BlackBerry Express updated to v1.1.0.112 - improves BB10 integration, editing options and more!

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2014 02:55 pm EDT

Although the app remains in beta status, BlackBerry Express just got itself a healthy update. Pushing the release into v1.1.0.112 the new release adds plenty of new features that are sure please most users. Among the changes you'll find tighter BlackBerry 10 integration, inline image editing and perhaps the most important addition, users can now save, backup, rename and move BlackBerry Express presentations. If that's not enough, you'll also find the usual bug fixes and stability improvements in the app as well. The update is live now so should be showing for everyone.

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BlackBerry Express updated to v1.1.0.112 - improves BB10 integration, editing options and more!


Updating now. I love this program. People always ask what it used after my presentstion and I love their crestfallen expression when they look to their iPhone when they see its my Z10.

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Works surprisingly well. Played around with it quite a bit. Could be a great part of the cross platform BlackBerry offering.

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If only there existed a desktop player for these presentation files. I'd use it a lot more.

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Plug an HDMI cable into your BlackBerry Z10 and give your presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint is a virus on numerous levels.

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Not all places have an HDMI capable display. Microsoft Powerpoint is an industry standard and a basic computer app that most places have.

Basically, BB MUST support simple things like a .pptx file or even the .mp4 / .avi file.

I agree. 80% of the slide presentations I view are at my desktop as a webcast or attachment.

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Still not available for the Q5. Why not!?!?, please use your contacts to BlackBerry and let them know BlackBerry express needs to be available on the Q5!

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I have made a thread about this. Completely ignored till now.

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Probable due to the lack of an HDMI port and the screen size / ratio. Only my hunch and I own a BlackBerry Z10 and Q5. I wish BlackBerry Express was available for the BlackBerry PlayBook though.

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Good. Things seem to be moving again. Now where's my BBM update?

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I will check it out when it's available in the app world, not in a rush right now because the old version is still rocking!!

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

I love this app. This iteration is worth downloading if you haven't done so. I upgraded it and proceeded to create a quick slide show for my friend and now I'm using the sharing feature to NFC transfer it to her phone.

I use Screen Recorder from App world to capture the presentation as an MP4. BlackBerry should fix this so I don't have to but it is the only work around I have found for non HDMI devices

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The year is 2014. There are adapters for cables ind ports for almost every electronic device. mini hdmi to VGA is about 30 bucks. Thanks for the update BB