BlackBerry fan folds ONE THOUSAND origami paper cranes and makes a wish for the success of BlackBerry 10!

A winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jan 2013 09:04 am EST

When we saw Hoang's entry in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? contest, we immediately made the decision to pick him as a winner as we absolutely wanted to see him carry out his idea.

Hoang, from Chicago by way of Vietnam, said for a free BlackBerry 10 phone he would make ONE THOUSAND origami paper cranes in under three days. Legend has it that a person who folds a thousand paper cranes is granted a wish. Hoang's wish? The successful launch of BlackBerry 10 of course! And that's something all of us in CrackBerry Nation want to see.

Be sure to watch the video above all the way through. We absolutely love Hoang. And after he's finished making all the cranes -- after a couple all nighters fueled by coffee -- he sent them to us in CrackBerry HQ, where we had a little American Beauty moment. Congrats Hoang - you absolutely deserve the free BlackBerry 10 phone that's coming your way!

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BlackBerry fan folds ONE THOUSAND origami paper cranes and makes a wish for the success of BlackBerry 10!


Congrats to Hoang for an impressive job and being able to drink the highly potent Vietnamese coffee. :-)


That is truly awesome. Making those isn't easy, especially the small ones and to make 1000. Nice one Hoang!


Loved the softly spoken spectacular at about the 3:15 mark!
EDIT: Yup, just listened again, that was a great touch!

Lol there's something disturbing with the image of Kevin getting covered with cranes a la American Beauty

RIM should make him an offer for them. They surely must be able to use that in an advert somehow. Or put them round their offices and tell the staff why they're there...motivational.

Beats trying to kill yourself with a chili burger, in my opinion.

Congrats Hoang! That was by far my favorite so far! You totally deserve that new BB10 phone you're getting :) I especially loved when you were showing the finished cranes on the desk and you slide out a bunch more. That was pretty funny. Congrats again!

That is actually really cool! Way to go Hoang! Love the music at the end of the video,nice touch

That was tough and creative congrats hoang.

The guy with the tattoo is still #1 very crazy.

I know a lot of.people might try to say hoang doesn't deserve the phone because it wasnt as extreme as a tattoo.

Trust me making those paper cranes are a lot of work. You could tell in the video he really worked hard and didn't get much sleep.

Well done Hoang. Very proud of your efforts, you are a real trooper.

What I like about this video is that many staff members at RIM have been working and continue working VERY long hours and I'm sure many can relate to Hoang.

Very creative and you deserve the phone.

I see this making a huge impact in Asia!!!

Maybe Crackberry nation can organize "Send cranes to RIM" campaign. I would totally make a 100 and send them over to Waterloo.

Wow nice work Hoang.........I like the slow motion origami pouring down on Kevin. Would on have only been better if they recreated the scene from the movie FlashDance!!! ;)

That was killer! Thank you Hoang for your wish! On another note, I personally kept playing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" in my head when then cranes were falling out. I think that song wouldve been much more entertaining! Great job though!

I know a girl who tattooed the BlackBerry logo on her boobs. But she doesn't seems interested in the contest.
Here's her Fb account.
Look it up

Nice one! Might be tacky but you guys are crackberry should do something with all those cranes. Hang them up or put them somewhere for display, It would be a shame to either toss them or just keep them in a box.

A needle and thread would allow you to hang them, which would look pretty awesome. Or maybe a give away for the Toronto meetup being one of those cranes. (while supplies last)

Thank you CrackBerry Team.
It's my great honor to be the winner of this contest and get my video posted in
Thank you all for the comments. I really appreciate it.

Hoang. I have sent you a congratulatory tweet on @beaverim1.
Well done. It is simply thoughtful.
It reflects the hard work that RIM's teams have done for the last couple of years to get the BB10 ready for launch.
The entire RIM teams need to be congratulated as well for bringing a fruitful product.
Well done, RIM!

That's a good man. You put in the work, and you definitely deserve the reward. I also love the wish at the end.

Congratulations, Hoang! Great work - you definitely deserved to win the phone. Nice touch with Kevin at the end being showered with cranes. :-)

Can we PLEASE get a flying Unicorn(s) flying over the shot as the cranes bless Kevin with their luck! I was crying non-stop, but I'm all for any luck for RIM/BB to keep it going.

Well done dude! very cool indeed and by no means easy. Congrats on your reward, enjoy it when you get it!

Very nice, but I would have expected hoang to have a recorded the 3 day of himself folding paper crane or time lapse the video of himself folding the paper crane for 3 days to 1 thousand paper crane. Don't want to sound harsh or mean or anything. indeed very impressive if he did show us the process like the other entry with the tattoo being recorded the whole process.

He could have either done with with other helps or he coulda bought it off ebay for $90 1 thousand crane.

I was gonna say the same thing - I believe him and all credit to him, but I would would have liked to see at least one being made. Must take a lot of skill - congrats!

That was just... beautiful. Congratulations to Hoang on his win/wish; he truly deserves it. I've never constructed a paper crane myself, but I'm sure this was harder and more arduous than it sounds.

On the heels of Apple's biggest stock market loss in its history (since entering the stock market in 1984), at -$63.51, in which it lost $52 BILLION of market value, this can't be a coincidence. (For comparison, all of Starbucks Coffee's assets are valued at about $40 billion.) The percentage change multiplied by the dollar amount change has produced the single greatest "magnitude" in the shift of Apple stock ever, at 7.84, and save for one event in 2000 (in which Apple lost 51% of its market value in a day), nothing came remotely close. All things considered, it's absolutely astonishing.

Congratulations Hoang !!

hope ya enjoy the BB10 ya would think with all that folding, your fingers will be all limbered up for it :)

Congrats Hoang! You are a truly a BlackBerry person. To fold 1,000 cranes must of required you to "Keep moving forward"!

BB10 is going to be Epic!

Kevin, Where/how did you get those red stars on the floor and how do we get one (or more) ????? Please share your secret.

Congratulations Hoang! simplest thought , hardest word and greatest dreams

Chúc mừng em, chúc em luôn thành công từ những suy nghĩ giản đơn và thú vị như vậy!

I must say Hoang must have folded each crane in under 2-3 minute each to complete 1000 cranes in less than 3 days? Because I have folded 1000 paper cranes three times already and each time I folded the cranes in about 3 minutes but after a few hours of folding, my hands started to get very tired; when I had spent 8+ hours folding paper cranes non-stop, it eventually started to take me around 5 minutes to fold 1 crane. Some days when I folded about 120 cranes in 10 hours I was already very pleased with the results. Maybe it's because I have folded my cranes smaller than his, which must have taken longer because my 1000 cranes all fitted in a jar that is about 0.75 litre.
By the way I am also vietnamese and I was inspired by Sadako and the thousand paper cranes.