BlackBerry Experience locations and dates announced

BlackBerry Experience locations and dates announced
By DJ Reyes on 12 Apr 2014 07:26 am EDT

As you know BlackBerry is no longer holding their annual BlackBerry Live event or BlackBerry Jam events for developers. Though when they made that announcement last December they did say that they would smaller targeted events around the globe. In the past week these events kicked off in Paris, France. Then on April 10th, 2014 it headed to NYC where our newest CrackBerry team member, Jubei, was in attendance. If you missed it you can read his write up of the day.

The events are being called BlackBerry Experience. In them, BlackBerry will discuss their plans to go back to their roots and refocus on enterprise mobility. They will also cover their secure end-to-end enterprise solutions as well as a peek into the upcoming BES12. If you're looking to attend one of these events, BlackBerry has announced six locations and dates for the next few months. Registration is already open for some locations so if you want to attend, get registering now.

  • Montreal, Canada – May 6th, 2014 – Register Now
  • Toronto, Canada – May 8th, 2014 – Register Now
  • Chicago, US – May 14th, 2014 – Registration Coming Soon
  • Cologne, Germany – May 14th, 2014 – Register Now
  • Washington DC, US – May 21st, 2014 – Registration Coming Soon
  • London, UK – June 3rd, 2014 – Registration Coming Soon

I'm certainly going to save the London date. As usual, we'll keep you posted on when registration opens for the other events.


Mich Eche

Finally, first to comment. Now I can die happy!

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Post your address and Quicksilver will send you a little present :)

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Prem WatsApp

@ jlbenc

You said it, just a few secs "quicker" than me...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


I don't see dates for the rest of the world? Why?

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Don't let Quickie and drmike rain on your party ;-)

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That's not rain he's feeling.

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Warm showers maybe?

Just make sure your not facing the wind drmike or it might come back to get ya. ;o)

Congrats Mich. Now don't go dying on us... :o)

Prem WatsApp

We had a tropical cyclone / hurricane here when I wrote it. Not a lot of damage in my city, but a LOT of rain for sure. Roads a blocked for while in and out.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


You must have no life if THAT is a highight.

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KalKom Software

A little mean, don't you think?

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Dr mike and quicksilver are known for their lack of enthusiasm. As they kinda built their reputation for being Firsters bullies they have to maintain it. We expect nothing less from them now then a harsh punition with the hammer of righteousness from them.



It's a legitimately difficult task. Give him some credit!


Citizens On Patrol(COPs) have no lives.

COPs just wait day in and day out for the 1st comment(singular) that doesn't pertain to the article so that they can write multiple(plural) comments that don't pertain to the article.

Soooo Tired of the COPs!!!

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You should be writing a book about them. How their lives are and how they got to be that way because of the horrible things that happened to them... lol

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I'm getting sooo SICK of the COPs that I'm hoping Ice-T's group "Body Count" reunites..."Cop Kil...".


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Would you say the highlight of your life is writing angry comments on a message board?


Well done Mich

Don't worry about the party poopers

Their comments about you having no life add about as much to the thread as your 'first' post.

By the way, clearly none of us 'have a life' if we are all on this site So much!

Cheers to your first and cross it off your bucket list

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John Kastanes

I will attend Chicago event.

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No events for Asia. :(

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Prem WatsApp

Nor Australia.

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Too bad I will be heading out of DC before the event...

From the Z30

Gregory Ryan

Was hoping they'd throw Orlando a bone after canceling BBLive


Awesome moves!! Keep Moving

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How much is it?

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Going to Toronto event. Awesome

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See you there then!

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I'm in too!

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Looking forward to the London event! :D

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Looking as well for the pre-reg opening. Where will be the event hosted?

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People need a real time experience.

Without any devices people won't be interested .

By the time BlackBerry arrive in London we should at least have a Z3 available.

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Can non enterprise Shlebs like me go?


I would go to Montreal event but is the stuff in this event for people who want's to begin development app??

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I imagine there will be some resumption of BlackBerry Jam Dev focused events. There has to be, even if it is mainly to support the corporate "we'll help you build cross platform productivity apps" that I see as a part of the BlackBerry Experience. Does BlackBerry have a set of development tool that enable devs to build once and deploy to all platforms?? They should be pushing that hard if they do.

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It's great news!...but why is Ottawa excluded from this events. I thought Ottawa (Canada's Capital) has a big BlackBerry customer base. Is QNX still located in Ottawa?

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Yes, QNX is still in Kanata. But Ottawa doesn't have the company base that Toronto or MTL have. Yes the feds are here, but other than that, it's very limited.

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I meant these events.

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Too bad the Chicago event is during TechEd week :(.

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I click on register for Toronto on my Z30 and it's just a blank screen??

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Same here I had to copy in browser. And it worked

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The Montreal link doesn't work

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Quick Note:

The event was free. I think you need to pre-register. However, I did see a number of "walk-ins".

They had devices on hand no Z3 or Classic devices, though. Basically, they were pushing the Blackberry Balance and the Secure Workspace Feature. Therefore, the Samsung and iPhone devices were also on display to test.

There was mention on how App Developers fits into this new road map. Might need to stay tuned to the Crackberry video cast for more info.

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Strange, no mention of app developers. That tells me they may have a separate set of events for them. Can't just leave them hanging!....There has to be a strategic direction here.

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Just signed up for TO, going to be a interesting day.

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The new blackberry classics (Q20) will have three forms of input (Keyboard,trackpad,touch screen).
That'll call for significant software changes. Particularly if a developer want to take advantage of all three at the same time.

Prem WatsApp

Mouse support is already part of BB10.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Prem WatsApp

Just tested it with a Gigabyte notebook gaming mouse. Trackpad on Q20 is gonna be awesome.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Prem WatsApp

Got a Bluetooth mouse? Go for it...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Question, Is anyone allowed to attend this conference? Or is this just for representatives of carriers or business owners? I would really like to attend one near me just out of curiosity and of course, blackberry :)

Thanks for the answers in advance.

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KalKom Software

Toronto's not bad, but why no Waterloo or Kitchener?

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Are they going to have an event at the downtown Eaton Centre---Sarnia?

Hoping they don't leave Sarnia off the list.

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I had to bring up the BLUEWATER area...making a funny. Disregard this funny.

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Can't wait to play with Windermere in London :)


I don't like to go outside of the house.



It would be nice if they had one of these events in Waterloo.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers


Registered for Toronto. Went to the first "Experience" the day before the Canadian Z10 launch, very informative and well worth attending whether you're enterprise or not.


Amazing...SO many BlackBerry devices sold in Asia and not even ONE Asian place on the list...?!?

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Very true. There are media reports that John Chen is flying over for the Z3 launch in Indonesia, though.


Same thing happened with the "Experience" days right before and after BB10 launch, there were an initial batch of meetings and then more followed after. I would imagine, but not 100% certain, they will announce more locations soon, they could be waiting to see how successful these meetings are before confirming. They could also be waiting for all venues to confirm before making further announcements.


Registered for Cologne. Looking forward to hear more about BES12.

Have a nice day

C Lo

I might see you there. I just registered too. I hope they have a translator.

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Had you been to cologne BB event ??? How was it ?? Was there many people or just few ?? Received z30 ?? :D


Toronto AND Montreal?

WTF is with all the eastern malarkey?

No west coast love? Vancouver or Seattle would have been a nice venue!

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Is there a cost to this?

Dave Hong

Wow, didn't even *hear* about this event in NYC until after the event. :p


Well, that's a "BlackBerry special"... :)
That's why so many people blackberries still have a scroll on the side! :)

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Not coming to SF, weak

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Sigh - once again, no love for the West Coast! What's up with that?


Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, with over 1.1 million more residents than Chicago. I'm just sayin'.

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J Quimson

You're right, no west coast...

If they were to have one for the west coast, why not do it in Vegas?

Who would say no to Vegas?

What happens in Vegas...


BlackBerry should hold the event at LA's ultimate prosumer residence...Kim K's...don't hate.

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Darn. No love for the west coast of Canada

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No Houston?!

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Houston?? Is that a city?

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This could be pretty cool to attend. Especially since I'm only an hour from Toronto

 graduated to the zedthirty 


What's the dress code? Business casual?

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Cologne, Germany. Excellent! Chen is going into the heart of the beast to fight. With the past successful engagement of Siftung Warentest we can capitalize on that. Strategic, shrewd and signals FULL intent to fight and regain market share.

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They should have done San Francisco too. Take the fight directly at them

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DJ Reyes could we have the links to register because those ones don't work! Thanks

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London here I go!

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Nothing for the west coast?


I'm going for Montreal.

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Ratul Ramchandani

When is it coming to India??

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Spoke with a BlackBerry employee at the NY conference who said they'd be returning to NY in June.


What about western Canada. The oil patch drives the economy here and it is one business that utilizes a load of mobile devices. Edmonton or Calgary would be a good place for the Blackberry Experience. IMO

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Registered for the Toronto event!


Just registered for Montreal!

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I wonder if I will be recovered enough from my surgery for the DC date!

Ben Dassac

They should consider south Africa where BlackBerry is still very strong....

From my super Z


Regulated industries??? and they don't come to Zurich, the birth town of banking secrecy and Top5, amongst NYC, London, Singapore, of financial industry??? I mean, only Zurich has just around 150'000 employees in the financial industry...

Maybe they already surrendered in the Apple country no.1 (Switzerland is the country with the biggest iPhone market penetration in the world) Almost every big bank is already moving to Good... What a shame... In 1 year I've seen 3 (three, including the mine) Z10s and 3 (three, including my girlfriend's) Q10s out in the wild...

Ferrari ZetaDieci


That's 3 more Q10s and 2 more Z10s (including mine) than I have seen... in other words I am the only person I know that has a BB10 device...


Give me the Q20. That is all!

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I live in St. Louis, Missouri (US). Hard to find BlackBerry devices anymore, but when I do, it starts great conversations.

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Wish they would have put an event in Texas.


@ SLTScott18: I concur! I'm from Brick, New Jersey (on T-mobile w/my Q10) and I know 6 or 7 people that still own a BlackBerry. I say "still own" because the most disturbing thing is not the small proportion of people I know who own BlackBerries here in the US. The disturbing part is that I'M the only one of them that owns a BlackBerry 10 phone! Of these 6 or 7 BlackBerry owners NONE of them are aware that BlackBerry 10 even exists (unless I've showed them my Q10). I also might also add that most of these BlackBerry owners are really happy with their phones but when I talk to them about upgrading they talk about Samsung and Apple...they just aren't aware that there are BlackBerry phones out there that are just as good as what they see on TV from Apple and Samsung. The utter lack of marketing in ANY form from BlackBerry is and probably will be the death of them. Its a complete and total travesty. :-(

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No California dates...

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Elvis Salvador

This is great

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We went to the FIRST BlackBerry Experience (PARIS) on April 8th
Blackberry-FR :

We have not had the chance to see the new devices and no comments about them