BlackBerry fan gets a BlackBerry 10 tattoo!

A winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2013 10:16 am EST

And you thought the love for BlackBerry in the United States had gone away? Think again!

For his entry into CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? contest, Brian Heffren of Middletown, New York went out and got himself a BlackBerry 10 and CrackBerry tattoo! Hit the video above to see the crazy action go down.

Brian is an Engineer Technician and Field Planner for Time Warner Cable and has been in the industry since 1996, designing fiber optic routes and implementing them for commercial businesses. Brian also works on the LTE towers in his area.

Brian loves BlackBerry because it makes his job so much easier - from BlackBerry's great messaging capabilities to the PlayBook tablet which helps him do designs out in the field. A coworker showed Brian years ago and he's been hooked ever since. Brian's BlackBerry never leaves his side, and of course, his wife thinks he's nuts.

Heck, we think Brian is nuts (or maybe crazy?) too for getting a BlackBerry / CrackBerry tattoo, but we love him for it! He got the tattoo because he believes in BlackBerry and CrackBerry and is very passionate about both. Brian couldn't picture his life without a BlackBerry. He even loves doing repairs on BlackBerry devices - he'll buy old broken BBs and restore them. Now that's hardcore!

So congrats Brian! You'll be getting a free BlackBerry 10 phone and ultimate BlackBerry 10 prize pack from You deserve it!

CrackBerry and BlackBerry 10 Tattoo!
Yeah, that happened!  


In loving memory of Herbert Geerdes...

Herbert Geerdes

Brian also let us know that his grandfather and best friend, Herbert Geerdes, passed over on Thanksgiving (Oct 5 1926 - Nov 24th 2012). Brian was hoping we could dedicate this post to Herbert. Absolutely. 



Nice tattoo. Did they mention the logo might change soon?


Even if it does change significantly, he'll have the oldschool legacy logo, which would be even better in the eyes of such a dedicated fan.


I would have done that. :)


Hardcore indeed! That's engagement man.


Now I'm really interested to see the other winning entries...!


That is one hardcore fan! Props to him.


That is seriously hardcore... Whats this guys username on cb?



The CB is really cool and awesome, but in 2yrs when BB12 is out... this tat will signify that he won, BUT now has branding for life of BlackBerry 10!

(And yes I have 4 tattoos)


No Offense...but that's worth the prize pack and a phone. I would've done that....


Look. I said the same thing. Still do. When I was coming up with ideas, I had to come up with something economically sound idea. I wouldn't get a tatt personally because A: I couldn't afford it. B: And if I could, I'd just buy the phone.

My idea involved some really crazy things, all for free. I didn't win though. LOL But I DID, however, win one anyways from RIM! So I'll be seeing folks in New York next week. :)


But kudos none the less. As someone who has 17 tattoos, I'm familiar with the process. I only get them when something significant happens in my life that needs to be documented. So for someone to get one to prove loyalty or the limits they don't win.


lol... corporate logo tattoos have to be one of the dumbest things... next to tattooing a spouses name.


I agree and Disagree lol... Corporate Tatts R only cool if u actually own the corporation hahaha...


Love it! Thanks for the enthusiasm, congrats on your BB10 device!


Haha. I actually discussed doing this last month but just the BB mark and not the text. Still might. Sweet.


that can be covered easily with another tat


Looks great (though the period between "BlackBerry" and "10" seems odd to me.

Adam Zeis

It's not a period, it's an ® 


:-/ I concede victory, give this man the phone.


And thank you sir for making me feel more sane about myself.


So you always win if you get a tattoo? Haha.

Remember the man here on CB had a Storm tattoo done to win a 9530?

Kevin Michaluk

Lol. Yes. :)

It's actually amazing how many people said they would get a tattoo, both for the Storm contest, and for the BlackBerry 10 contest. Brian took it next level on this one... getting both BB10 and CrackBerry. So he wins.

Personally, I think it's crazy! In a good way. I would do a LOT of crazy things... but this never. It's a win in my book all day long.

Congrats again Brian! 


Thanks again Kevin. as you know i love my BlackBerrys and Crackberry :)


YES. No disrespect to anybody but I honestly feel like this is bad luck for BB. Last time we saw something like this was when we got the Storm 1! In my opinion one of the worst devices in history from RIM. I hope all goes well for BB10. We'll see!

R.I.P. Herbert.



will you upgrade BB 10 to BB 11 tattoo (when BB11 it is out)?


BTW... hope the HW can support BB 11 ink upgrade... LOL


Congratulations on getting a phone!


Hey,,, where did he get that BlackBerry Sweatshirt. I want one!!!!


the sweatshirt i had made from a custom shirt shop. Now my BlackBerry hats and t shirts are the real deal. I go on ebay and always find BlackBerry corp cloths. they are not always on there its like wrong size ordered or what have you. I do have full RIM uniforms lol.


Thank you for the info, I will have to check it out....


Wow....give the man a lifetime supply of BBs.


when I c this I think of the guy who got the Palm Pree Tattoo to win one.... WHAT A FOOL. and this one? oh man, he messed up that CB logo BAD hahahahaha


No he didn't. Looks great actually. Maybe take your negative comments else where.


where is the Bubble effect? the CB logo has a few shades of orange, Tattoo Artist take pride in detail. If u only knew what a tattoo artist is capable of. "to Me" The Logo and the Tattoo look Completely different

Michelle Haag

We sent him the logo to use, you'll understand when you see the site redesign. ;)


Thanks for that info... I will b looking out, If im wrong im wrong lol

Adam Zeis

What's wrong with it? Looks like a perfect smiling frog to me.


Thanks Adam, now all I can see is a smiling frog when I look at the logo! Lol :)


I hope the logo on the new site redesign Crackberry is about to launch didn't change :)


To all people criticizing Brian, please stop. He is a hardcore BlackBerry fan! I consider myself as a BlackBerry fan boy in the Philippines but I won't get a tattoo but I respect his dedication and balls that we don't have. So yeah, congrats Brain!


Brian you are one cool dude!....Congrats.


May we never again speak of crazy Apple fanatics. Next thing you know, BB fans will be standing in line to buy their device of choice.


Depending on the release day, I plan to. Just to make a seen and help bb sales. Congrats Brian, you're nuts and hard core.


LOL, I stood in line for the Tour (UGH!)!

Congrats Brian - you only live once, have as much fun on this planet as you can :)


good job Brian! when do u pick up ur awesome new BB10 ? congrats on the win!


Once they become available. Thanks


Congrats Brian! So sorry about losing your grandfather... What a great dedication to honor him here on Enjoy!!!


He us nuts but headed in the right direction.


Congrats on the win! Now go show your american brothers what a true brand is! :)


Congrats Brian. I think it looks great!!


Congrats Brian. However, not very creative....... @Kevin, Mine would have been a sweet and me, a Bentley and the Daytona


what happens when bb11 comes out? /facepalm


Oh well.... I wasn't up for permanent defacement of my body for a gadget.



I made this same offer to a few android sites & even samsung to get a Galaxy Note 2 & they all said no. Well screw them because I bought one myself. I would have done this for a BB10 device but Ive already got one coming & I can t wait.Super excited Canadian here.-KID ANDROID


My first thought was, "Wow, stupid."

My second thought is that if he's happy with it, and confident he'll still look back on it fondly 40 years from now... more power to him! Congrats on the win!


That's passion for BB and CB! Congrats!!!!! Blackberry rules!


Lol, I'm from Middletown, he'll probably regret that tattoo


I Googled "insanely crazy", and the first hit was igotberryfever! :)

Josh Brolin

A sheppards dream,sheep who brand themselves. Seriously? We laughed at apple and their touch screen,we applauded samsung and their anti apple adds,we claimed apple was evil with html 5, we said apps were useless. Facetime what a joke.It goes on and on. I am ashamed to see some of us acting worse than all the fandroids and apple sheep out there. Lets get a grip. Pre ordered bb10 i hope it can replace my iphone 5, was a loyal bb user for many years until a few weeks ago.


I salute Herbert! His grandson is SICK!


At least he's not stuck with a Storm on his leg for the rest of his life!!!!!!!


LMFAO SOOOOO CRAZY BUT COOL!!!! I live in Poughkeepsie,NY not far from Middletown. Its such a nice thing to see that my brother and I arent the only one's repping BlackBerry in Upstate New York. LONG LIVE BlackBerry!!!!!!


I live in milford,PA about 15 mins from middletown. we should all unite one day lol. I get my haircuts and shop at the walmart over there. hey Brian Heffren if you see this post hit me up. I really thought i was the only blackberry fan in the tri state area




Thats one crazeee dude. He definitely deserve a prize for that .
Ha ha, for his sake , I just hope that BB wont suffer the same fate like some of our previously great Canadian companies like Nortel, ATI ...


For everyone saying "loser" and "idiot" it's a small tattoo....would be an EASY cover. Not certain that I would have PAID $50 for this to get a $150 phone....but whatevs


Oh dear, I guess the lessons learned from the Zune guy were forgotten by some.


Congratulations, Brian - you deserve it!!
(sorry to hear about your grandfather )


Mr Gill

Ignore the negativity Brian, I think that shows true dedication. Now you're going to enjoy the phone even more so. Congratz!


Crazy dedication Brian, nice job! Hard core dude! More importantly, sorry for the loss of your Grandfather, peace to you and your family.


He deserves the phone and prize pack. Hell give him both a X10 and the Z10 for his efforts lol.


Wow, way to go Brian!!


very nice, congrats haha

Austin Hodge

... Of all the submissions that they could have possibly chosen, they went with the most unoriginal and bland concept lacking even the slightest bit of creativity. Honestly, I had much higher hopes for CrackBerry.

Michelle Haag

We have 10 winners, this is the first of them.


This isn't about's about having a set of balls to get that done. Would you get those tattoos? Nope? Then don't criticize.


Congrats Brian. It looks great!
RIP Mr. Geerdes..


That's crazy and cool. Congrats Brian!


Congratulations Brian!

Michelle Haag

By the way, disrespectful comments will be removed. It's ok to not like it, but being rude and name calling is uncalled for.



This guy is crazy. He worths the phone. If you don't give one to him i will buy him one. He is ensain to do this.
I have only this to say UAU!


It seems so simple but it's something that not a lot of people, myself included, would ever do.
You deserve it!



Can you say D-E-D-I-C-A-T-I-O-N? Anyone who does something that insane to their body for a phone truly deserves it. Congratulations on the win LMAO.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.


Your a braver man then me!

Congrats on the tatoo & the BB10 win :)


Wow, now that's dedication! Definitely the no. 1 fan, congratz!

On another note, I'm very sorry for your loss. Herbert looks like a great guy.

RIP Herbert Geerdes.


Congrats on the win...well done!!


Ha! That's hardcore for sure. Congrats!


yo thats my town haha. that tattoo shop is down the road from me what a coinsidence. GO CRACKBERRY!


Congrats, i believe it's well deserved.


Got a bb tattoo for my love of bb over a year ago now for no prize. What's that say about a bb fan. Enough said......


Thank you too all. I truly appreciate the respect for my grandfather. He was a great person and my best friend.
Too all that said congrats I also have to say thank you. I am truly dedicated to CB/BlackBerry! I have no regrets I love my tattoo as it represents 2 things I love BlackBerry10 and Crackberry!!!!!!!


Congrats Brian on your win !! !
Be safe on those towers...

And condolences to your family (and friends) on the loss of your grandfather !


Very cool Brian and congrats on winning, well deserved!

Lots of BB fans here in Binghamton NY:)


Congrats on the Win & TaT, I drive by that place every weekend coming from Dingmans Ferry, PA


Total hard core!!! Congratz for the winning! Enjoy it and stay hooked!! :D


Congrats Brian! You are awesome!


No no this isn't at all extreme...


Kevin ..... your turn!
Get one on the forehead.


This is phenomenal. My hat's off to you!


For some reason it double-posted. Please disregard this one!


i so should have gone with my original idea of Punching a cop in the nuts for a Blackberry 10 phone.


Congratulations on the win! Condolences on the loss of your grandfather. Very nice picture of him. I smiled when I looked at him and I know you always will too. Congrats again.


Congratulations!!! Nothing succeeds like success and nothing compares to having won!!!


congratulations on the win...cross your fingers that neither CB or BB change their