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The BlackBerry Experience event - Round one for the U.S.A in NYC

By James Richardson on 9 Apr 2014 08:19 am EDT

We've known for some months now that BlackBerry will not be hosting BlackBerry Live this year, but instead will be focusing on smaller events targeting specific enterprise customers.

Things kick off in America tomorrow (April 10th) in New York City where the BlackBerry executive team will hosting the first of these global events. 

We haven't had a great deal of notice on this one so if you're able to attend you had better register fast as I'm pretty sure the available places will be snapped up sharpish. 

*Update* It would appear that the first event was actually held yesterday in Paris, France. 

Press Release

What to expect at the BlackBerry Experience event:

This half-day event will kick off with BlackBerry executives sharing our vision, strategy and industry insights. During the second half of the morning you will see concrete examples of our commitment to delivering secure, end-to-end solutions and products to empower extreme productivity in the enterprise. After the morning speakers have wrapped up, attendees will enjoy a complimentary lunch and the opportunity to network with fellow attendees, partners and BlackBerry insiders.

Five reasons to attend BlackBerry Experience:

1. Discover how BlackBerry is returning to its roots and refocusing on enterprise mobility.

2. Learn about BlackBerry’s secure end-to-end enterprise solutions.

3. Get an insider’s view of our roadmap to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 (BES12).

4. See how we’ve made it simpler and more cost effective than ever to choose BlackBerry for secure multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

5. Learn how we make it easy for you to develop cross-platform applications that will help transform your business processes.

BlackBerry Experience New York, 10th April 2014:

On Thursday, April 10th in New York, the BlackBerry executive team, along with John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions, will be discussing BlackBerry’s transformation and sharing our future vision for enterprise mobility.

By attending this event, you will gain insight into what our renewed focus on enterprise means for you and discover how we are redefining productivity while enabling greater communication and collaboration to drive the transformation of mobile.

Make sure your spot is reserved

We’re excited to share our vision for the future of mobility with our valued customers. Whether your strategy is to support BYOD or Corporate Liable devices, joining us at the BlackBerry Experience New York will show you exactly how BlackBerry can support the needs of your enterprise today and well into the future. 

Register for BlackBerry Experience New York today.



Awesome! Wish I could attend

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30


So is there a a live streaming on this? Maybe crackberry can fill us in

 Slicing using my 


Chen needs to come to Chicago with this road show....

I would be honored to grab a Selfie with him on my Z30....

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile


I'm registering now, but, I am sure sorry I could not apply before the March 28 deadline for

"Register before March 28th to be entered in the early bird draw for the chance to win 1 of 50 BlackBerry® Z30 smartphones! "

John Kastanes

Hopefully they have an event in Chicago.



I'm with you. In Chi I could attend

Posted via CB using my Q10


That's awesome! Keep moving!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Jeevan Batla

Waiting for the event in Mumbai

Posted via CB10


This was really short notice! I'm in New York and wondering if I should attend. If only I knew how to get outbound of work o_O.

Posted via CB10


I assume this is a reminder.
If this is the first official notice of the event....


I'm trying to go to the event in toronto in may.


Great! Go BBRY

Posted via CB10


The first BlackBerry Experience event was yesterday in Paris.
I was there.


How was it? Did they discuss what eBBM will do? i.e. can it have more than 50 users in one group? That's one thing I'm hoping for emergency preparedness at our office. When power and email go down (which actually happened two weeks ago at our office including a generator failure right when we needed it) I can't think of a better way to communicate with people. At the moment BBM is limited to group sizes of only 50 people. Maybe I can use a channel instead but I was just curious.


Well, we had no info with that level of precision yet.
I guess Channels will be fine for that, but Channels aren't part of "e-BBM", which is chat only for the first release (with more to come later, they said).

Huey Newton

It should be in other cities too

Posted via CB10


I hope they do an event in Dubai

Posted via CB10


That sounds interesting! I'd go if I could.

Posted via the Z30 on CB10


Wow. This is an interesting and important event. Especially getting their face back out there.

Posted via CB10


Hope for this type of event in Quito - Ecuador. Good luck in NYC


Wow this sounds great. But the elephant in the room is asking - Why are we only hearing about this now?


My guess is the accommodation can only take so much and it was not meant to be grandiose. Maybe a targeted audience getting direct notice from BlackBerry. I can see revenue being the end result of these sessions.

Posted via CB10


Wondering will Chen be at any of these events?

You Can Kiss My 


big.... "Great Icon on your ID"....


Thank you Fred.

You Can Kiss My 


Where are those devices?

The attendees need to see what devices I will be using. In the Enterprise world real time usage would only enhance BlackBerry's reputation especially with the addition of eBBM.

Working devices is the only way to get the message across.

Don't tell me, show me...

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10


I'm going, anyone else going? I registered a few weeks ago. They sent an email to BES users (or BES 10 cloud beta users)


› BlackBerry’s Vision: John Sims, President, Global Enterprise
Solutions and Eric Johnson, President, Global Sales
› The Evolution of the MDM Market: Maribel Lopez,
Lopez Research
› Learn about BlackBerry’s end-to-end, Enterprise Solutions
for today and tomorrow:
– BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10
– BlackBerry World Class Technical Support
– Multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management
– Communication & Collaboration
– A look at our roadmap to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12
– Enterprise Applications (apps for BlackBerry,
cross-platform, customized
› Closing Remarks


HAHA ! The update was fast !!! lol
BTW: I've made a few posts about info I gathered there (after meeting debrief) in the N&R section


I'm going for the speech and the free eats! I'm on Sprint. So I guess if I win a Z30, you'll see it in the marketplace place.

I won 3 Nokia Icons(Verizon) at SXSW last month. Sold every single one and got a PS4.


Is there a calendar available?

Sent from the phone of the Gods....Z30


I wish I could go

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry is doomed if CrackBerry is finding out about these events at the last minute. As a BlackBerry lover, this is distressing. If my job depended on these guys getting their marketing right, I'd be pretty worried right now.


If you were in the know you'd know what I know.

Posted via CB10


I understand that these are industry events, but if you're trying to build confidence in your company, it would be good to get them in the news. It's good press and good for the public profile.


nah... they know Kevin is turning Fanboy... and I don't mean BlackBerry Fanboy....

Prem WatsApp


"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I was at a jimmy hendrix experience once. If BlackBerry could duplicate that, I'd be happy.

Posted via CB10


I wish I would have know about this ahead of time so I could have scheduled time off from work, or excused time. I probably could have gotten my office to give my excused time for this had I know about it more in advanced. :( At this point I would have to use emergency vacation, plus cancel scheduled stuff, which is just not going to happen. :( Ah well :( Maybe they will do one in Philly.


Just registered. I'll be there early for the food lol

Posted via CB10


that's the advertising were looking for, too bad they are just sticking to enterprise advertising it seems like for now.


Nice to see BlackBerry in the game and in the Great Apple no less.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


They held something called BlackBerry PlayBook Experience in Chelsea Market, NYC July 22, 2012. My son and I went. We were at the Experience for a short time. Then wandered around Manhattan people watching and taking photos. It was a good time.


I'll be there bright and early.

Posted Via BlackBerry Q10


I would like to go to an event if they have one LA

Posted via CB10


I'm so sad and upset at AT&T I just got a reply from the Manager at West 34th Street in NY,NY that AT&T will NOT support for update and upgrade 10.2 software version at all. I'm so un pleased with Blackberry that they did not took this matter so seriously.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry has little control over what the carriers do with regard to OS levels. It has ever been so. For this reason, we should be pleased that we can load releases from other carriers (so-called "leaks") to get ourselves ahead of the status quo the the carriers impose.


That sucks. I gave up waiting for them and went with the 10.2.1 update via Sachesi. It was ridiculously easy. I highly recommend it.

Posted via CB10

Chen Touch

Good for business

Posted via CB10


Me thinks, we regular consumers are royally screwed and on our way out...BlackBerry will really become a company catering to only business clients...while the rest of us are literally fucked and shit out of luck...

Sure as hell, Chen's statement about his readiness to dump the handset making division seems to point to this direction...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


I will be there tomorrow, for sure. I do hope the new CEO makes an appearance. I'd love to have the opportunity to replace the picture I have of myself and Thorsten, with one taken of me and Mr. Chen.


Is there any media coverage for this event?

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Good stuff, focused marketing to relevant and rewarding customer accounts instead of blowing it on Super Bowl commercials.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Live Blogging this event. So far, nothing spectacular. I would say that the first presenter was ok. Misplaced attempts at humor.

Now they're talking about BBM cross platform and BBM protected.

This guy keeps stammering and needs to take a Fusion class.


They've made very few comments re: existing hardware. BYOD has been mentioned ALOT.

They have not said anything with regards to managing tablets.


This guy Chad(I think that's his name) is a terrible presenter.


Thad. That's his name.


Marty Malick is up. Global Alliances and Partnerships.


How does Cloud computing and storage impact managing devices.


They've acknowledged that users do more than send emails.


There's a slide with the app platforms. Netflix is missing. But Kindle, Box and YouTube are one the slide.


Guaranteeing that clients/users will be able to use their multiple devices. GWAVA, Harmon and Midlife are some of the partners mentioned.


They really seem to be putting all of their efforts into regaining their Kred in the Enterprise space.


The plan appears to be approaching the consumer through the Enterprise space.


Here comes the food! Sliders! I'm hoping it's Kobe beef...


Fajita wraps... Hate those things... To high in carbs...


Application connectivity will be managed through BES 12.


There will be an Enterprise version of BBW. Allows for a "White list" of apps.


The ability to "force" an app onto a user's device.


Marty looks like he slept in is his suit and his shoes look. They need some help in the presentation arena.


Aside from the the BB folks, I see lots of iPhone, Galaxy, and more than a couple of HTC Ones...


Reiterating that modern users do more than just send emails and text messages.


Stressing adapting to a rapidly changing environment.

Lunch time!


Tony Evans. Regional Head of US Sales. Says they're going back to their roots and returning to enterprise.


Says he lives in NYC despite his British Accent. Says he love this city and this community.

Admits that's BB had lost its way and they intend to change that.


Backwards investing and "future proofing" they're products.


Enterprise, mobility and regaining trust in BB.