BlackBerry fan takes on the world's hottest hamburger for a free BlackBerry 10 phone!

A winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jan 2013 10:41 am EST

Some people love the spice. Others, not so much, which includes Henry who is a winner in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? contest. 

To win a free BlackBerry 10 phone from, Henry said he would take on Chunky's Four Horsemen burger, which is recognized as literally being the hottest hamburger in the world. It's so hot you have to sign a waiver form before you take on the Four Horseman challenge. The goal of the Four Horseman Challenge is to eat the hot and spicy half pound burger in 25 minutes or less, then once finished you have to wait at least five minutes before having a drink of milk (or throwing up).

When Henry submitted his entry, he sent along with it a link to an episode of Man vs. Food, where Adam Richman headed to San Antonio to take a shot at eating the Four Horsemen burger. Clearly, it looked more like torture than dinner... so we knew if Henry was willing to give it a go his love and passion for BlackBerry must be strong. Taking the challenge to the next level, Henry also suggested he would use his BlackBerry to update his status on his social networks while eating the burger.

How did it all play out? Well, you'll have to watch the video above to find out. Congrats to Henry for having the guts and intestinal fortitude to attempt this one! He's definitely deserving of a BlackBerry 10 phone!

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BlackBerry fan takes on the world's hottest hamburger for a free BlackBerry 10 phone!


Hey Kevin,

Totally off topic, is MTS Mobility going to be carrying the BB10 at launch? As usual, their web site as no info.

Wow, first comment and didn't even notice!

Yeah, that is off topic. Lol.

But... to answer... funny thing... I was sitting on the same airplane heading from Winnipeg to Vegas for CES with some of the MTS crew that was going. 

Won't get into the specifics, but yes, they're supporting BB10 for sure. Don't you worry. :) 

I gotta try me this burgar, also, i was thinking of getting BB10 Branded on me, lol.

Mkes me want to mke some super chili again.

The guy wasted too much time trying to check his status and got burned for the mistake. The burger was cut into four (4) sections so he could have finished it in an easy 10 minutes.

Awesome! Way to represent "San Anto" and Blackberry Henry! Sometimes I think I’m the only Crackberry addict here in SA but glad to see that we are out there! (BTW, Chunky's rules, hit it up waaaay to many times when I lived down the street from there).

This I give a Congrats too, Sick of seeing people putting tattoos that will have NO meaning in 5 yrs, YOU MY FRIEND DESERVE IT,... Wish I could give that burger a try lol I like spicy

Is this something more in your Ball park Kevin? I know No tatts for you but what about a yummy SpIzY Bugger lol

My wife and I are flying to San Antonio to visit my son and his family. Chunky's is on our list of places to hit. I WILL NOT be trying that burger. Congratulations Henry, you gave it a great shot and your BB10 love transends even the obvious burger-inflected pain!

Congrats bud, that looked painful, but I think your true dedication was shown in you trying to update your status during the ordeal . . oy! =)

way to go dude ! way to be bold and congratz on the phone !! man that is a good demonstration of bb people, hyper-connected - trying to send a message or something while his mouth is searing in pain! that's awesome !

* BlackBerry by choice *
Damn I've never been there to eat that burger, but I've had to sign a waiver before doing other challenges and I say he is very deserving of a new z10.
Congratulations man, you deserve it!

I've not ever been pepper sprayed before, but if it makes you burn uncontrollably for a good amount of time... then yeah pretty much :)

Ouch! Some like it hot, but I top out at habenaro. The Ghost Pepper must be in the molecular acid/Alien class. The surgical gloves are no theatrical flourish, either.

Holy crap, I think I just read a Crackberry article with no negative comments. You KNOW BB10 must be close!

Congrats to Henry too!

Guy I go to school with grows ghost peppers, drys them and then puts them on his pizza, and in his sauce... tried a slice about a month ago. Never again, had stomach cramps and everything.

WOW all of these comments are awesome!
Thank you all for all the positive feed back lol
Can not wait to see what the other winners did!

Go Henry! Good application too, linking the Man Vs Food vid! Enjoy your phone and ... I am stoked that the first two winners are in the so-called Blackberry-dead zone of the U.S!

thats so stupid. first it is so stupid that you would take on a challenge like that. second i dont agree that he deserved the phone. what is the point of the challenge if you are going to crown the people who tried?

Wow the first negative post. You sir should keep negative feedback to yourself until you try what Henry did.
Way to go Henry!!!!! Good Job.

Theres always one douchebag. Go try some ghost peppers or better yet scotch bonnet peppers and let me know how you feel afterwards.

Wow loving to watch men vs food kudos for trying this. He's had a good time and thatsball that counts. BB10 is gonna be hot ;)

Congrats (on the BB10 win) Henry !

Ya should not have let yourself get distracted by your status ... blew your concentration .... and probably something else by the expression on your face !!!

If you are british and have been following the news lately calling a burger "Four Horsemen" is very funny ;)