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A new mobile presentation tool is in town - BlackBerry Express gets released in beta

BlackBerry Express
By James Richardson on 12 Nov 2013 11:51 am EST

It isn't every day we get a new application from BlackBerry themselves, so this one could be something special. BlackBerry Express for BlackBerry 10 is now available as a beta to download from BlackBerry World. Chances are it is only going to be of use to those of you that use your BlackBerry for business, or maybe students, as the app is a presentation tool designed for mobile users. 

Features include: 


  • Your presentation Ideas are organized into chapters, sections, bullet points and text. 
  • To keep your presentation concise and snappy, text is limited to 140 characters or less.
  • Not happy with the flow or look of your presentation? Easily edit/move an element or customize your theme.


  • On screen' timer helps you practice your pitch and keeps topics on track.
  • Present right on your BlackBerry 10 device or use an external screen to maximize the impact of your presentation.
  • Supports HDMI and wireless Miracast connections.


  • With BlackBerry Express, export and share the content of your presentation as HTML.
  • Effortlessly share with others via e-mail, BBM and NFC.  
  • WORKS GREAT WITH…BBM Video with Screen Share to present to colleagues
  • Documents To Go to all present existing MS PowerPoint files

Having only just been released I can't comment on how the good - or bad it is. I will however give it a good test run and we'll bring you the results later in the week. Either way, it's nice to see BlackBerry working on native applications like this. Agreed? 

More information/Download BlackBerry Express for BlackBerry 10



It is, I remember it was one of the TAT concepts 2 years ago, right beside the one with the meeting app

Posted via CB10


Finally they set tat free!!!!!!!!


Bug on when adding pic it closes.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


It seems like blackberry are really trying to make things move recently. I'm definitely happy with this.

Posted via CB10


Yeah! With Miracast! Woop woop! :-D

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!


No miracast for Z10 less than a 8 months old.


I know. Pure BS. An expensive former flagship, less than a year old, can't support a function that the so called budget phone can.

Posted from BlackBerry Z10


Wow this is really impressive. Courtesy of BlackBerry Sweden aka TAT. Love it.


Good to see work on this kind of thing. But it has to be good. I would prefer a perfectly compatible ppt version. One that works in Office. Needs good interface with excel etc. No use working on a limited version.

Posted via CB10


Then make one. you seem to have the idea

Posted by z10 boss


The app still a beta app. I like it much more than PowerPoint. It's simple, easy to use and innovative. Congrats BlackBerry crew

Posted from my zeta diez


DocsToGo supports PPT. PPT is very complex so you can download a complex PPT to BlackBerry and run it and edit it to a certain extent but it is a pain to create stuff - it allows a subset of PPT functionality capable of the desktop version. DocsToGo is crossplatform. I think you need a new tool. The fact that it limits components to 140 characters means they will probably go crossplatform and support SMS and twitter type stuff. If they keep adding templates and stuff - this could become a new presentation standard. My thoughts anyway.

Posted via CB10


Been playing with this app a bit today and see loads of potential however, I too would like a fully compatible ppt version. Not because I think ppt is better, because this imho is much better eye candy and but.....I'm willing to bet that BlackBerry won't have a desktop client for this and I much rather create presentations from a laptop than a phone. My eyes need the real estate. :)


Agreed, it instills confidence that BlackBerry isn't giving up on BlackBerry 10 which makes me happy. Keep 'em coming!

Posted via CB10


This looks very cool. WOW BlackBerry

I like. Now let's get this show moving and get out of beta and move and market like never before

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Hub enabled Z10


Impressive! Downloaded and will be getting familiar with it.


Impressive, works as promised, simple and fast. I like it.


Not available for Z10's on 10.1. Sad day.

Posted via CB10


Yes. Cheers from Brazil. Still in 10.1! :(

Posted via my awesome BlackBerry Z10


I'm from the future and have currently 10.3.1.. it's so f*ing amazing!

Posted via CB10


niceee :-) , is google play native in the future or is blackberry world kickass now? :-)


Kickass!! :)

Posted via CB10


yer man i thought so :)


Chuckle. And BBRY is in 3rd place again. The future is magic.

Posted via CB10


Such a great video that I had to scan the qr code and download.


I also wanted to scan the qr code. But happens that I had already downloaded.

Bring more software push BlackBerry.
Definitely moved me.

Posted via CB10


Wow, mobile computing becoming a reality.

Posted via CB10


Holly crap, a BlackBerry branded app ? How long has it been since last ?
Someone accelerated the atomic clock ...
If those are only appetizers, I'm waiting for the parade !


Great work, more focus on business, corporate, and professional apps and services are the things that will make BlackBerry special, keep moving.

I have never actually tried blackberries, but I won't be surprised if they taste the best


Yes if professionally helpfull apps are made and also the personal apps polished.

Our offices and friends circle will be filled with BlackBerry hansets once again. People are selling note 2 in my office for real cheap and buying q10 and z30.

Don't blame I just gave a little push.

Posted via CB10


I think I'm gonna use this app too often. Thanks blackberry!

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!


Is pretty Damn good. Love it



I can't download from my z10. Is it only available on 10.2? Because, unfortunately, 10.1 is all that we can have in Brazil at this moment.

Posted via my awesome BlackBerry Z10


Do you ever heard about Sachesi?


Get 10.2 official its real easy.

Posted via CB10


I'd rhyme some more, but that would be cheesy


Looking forward to giving it a try. The "how to" slides are very good.

Posted via CB10


A very cool app, I must say! I'm hopeful that PlayBook compatibility will be possible (if it isn't already. Just downloaded at work, haven't tried yet) so that I can run it off there and keep my phone on me to control the slides. But very cool at first glance, this will definitely see a lot of use out of me!

Posted via CB10


Definitely interested.
Use my z10 mostly for business

Posted via CB10


Soo awesome.. If only BB10 interface was also this cool and different..
Loved it, I've created a presentation in 3 minutes :D


It's very easy to use it, and made perfectly for mobile! I love it

Posted via CB10


No I'm not swearing, 6stars for this wonderful tool!
Well done BlackBerry, I don't want be greedy but.... BlackBerry make mooooore BB apps pls!!!

Posted via CB10


Downloading now.. thanks.. could come in handy.

Posted via CB10


How do you down load it?.. it's not available in BlackBerry World



Great, this might be useful to me.

Posted via CB10


A good looking app! But I'm wondering why not release it through Beta Zone? Surely it's easier to monitor opinions and bugs, etc there than through BlackBerry World?


The app itself has the option to submit ratings and comments in a very fun way

Posted from my zeta diez


But why isn't this part Docs to Go? Unless MS wont license it this should be baked into Docs to Go not as a separate app.

Posted via CB10


OK tried it and it's slick. It is different and better than PowerPoint For a mobile device. Still should see PowerPoint creation support in Docs to Go though!

Posted via CB10


Fantastic... good to see blackberry do some cool business apps.

Personally I Could care less about instagram but this is can use. Just need to get a miracast projector and I'm good to go.

Anyone have any suggestions on projectors?


Get miracast on literally any type of display with a miracast dongle! Ebay has them for pretty cheap! I'm thinking of Android cx919 but that's for miracast as well as some android TV functionality just in case I want it.

Posted via CB10

Christophe Piquemal

Netgear Push2TV PTV3000

Asus has a new product too.

PTV3000 works perfectly for me, except of course with my Z10, and I'm not glad about that...


Ok, this is impressive! Very very impressive! Hats off!

Posted via CB10


Intro presentation called "This is BlackBerry Express" just impressed. If I can make a quick presentation like that on my phone and share it easily this application is worth its bytes in gold. Go BlackBerry.


Agreed. They should make more of their own apps.

Posted via CB10


I suspect they have already made and now in deployment phase.

Posted via CB10


Fantastic stuff. Just downloaded and tried it. See great potential for my real estate business. :)


Downloaded it! Tried it! Love it!

Posted via CB10


That aplicación is very good more than one

Posted via CB10



Just installed. Need a presentation for my wife ready in 5 minutes why dinner is not ready ;-o


Lol! Have "Make me a sandwich" as a bullet point.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Awesome! Will be giving this a try

Posted via CB10


I. Love this, my. Daughter blow teachers away



Wow indeed!!!
Downloaded, created a few slides in 2 mins. Awesome! Love it!


Just gave it a run, this is pretty cool!


What would be even better is to have a Prezi app for BlackBerry OS 10!!!!

Posted via CB10


Update article to say 10.2 only

Posted via CB10


Crash and freeze on z10 stl100-1 10.2

Posted via CB10


Yeah mine too keeps freezing and crashing. Bummer! Z10 STL100-1 on 10.2


Mine works just great...pretty interesting

Posted via my Awesome Z10


Same. Crashed my phone twice

Posted via CB10


Stl100-1 too

Posted via CB10


Update: it crashes only when you are inside the "This is BlackBerry express" section.

Posted via CB10


Seems that things are moving forward quickly without Thor on board.

Posted via CB10


You know that these "things moving quickly" have actually been in the works for several months and didn't just magically come about in the last 2 weeks right? :-)


But 7 people left tat!! How could this be possible?? /end sarcasm. Looks great!

Posted from my 295ppi super amoled s stripe 720p Z30


Wow, this looks very good. I'm really starting to like this mobile computing business. Time to get the desktop screen and keyboard integrated with landscape mode and a higher resolution.


Already downloaded and am using it to improve a Sunday School lesson and my sermon for Sunday. So far very easy to use and it runs without a hitch on my Z10 running

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Qani Masyhuri
is this my website design is a good quality?


Keep the work going, undistracted.

Posted via CB10


10.2 only... You guys need to tell us these things so we don't get our hopes up!!!


10.2 is basic now dude. Just upgrade it can be in minutes and we are here to help.

Posted via CB10


Keep up the great features/apps coming BlackBerry, time to drop our PC is soon, need DLNA screen though :-)

Posted via CB10 for the BB-Q10

Brutal Efficiency

Great :)

Posted via my Z30.


Awesome...sounds great!

Posted via CB10


I tested it all really and have to say the UI is really impressive. I like it a lot. Thank you BlackBerry, keep the good work and in future we don't need Desktop PC Anymore. Mobile Computing.

Posted via BlackBerry Z810


140 characters is too short! I love the idea but make it full featured. Stop thinking "mobile" (as in simplified) -- think bigger! I want desktop quality apps on my mobile device.
Future BlackBerry devices should have quad core CPUs, 4 GB of RAM and a minimum of 32 GB storage to encourage more sophisticated apps. There is a gap there that Apple and Android aren't filling. BlackBerry's BB10 has the power to take full advantage due to its scalability. Just do it!


More than 140 characters Per slide is not profesional. If u need to read a whole page just simply print it

Posted from my zeta diez


Agreed. Per slide ain't bad :) I'm playing with it now. Impressed!


I wish to be able to put line breaks.

Posted via CB10


This is definitely the way to go for BlackBerry. This is the niche the others have not exploited. The more enterprise the better. They should build the best enterprise apps store ever made and associate with Google for entertainment. Let the others do what they do best and let the BlackBerry focus in what they di best.


Made a presentation quickly and also played with the customization setting.

Very simply put everything. Easy to use and fast results.

Great job. I wanna thank BlackBerry from my heart.

Posted via CB10


downloaded, going to try and play with it tonight


pretty basic, but not to bad. Would like it if you could make a custom background using a photo or logo, but otherwise this could help in a pinch


I agree. It's a starting point. Keep adding templates. Maybe open up templates.

Posted via CB10


testing? Is this thing on?

Jose Casiano

Doesn't work on z10 10.1 thanks Att for no 10.2

Join my bbm channel tech heads C00122D07


Get 10.2 its easy and quick and stable already.

Posted via CB10


Just cranked out a quick presentation. Very slick.

Ernest Che

Just installed and tried. Amazing! Love it

Posted via the stunning Z30!


Can't wait to try this.
Too bad the Z10 can't do Miracast. I guess I'll have to carry my HDMI cable with me.

BTW, really liking slides to go in Docs To Go.

Posted via CB10

R Field

This is awesome very easy to use can't wait to see this in the non beta version.

CB10 - Z10 -


Love it! Cool app!

Posted via CB10


I love it. It's damn easy :)

via my amazing Z10


That is wonderful! Me likey :)


Great concept! From the looks of things we're starting to see more of TAT come out(between this and the images from the leaked build), which I'm happy about.


must say best app ive used so far. top marks...we need more like thisand blackberry will rule :-)


Dont forget to give feedback.

Posted via CB10


You should update the article, si that it says it's for 10.2 . You got your hopes up for a second.

Posted via CB10


Looks cool but worthless without wireless presentation. I know miracast....but it's not on my z10 and even if you have a z30 miracast isn't a universally used protocol for the projectors that most people imagine hooking up to. We need app solutions to help out. We use Epson projectors and they have a wonky but usable wireless projection protocol called "easymp". My apple coworkers hook up to that no problem.

Posted via CB10

Dave Hong

For a beta, it's pretty good - need to figure out how to connect my device to my wireless projector...


This is a beautifully done app.

Definitely high lights the need for miracast on the Z10.

Posted via CB10


Awesome! Will be trying this one out for sure!

Posted via CB10


Just created a few quick presentations. Wow! With some nice updates, this could very well be a "killer app" delivered by BlackBerry! Keep'em coming!

Posted via CB10


Just made a ballin' presentation in about 8 min. Easy. Snappy. Love it.

Night Radio Show Tune-In and Discussion: C0012487D Q&A with an Ex-Mormon/LDS: C00121BDD


Amazing APP !!! Just created a presentation and I'm blown away by the productiveness it offers !! Brilliant job Blackberry <3 !!


How to do I get this app?



Z10 STL 100-3

BlackBerry World says it's not available for this device.
Do have to be running 10.2?

Posted via CB10


Nice, I've just created my first presentation with this new app. #superawesome! #blackberry4ever!

Posted via CB10


That POP UP menu is amazing why dont we have that??? Theres that TAT magic.

Coffee Shampoo

I'm still waiting on a Social Feeds app for BB10

Posted via CB10

Johnny Crack

Wow I love this!! So useful for work, I hope implementation is as easy as story maker!

Posted via CB10


Is the z10 miracast capable?


I believe it is, the thing is that the app is in its beta stage and therefore doesn't let you use it at this point

Posted from my zeta diez


Z10 is not Miracast capable as you'll have to use HDMI.

Posted via CB10

Mack Gans

Why is the guy wearing sandals in an office?


Makes me think what others amazing apps are there to come?

Posted from my zeta diez


10.2 only??

Posted via CB10


Looks like a good start. I do a lot of quickie presentations and this will save me time. Thanks BB

Posted via CB10


Is there any way to post a BlackBerry Express presentation to this forum? I've created a humorous presentation for your entertainment. :smile:

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10


Top notch app, I created a 5 minutes presentation just for fun and looked very sharp, well done BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Z10, powerful tool indeed.


Why is everything for OS 10.2 knowing that the US is last for updates. I am a Marketing student, and need this app.


Get a Z30 Keep Moving ..... No I hear you soon

Christophe Piquemal

Just choose a leak, or update with a sim with one of your friends... It's not so complicated...

Have a look in Crackberry's forums ;)


Awesome : Storymaker for Business

Posted via CB10


Very simple to handle and very neat... luv'it!

Proudly Z10 owner...


Thank you so much TAT. Can't wait to try this out.

Keep these awesome apps coming!


This is awesome! BlackBerry needs to stop bullshitting and unleash TAT already! BlackBerry 10 is a solid os but lacks flair!

Posted via CB10


I really like this idea, but I don't know if I'd ever use it. I'd be too worried that I'd get a toast notification for spam email selling Viagra in the middle of a presentation.


Wow! This is, without a doubt, a PowerPoint AND Keynote Killer. Here's hoping we can get this on Desktop Bridge, too. I betcha our friends at TaT came up with this.

Posted via CB10. Follow Nerds On Site, your technology partners world wide, on BBM Channels: C001227C4


Just osum. Great App. Keep it coming


This is so cool! Just want multiple format export as the HTML look doesn't provide the same impressive experience.

Simon Sage

"Polaroid Thundercats: High life mustache quinoa Austin, scenester bushwick locavore next level mlkshk gluten-free salvia you probably haven't heard of them." 


Is this release region specific? I do not see this in India.


I have 10.2
i only got bbm channels in my listing. after that, now nothing else comes up. not even the evernote, nothing!!!

Christophe Piquemal

It's directly in the App World; or easier, just follow the link :


Truly excellent app. Puts PowerPoint to shame. Love the 140 character limit. Keeps things clear.

More like this PLEASE!

Posted via CB10


(deleted and moved my comment to James's newer post)


Used it yesterday and had a communications person come up afterwards to ask what I was using to present. thought it was very impressive. told him he needed to pick up a Z10 to use all the cool features!


No docs to go in the export options? What?!

Shalley Singh

I love the app, but I want to be able to put it onto my computer for later use. I know that I have to email it to myself, but when I click on it, it doesn't show up as a presentation. It just shows all the work at once. It's like reading a document. What can I do to fix this? Should I choose a different viewer? It's currently using Google Chrome.


I have just submitted my application 'ekkes Express Charts' to BlackBerry World. The app integrates with BlackBerry EXPRESS and enables you to create charts on-the-fly. first version with Bar Charts and Slider Charts - more types will follow soon.
here's a first overview:


I think something that would be great to see in the next update to the app would be infinite looping. I want to be able to load up my presentation on an external monitor, say at a conference, and let it run. There should be timers, just like in powerpoint, and then the option to loop it at the end. This would be amazing!