's your opinion.

Again, I applaud his efforts.


I have only seen a handful of videos from the past so I'd love to see examples of really good ones if you have them. When you have 2 kids there's only very small 'windows' of time in which you can actually shoot video which is why I ended up with footage thinking something along the lines of "This will have to do even though it's not very good". I have no problems at all with people pointing out these flaws like you did. They are there. It's not like you called me "a retarded hillbilly" :)

Finally, I've started learning After Effects, Premiere and music production only like a month or two ago so this was a fun 'study project' so to say. If you like it: great. If you don't: I'll do better next time probably!


I hear you Marco, and I can respect the home situation and time crunch. It's not like there was a good chunk of time given for the contest.

As far as the quality of the video work, some of the videos you can find that were submitted for CB contests are listed below, and some of them are from other contests that CB may or may not have been a part of, but these stand out. The last one is by J. Reyez and he is indeed a damn good rapper and very creative with the background vocals and such as well.

All in all, I know that with more time you can make it a lot better. I'm a singer and do a lot of original work in garageband for fun when I'm not in school for digital media production. I'll probably make a few videos to put on the band site in the coming weeks after the album comes out. Musical engineering is actually my next class. It's not easy doing an entire project on your own, so again, I applaud you and respect the effort.

I Love My Crackberry - JackDan888

CrackBerry Therapy (I love My CrackBerry Video Contest) - Raymendo

CrackBerry Love - makeityourweb

BlackBerry Rap- Blake Campbell
He definitely flow with Eminem as an inspiration. It's evident.

My BBM Life- J. Reyez
This cat style is killin, but the video cuts off.


Ah I see where you're coming from now with your comments. Maybe it will help when I say that this video was explicitly intended to be a joke, not a work of art. Look at it in kind of a Weird Al Yankovich kind of way to get some more context. Before I started I knew of course that I was gonna make an ass of myself on camera, which was exactly the point of the video. I'm quite a decent singer / guitar player myself. However, I wanted to go for the ridiculous angle which is why I picked this rather than some pretty song in which I would have looked good.

Makes more sense now? It was never intended to be pretty/beautiful. It was intended to look kind of ridiculous because come on, real 'fanboys' ARE ridiculous right?


I THOUGHT I recognized that program! I was the original tester of it! Gonna be tough for the others to top this entry!


fair play to marco,he got of his arse and did something,if you like it thats ok if you dont,thats ok as well,but the fact remains marco at least made a contribution and i give him 10/10 for deserve to win marco.


that is incredible! seriously lol... i'm uber impressed. VERY very well done man. loved it!


Very nice video; love the effects :D


Defintely gets a 10 for being creative. It was good, but definitely room for improvement. I would like Marco to do something similar only using some Dubstep ! ! !


I couldn't watch all of that. Probably one of the worst things I have ever seen.

Kerri Neill

Great job Marco! As one of the former CrackBerry Idol contestants and current bloggers here on CB, I applaud your effort and courage. I know how hard it can be to get in front of the camera. Take the good comments personally and the rest with a grain of salt :)


I know the actual performance is the least good bit. I had pretty much NO practice due to lack of time. I had barely memorized my lyrics. And no worries, I fully expected some people to be an ass. It's the norm these days it seems.

I can't wait to see the other finalists!


Don't listen to them. They have nothing better to do in their lives other than put people like you down for your hard work.


The amazing effort is obvious and impressive, but the outcome was not pleasant to watch, good luck to all the finalists. I'm excited to see the winning video


He is winning over here and winning over here.


Is it possible for us to see the runner ups as well?.....Marco did a great job, & put a lot of work into his video, but I'm sure the runners up also put in a lot of would be nice to honor their efforts too by atleast showing them


I too would love to see all videos. I'm sure there's a lot of great / funny stuff there. Kevin maybe at some point you can post a list of all entries? (not just the five finalists).

Michelle Haag

This was only the first of the finalists... hang tight, you'll see more videos by the end of the week. :)

Good job Marco! 


dude, those lyrics are fkn sic!!! nice job!


Seriously this SUCKS


Props on that man. Good luck with the contest.


Hard to hear what he's saying, but other than that this video is full of win. Production quality is awesome.


My fav line is, "Fuck y'all hippies I'm out of here" Marco, u should change the game up by doing a remix with NO autotune. That would make T-Pain's head explode!


That rocked! The lyrics are the best... Good job man!


Seriously good job. Forgetting about the quality production for a sec, I imagine that it wouldn't be easy putting yourself out there like that, especially not being a rapper... (I know I never could).



Not a fan of "explicit lyrics" (whatever that meant for this video) so I didn't watch. Will you have any finalists where you don't have to put up a disclaimer for us to check it out?


mines not explicit...but its not all professional(at all) like this video(probably mines is the cheapest lookin video submitted) might not even show up in the finalists, but i have it up on youtube if you wanna see?? ...reply if you want me to give you the link???
**actually i cant post can BBM me tho...326A431D


is this train wreck over yet? this is why white nerdy guys shouldnt attempt to rap.

QNX in the house gonna kick some ass
Soon you're gonna be the one who will be sassed

what the? NOOO DONT GET SASSED!!!!

take this down its embarrassing.


theres nothing more pathetic than a middle class white man "rapping" about his brand loyalty to his favorite corporation.


And theres nothing more pathetic than a retard such as yourself sat behind your screen having a pop at some guy whose put quite a bit of effort into this video.

Seriously get a life man.

Marco serious props dude...i liked it alot.


I thought it was quite good. You either like rap or you don't. I do. Maybe a little long but much props Marco from a guy who was stationed at Soesterberg AB for 7 years. Hope you win! ICE

the brother

Rapping isn't really one of my core talents -------- why are you lying to us Marco?


Lovin' it, i want a playbook chain round my neck!


nice entry... too bad some people can't respect the work you put into it.



The biggest critics / complainers are always the laziest ones who have nothing better to do then sit on the couch all day & put down others who actually do something.


OMG.... you got to be kidding?!..................................LOL


Wow. This video is so much better while reading the lyrics. Lol. I could barely understand anything the first time around.


Wow Marco, way to go mate, Maxiums points from another Dutchy. Great fun.


Still let down by RIM. Video doesn't help.


Man! Where do I order that ball cap? I want it in White with Black BB logo and Black with White BB logo! JMD


Wow that was Awesome! Especially amazing because of your time constraints and you've probably never undertaken something quite like this before. Truly a talented guy. I wish I could do something nearly as good :)