BlackBerry Expert Centers in Indonesia expanding

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2013 11:54 pm EDT

Indonesia is a huge market for BlackBerry and to better assist customers in that region, BlackBerry Expert Centers have been set up. The centers, which started being put together in 2009, aim to provide fast service and onsite repairs where possible to enable customers to retain their existing handsets without the need for a loan or replacement handset.

With around 60 service centers already set up, BlackBerry is looking to expand those offerings into Medan, Bali, Bandung and several other cities in the region over the next little while. Check out the video above to learn more about the BlackBerry Expert Centers.

BlackBerry Expert Center locations

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BlackBerry Expert Centers in Indonesia expanding


We need this in the USofA, then everyone can say "hey BlackBerry ripped of apple"

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Indonesia IS the BIGGEST BlackBerry market. But blackberry, IMO, don't treat us like we are important to them. The service is poor, and they even chose to assemble their handset in malaysia. They don't treat and value Indonesia right.
Foxconn on the other hand sets to open their factory in Indonesia, some of the android phones are going to open their factories here too. With bbm going to be open to androids and iphone, you better beware, the trend is people moving from blackberry to android here..

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Indonesia is not blackberry's biggest market. BIS is great in indonesia amazing prices and fast. U can't be serious about the factory, no company manufactures their product in Asia in order to give thanks to its loyal fans lol. That great Foxconn company u want in indonesia pays workers $1.5 an hour and they just had three more employes commit suicide last week that we know of.

Indonesia is the biggest blackberry user.. name one country is bigger than Indonesia? Factories are not to give thanks but to make distributions easier and faster that is a stupid statement to make considering almost all phones are now made in asia. I am not saying foxconn is a great company either, i just said thwy are planning to open their factory here while iphone is number 3 in smart phones market here. Blackberry is still the biggest mobile internet users, number two is android.. now get your fact and think of something smart to say before you make a comment..

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I'm not sure if indonesia is the biggest.. you'll be more convincing with some backup data..

I wouldn't want BlackBerry phones to be made here.. i'd doubt the quality.. but I suppose it would mean faster availability of devices & spare parts for services which is good.

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UK and USA, indonesia is the third largest market for blackberry. Factory locations in asia are are not designed to be local distribution centers, there are far many more important factors to considered.

Mmmm it's all about the pride of a nation. Indonesians are not really keen to see that Malaysia is getting all the money for the labour...

It's not about pride, its about BBRY giving something back to their loyal customer in Indonesia...
Fact is when in other countries bbry sales has declined they remained top in Indonesia. You can google that.
But not anymore.. when bbm goes cross platform, they will get hit really hard here if they dont improve fast.
Discussing with people that speaks without any knowledge and dont think is pointless.. my last post on this subject..

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It's getting annoying now.. i just did a quick Google search.. yes indonesia used to be BlackBerry's biggest market and BlackBerry used to be the top in Indonesia. But both aren't true anymore. So stop being so high and mighty and do your own google search, or better yet, do a proper research if you're capable of doing so.

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Mmm sorry, but your research is wrong.
RIMs biggest market is Indonesia.

and they're struggling slowly:

The news you posted are not even official opinions but some analysts that are wrong. 8 million users in the UK? So what? The thing is that Indonesia is the steadiest market and most important for BlackBerry to succeed. One country won't make it alone.
And Indonesia's smartphone market is growing hundred times faster than the UK (59%!) and they're more than 240 million people and possibly at least more people over the next years in total to buy one than in the entire UK.

So stop bitching around before you think about it. Biggest does not indicate the user base. It's about potential.

Sorry if I've offended anyone. I did think and read before I posted though.. i couldn't open and read the qz link you gave on my Z10 just now so I'm sure I could be wrong, but the other post isn't saying that indonesia is the biggest market either and it's not quoting any official source.. what's more it's dated earlier than the article I found. LOL. So don't say I don't think before I post.

where the biggest market is (current sales / number of phones used, potential, etc) isn't why I got riled up though, it the demeaning posts by HKINDO. Heck, I was actually annoyed by him saying bad stuff about you and made the post. LOL.

Again, I haven't been able to read the qz article you posted so I might be wrong, but nothing i've found supports or justifies the demeaning posts by HKINDO. I meet a lot people like this and can't help but get riled up quickly when I see one here as well.

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OK I get that. Thing is, "biggest" market is potential, not user base. That's all this should be about.
Read the QZ article, it's very interesting.

"people that speaks without any knowledge and don't think".. you know this is yourself right?

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Giving back is not equal to opening a factory in the country - that's like people demanding that Mercedes Benz manufactures their cars outside of Germany wherever they sell more.

Btw Takeo, you do realise I was talking to HKINDO here right? Like I said, I was actually annoyed by his demeaning reply to your post..

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And when you did your research you found out that i was right :p - so when you posted earlier you didnt do research or at least have prior knowledge ^^
And for an Indonesian to say that products made in Indonesia had bad quality is just sad, i dont even need to respond to you, because that post already show you have no pride of being an Indonesian.
And takeo, you are right about giving back doesnt mean they have tapi build their factory here, but BBRY also refused to place their server here so millions of us have to suffer bad BIS and BES connection. And they really dont have that many official service centers too. They really dont take care of Indonesia.
So IMO, they are fighting a losing battle once the BBM goes across platform.
Sorry if i offended anyone but some of the response is just knee jerks post with no prior knowledge nor research LoL... case closed. I am moving on to annoy more people in other articles ^_

Sure.. it seems website have different ideas on what "biggest market" is. It would've helped if you made yourself clear though.. Like it was clear why I said what I said. I still don't think indonesia's biggest though. LOL.

It is sad.. sure indonesia has made an award winning electric guitars and they're good.. os we can make something of great quality, precision, artistic, etc. Including our handcrafts and batik, even music (though arguably we do have lots of recording artists who don't deserve to hold a mic). But mass production in Indonesia is very rarely good (except for sugus.. whoohoo!), let alone great like BlackBerry phones' quality so far. So that's why I don't think it'll be good to have a BlackBerry factory here. maybe start with an assembly line.

Not everyone has to agree.. but I think everyone agrees that the world would be better when everyone's being polite.

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poor service. took 2 weeks just to replace my wife Apollo's touchpad because they don't have the part.

Posted via CB10 on my Black Zedten

Yes indonesia has the biggest market for blackberry. Almost every people in the country owns a BlackBerry device. I even saw a guy in jakarta walking on the side road not wearing any shoes but he's playing with his gemini 8520 !! At first i thought he might lose his shoes or something but the next day i saw e exact same guy again at the same place doing the same thing still not wearing shoes?! How can he afford to buy a phone but not shoes?? Funny but true.

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Stolen blackberry? I'm sorry but slippers are dirt cheap here, i would not believe if he buys the phone but can't afford a pair of swallow slippers. They are even cheaper than the BIS subscription

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Should have done that sooner... at the service center 3 weeks ago one poor guy has to service his Z10 for 1 month because his microphone broke after 3 days of using it.

Another has his Dakota changed twice (both with random reboot) and was told to come again the next day because his phone hasn't been delivered even though there is a call saying his phone is ready.

My Z10 took 3 weeks to service with no replacement phone due the no sound bug and i only used it for 1 week... At first they told me it will take a minimum of 1 month to finish it and can drag to 2 month...

All that at the No. 1 distributor service center

Well to sum it up, most service/repair center in indonesia sucks. Be it official or distributor /seller etc. Even if it's still in guarantee period. Lol. If you buy things here and it broke, they want you to buy another one instead of repairing/claiming guarantee for it. Sigh.

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