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Have an error message on your BlackBerry? We can tell you what frequently encountered messages mean and how to fix them!

BlackBerry Error Message
By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2012 12:33 pm EDT

Every device has it's problems, and BlackBerry is no different. At some point in the life of your BlackBerry, you'll get an error message of some sort which can usually be diagnosed quickly thanks to BlackBerry error codes. Luckily most BlackBerry errors are specific to what you are doing at that moment, making it easier to find out what you need to do (if anything) to fix it. BlackBerry error codes range from a simple memory issue to busy servers to the dreaded 552 error. If you experience an error of any sort, you can refer to the chart below based on the BlackBerry error message and see what needs to be done to resolve the issue. Keep reading for a full list of common BlackBerry error codes, messages and resolutions.

BlackBerry Error Codes

BlackBerry Device Software Error Messages

Errors typically appear as Java Error xxx or App Error xxx

Error 102
This is a java file error and means a .COD file on the device is corrupted. You will need to reload the software on the device. 

Error 350-359
These errors are associated with third party applications. Some data or the application itself is corrupt and needs to be removed. This can be achieved by using Desktop Manager to remove the installed applications, or a complete wipe and reload the BlackBerry OS.

Error 502/505/507/552
These errors are associated with software or data corruption issues. While the 552 is the most common, they arise from applications or bad data within the BlackBerry OS itself. Unfortunately the only solution in most cases is a complete wipe and reload of the device software.

Error 513
This error means the device was reset after it had reached the maximum password attempts (10 in most cases). After password limit is reached, the device data is deleted - the BlackBerry software will need to be reloaded.

Error 576
This is an error with an IT Policy on your device - you will need to conact your network administrator to resolve.

Error 602/603
These errors are associated with an application on your device. Some data or the application itself is corrupt and needs to be removed. This can be achieved by using Desktop Manager to remove the installed applications, or a complete wipe and reload the BlackBerry OS.  

BlackBerry Internet Service error messages

The PIN and IMEI are already in use
The BlackBerry smartphone is still associated with a previous BlackBerry Internet Service account. You will need to contact your carrier to remove the device from the old account.

The User ID and Password provided are invalid. Please re-enter your User ID and Password and try again
The user name and password are incorrect or the BlackBerry Internet Service account is locked.  Try entering your credentials again or contact your carrier for more information.

PIN or IMEI of the device does not exist
The BlackBerry smartphone is not registered on the wireless network or the BlackBerry smartphone is still associated with a previous BlackBerry Internet Service account. Contact your carrier for assitance.

Password error message
The POP account is locked by the Gmail Captcha program (added secutiry from Google). You must unlock the Gmail account using a CAPTCHA to proceed and will then be able to access you email. 

BlackBerry App World Error Messages

BlackBerry App World is currently unavailable. Try again later.
The BlackBerry App World service is temporarily unavailable due to server or other issues. Try again at a later time.

Your connection to the wireless network is turned off.
Wireless data on your BlackBerry must be turned on and the device must be connected to the wireless network. 

You require a data plan to download BlackBerry App World. Contact your service provider to upgrade your service plan.
You do not have a required data plan on your BlackBerry account and cannot access BlackBerry App World.

The selected application is already installed. Do you want to overwrite the existing application?
An instance of the application already exists on your device. 

The device must restart to complete the installation.
Some applications require a restart of the BlackBerry smartphone after successful installation.

PayPal authentication failed. Please try again.
The BlackBerry smartphone user has typed incorrect PayPal login credentials.

BlackBerry App World has detected a new device PIN. Would you like to transfer your purchased applications to your new device?
Appears when logging in to the My World folder on a new BlackBerry smartphone. Choose yes to update your applications to the new device.

While these are the most frequently encountered errors codes/messages, you may come across some others that you're not sure about. You can always leave a comment here or head into our CrackBerry forums for more help. Our members will most definitely be able to help you on your way to diagnosing and fixing your issue no matter what the cause. 


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Error Codes Explained


thanks Adam for this useful information. Now I know how to deal with my berry if one of those error messages appeared

i feel like the guy in the picture :)

for the last 15 days I'm unable to access any Intranet website via the BES on my t-Mobile 9900

other folks in our co on AT&T & verizon have had no issues

just keep getting 10006 error

re-installed the OS, tried a different device... with no luck

keep getting shunted between the BES admins and carrier with no resolution

We had this issue too.
Talk to your BES admins and tell them to look at BlackBerry Knowledgebase article KB24144.

So, in short, if you get any numerical error wipe and reload.
I had to do this with a friend's new 9360 recently - Thank you BBSAK! Software errors happened to her twice in 2 weeks and she lost all info/settings on her device (she did not wipe previously - just reloaded). I feel partly responsible because I guilted her into getting a BB instead of an iPhone.... wiped and loaded 7.1 for her and gained FM radio, so that was a nice bonus. Fingers crossed that it won't happen again.

Sorry to hear about the troubles with the 9360. A tip: Once the phone is re-setup to the way she wants it (folders, favorites, wallpaper, etc.) do a backup of the phone both on Desktop Manager and also go into the Setup icon on the phone and do a "Device Switch" backup to the media card. The latter is particularly helpful if you are away from home and a wipe and reinstall is needed. It only happened to me once and after borrowing a USB cord reinstalled the software from a laptop, then restored all my settings with the "Device Switch" backup I had saved. Then I updated my contacts, etc. that were saved weekly via BlackBerry Protect. It definitely lessens the load when this happens.

The only two errors I get are: 'Camera cannot start the viewfinder' and 'There is an issue with Blackberry app world. It must close' or something like that, any one able to help?

I recently tried to help a friend of a friend with his 9650, he was having the same issue with his camera. Not sure if this will help but you can run a test. Go to options-device(type TEST on keypad). Alt+LGLG may also help you diagnose these issues. BB Customer Service 1-519-888-7465.

Hi Adam,

Would you be able to explain error code: 907 "invalid cod"?

It appears when trying to download a file / application...


Whenever I've ran across invalid cod, I turn off the mobile network and download over wifi. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info.
Here's one for you : BlackBerry App World is not available in your country (Canada?! WTF?!?!?)
Pops up from time to time. :-))

Gotten that from time to time too, just restart or reset appworld and you're good to go, or switch languages a few times back and forth.

Gotten that from time to time too, just restart or reset appworld and you're good to go, or switch languages a few times back and forth.

Gotten that from time to time too, just restart or reset appworld and you're good to go, or switch languages a few times back and forth.

Very useful info here...thkfully I never normally get a lot of errors! My most common is the "uncaught exception..." Error associated with the Bible app (after freezin the phone) whose bug the developers have acknowledged!

Thanks for this info - over the 3 years I've owned my BBs I've had to do wipes but mostly as a result of my venturing into downloads of unofficial os.

I've loaded this into Evernote now - so feel more confidant re what the darn errors mean .... but irrespective realise that I will no doubt need to re-install os, lol.

I always get an uncaught exception error and three owner died thread errors whenever I restart my 9650. No error codes, but a long address is listed. I can't figure out which programs cause this, but they seem to work ok. Any ideas?

why so many errors in bb? If there is any error, why to notify users? If you notifiy the error, that will be the bad impression of the phone or OS.

Hello everybody, when ever i go to google news i have this error , " EXCEEDED MAXIMUM REDIRECT ATTEMPTS TO SERVER". I delete the cookies, etc. and nothing is working. Can somebody help me with this issue?

Thank you.

I am trying to sync my blackberry Pearl - which I had previously been able to do - I now have 2 Blackberrys - a Pearl and a Blackberry Bold. I synced the Bold and now my Pearl will not sync - I get a code that says: CRTranRec::GetLinked RecordId : Invalid linked record Id" - any clues on how to fix???

What does "App Error 204" mean? I got my Curve 9310 about a week ago. Everything was fine until today when I had to reboot it and white screen said "App Error 204".

Hye Adam. I would like to ask u something. My blackberry can't open payment option. N one more thing I always get JVM Error 520. How to solve both problem? Please. Help me

What does this code (AW 30220i) purchase service error mean? I'm at my wits end with this whole shabang! Just yesterday I changed my pay method to PayPal and got a notification that BlackBerry is now listed but I still cannot purchase anything! Aargh this is so frustrating! Anyone please assist?