Register now for the upcoming BlackBerry Experience Events

Register now for the upcoming BlackBerry Experience Events
By DJ Reyes on 9 May 2014 08:56 am EDT

Back in April, BlackBerry announced some BlackBerry Experience event locations. A few BlackBerry Experience events have already taken place. We had our very own Jubei at the NYC event back in April 2014 and most recently the event was held in Toronto on May 8th, 2014. Before that, in Montreal, Canada on May 6th. Coming up next are the U.S. events. Chicago on May 14th and Washington D.C. on May 21st. There will also be an event in Cologne, Germany on May 14th, too. The Cologne has been open for registration since the events were announced but for the U.S. locations, registrations have only recently opened.

If you are looking to attend one of these events, be sure to register for the event. There will also be an event in London on June 3rd but registration for that has not yet opened but we will let you know once it is.

Register for the upcoming BlackBerry Experience events

Have you attended any of the events so far? If so, how was it? Hit up the comments and share your experience.

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Register now for the upcoming BlackBerry Experience Events


I went to the Toronto event yesterday; there was a lot of good stuff in the presentations... Quite a bit to look forward to, particularly on the BES side.

I was at the Toronto event yesterday as well and i agree it was pretty informative and all those news articles broke yesterday about The TOC so i was well implemented in the presentation, oh and the lunch was delicious as well!

Good event in Toronto and lots of knowledgeable BlackBerry staff on hand to discuss your ideas and concerns. I found them very receptive and helpful.
Definitely showing the strong return to their roots in Enterprise.

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I recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in enterprise to go. Like the others I was at the Toronto event yesterday and it was quite awesome.

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There is a date for the UK. Registration just isn't open yet. London event is marked for June 3rd

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Why are you showing a picture of a new empty auditorium? It does not look very encouraging for app developers to see "emptness". Next time show some spark in your pictures, this looks like a poor showing.

I agree 100%, the picture is not very exciting, in fact it's depressing like nobody showed up.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Maybe it's a picture of the event before people all got seated. BlackBerry users pay more per month on apps than other os.

The reason there are no dates in the UK is because Blackberry doesn't have a keyboard yet (physical or virtual) that allows the "a" to double as an "r". Also because most people in the UK have banana colored teeth.

Poster via CB10 Bitch!

Is it the BlackBerry experience or the BlackBerry 10 experience?

Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

It's not in the start up sequence.

It's not on the devices.

Is it so hard to lose the lettering and put ' a BlackBerry Symbol to the power of 10' on the device and in the start up ?

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If you unlock your device and go with a no name carrier like Straight Talk, you get a BB10 frame in all its glory at boot.

Courtesy official  10.2.1 on TMO

I went to Montréal and it was a nice event with some pretty good stuff coming like secure BBM and BES 12. I think they should also focus on BBM for desktop so companies could work with that on an easier way! Sometime when your working and your phone is on the side if you would have BBM on your desktop it would be efficient... include voice and video!

I think the event is good but maybe not well published for company to see!!!

Did they invite some companies???

Also there was suppose to be Z30 for early registration but nobody heard about it before or after the presentation???
Anybody could tell more on that???

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I tried to register for the event I'm Montreal, but the link apparently never worked. I and several others never got a confirmation. There was no further information about the Montreal event, and so many people missed it.... what's going on with BlackBerry ? Was this a secret meeting? BlackBerry is destroying it's reputation among the most faithful....

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I also heard about the Z30 raffle from one of the BlackBerry event staff in Montréal, but no one mentioned anything during the event itself. Could have used that phone as a Mother's Day gift for Mom :p.

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Maybe if if was. June 21st in DC, but I don't think I will be quite up to it, still recovering from surgery.

I registered for the Montreal BlackBerry event,but never heard anything more.

Several weeks ago I clicked on the "registration link." Nothing happened (blank screen).

I assumed nonetheless that I was registered but never received any confirmation. I never heard anything more, and I assumed the Montreal event had been cancelled.

Now I discovered there indeed was an event in Montreal three days ago (May 6), which I missed.

I find this incredibly disturbing since BlackBerry is presumably in the electronic communications industry. How many other people missed out on these events? I don't get it.... the "registration" process didn't work....

I used to be BlackBerry's biggest fan....

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I made it a rule, no confirmation screen / no email = no confirmation. Easy to follow? Ever since the Internet became mainstream in the early 90s. Websites can be buggy, link errors can happen or your browser or browsers settings (Flash, Javascript, Cookies, etc. )might have given you trouble.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Come to San Francisco CA!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones!

And be sure to wear some flowers in your hair (if you're going to San Francisco).

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Help me out here guys, I'd like to go to Cologne - Germany. But I'm not working inside a company in need of any type of BES thing. But I'd really like to see what such conferences are.

Should I go, or not ? ( btw it askes for a company name at the register site, does it matter if you fill in a small company which doesn't do anything with mobile and ICT etc.. ? )

Hope you can help out :)
Grtz Erik ( a random BlackBerry fan )

I wrote the name of the company I work for, and I am a Geophysicist, in a small firm. Nothing to do really with BES. Keep in mind that this is an Entreprise focused event, not a developer conference, or anything to do with devices per say. They are pretty much talking about "Why your business needs BES, and how it is your only choice"

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BlackBerry ignored my request to attend the Montreal event.... boo hoo (sniff sniff) - that's me, crying..... :-((

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Chicago and DC???? How more out of touch with the average American can these two selected places be. Jeepers creepers

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Been to the Montreal event, it's more business oriented than anything. Don't expect any new unknown stuff at those events.

Also, anybody know about the Z30 giveaway they were supposed to keep or they was just baiting us?

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Apparently was just bait. I also remember seeing somewhere about the 50 Z30 devices raffle for each one of the locations.

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Just want to let you know that I got an email today from BlackBerry for the Montréal event and they told me I just won a BlackBerry Z30... can't wait to see that new phone at My door!!!

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