BlackBerry exploring the idea of 'coupon codes' for BlackBerry World

Coupon codes being added to BlackBerry World has been a long requested feature

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2013 10:59 pm EDT

Remember the good old days when developers used to give away 100's of copies of their latest apps? Have you noticed with the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 that has stopped? There's a reason for it that many not be aware of.

It's because developers who create apps for those devices have no real way of offering the download of paid apps aside from handing the .bar file over and asking folks to sideload it or adding users to their BlackBerry World 'sandbox'. It's never been an option available through BlackBerry World and with the closure of Mobihand, apps can't just be handed out like before over the air. That's not exactly ideal, as many folks don't know how and can't be bothered to sideload an app and when it comes to updates it becomes even harder as sideloaded apps can't be updated through BlackBerry World. As you can tell, it's complicated and has been a frustration point for some developers out there.

In what looks to be a possible solution, developers who have been receiving their BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices have noticed that alongside running BlackBerry 10.1, the Dev Alpha C's are also running a different version of BlackBerry World. That different version of BlackBerry World has options built into it that allow for the use of coupon codes. While it may not mean a whole lot to users directly at the moment, it has the potential to mean a lot to developers and end users plus, it's been something they've been asking for for quite some time now.

At this point, it's hard to say if it all will make it into builds going forward but hopefully it does, as it will allow developers to offer further ways for folks to get their apps. As an example, they could host contests on websites and through Twitter or offer up direct discounts without having to wait for the developer portal to update the information.  

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BlackBerry exploring the idea of 'coupon codes' for BlackBerry World


Developers could give out special codes as part of a promotion so you can get their app for free or with an discount just by entering that code

You know what they should do is start making retail gift cards that you can buy in store for BlackBerry world. Like iTunes. It's makes it easier to purchase increases purchasing and it's brand recognition. Having the BlackBerry logo always there

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It can only be one of two people at fault. The editor or the reader. I actually understood it the first time around.

It means that an app developer could give away codes to promote their app.

Eg. My new app is out for. 99 1st 100 el followers to re tweet get code for free copy #bb10

Or happy non denominational holiday! Here's a code for 25% off eehaay games today only

Precisely. Not sure what's NOT clear there. Though I suppose if you're *newer* to BlackBerry you may not have been around to see / use coupon codes before.

It could have been clearer. You're talking about getting paid apps for FREE, yet the word FREE is nowhere to be found. Considering that you guys are talking about bringing people over to Blackberry from other platforms, do you not expect to be writing for some "newer" members? I get the impression from your contradictory response that you find it difficult to admit being at fault. Grow up, the customer is always right!

If I'm not mistaken App World never had this sort of option for developers. The only reason devs stopped giving away copies of apps was because Mobihand, which was the only app store that had the coupon code option, went bankrupt.

If this becomes available it'll be a very big thing for for devs :)

Cool, so now instead of waiting for the apps price to be adjusted via Blackberry world. If this becomes a reality the end user will have the option to apply a coupon code "discount code" which will be applicable towards the purchase of that app without affecting the "regular" price for the potential buyers that don't have that code.

Sweet maybe there will be a coupon that gives you 50% off price if you already purchased the app on PlayBook, this way the developer still makes some flow while keeping existing customers happy :D

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All for it!!!!!! I used to brag to my friends on how BlackBerry gave me a free download of Sherlock Holmes with the playbook

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Forget codes, where are the darn App World gift cards that everyone else manages to produce and handle? Where is the ability to gift apps to friends locally or across the world? Why is it that every other platform seems to be light years ahead of BlackBerry when it comes to making it easy by opening up options for how people purchase and/or gift apps?

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Damn right. Nice point. If BlackBerry wants to succeed, it better catch up to competitors in all aspects of the mobile industry, and then start to be a leader. You can't be a leader if you lack certain qualities. Everything essential in mobile device usage should be employed. That even allows for more purchases. I don't like using my credit card. So I buy less. This won't get you any top app if they can't make money

1. Carrier billing.
2. PayPal (add your bank account to it)
3, Prepaid Credit cards (reloadable, no debt, anybody can use them over the age of 13.)

As long as the coupon and corresponding analytics are flexible I'm all for it.
This is useful no only for giving users a discount but also for gauging the effectiveness of different advertising streams...
+1 for coupons that allow customers who have bought the PlayBook version to get a heavily discounted BB10 version...
+1 for gift coupons/tokens
AppWorld needs to provide a compelling customer and provider story.

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1. Carrier billing.
2. PayPal (add your bank account to it)
3, Prepaid Credit cards (reloadable, no debt, anybody can use them over the age of 13.)

Is that enough? :P

That's great, opens up new marketing ways for developers and makes it easy to give away apps for reviewing them.

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One more step towards being a real ecosystem!

Coupons in BlackBerry World is great

Gifting and Begging through BBM is great

Now we just need actual retail gift cards for BlackBerry World in stores


We need BlackBerry Wallet on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 for the win! Not just number 3 but straight on to the top!

As a Dev, I've been wanting this for the longest time. Glad they're finally doing this so I can give out free copies of my apps.

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This is great for developers and users. Coverage of our apps should improve if we can give coupons (promo codes in iPhone parlance) to review sites, and it lets us reward users.