BlackBerry Enterprising Minds video - Is this the future of RIM?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Oct 2011 01:30 pm EDT

We're not 100% sure exactly where this video is from and/or who actually created it (it does look A LOT like this TAT concept video), but it does look to be a work created around the BlackBerry Innovation Forum that took place earlier this month. The Innovation Forum gathered at various venues in Europe and was centered around how to bring better value to customers.

The BlackBerry Innovation Forum is a series of events taking place throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa that brings together business leaders and mobile innovators who all have one thing in common - they want to empower Enterprising Minds to deliver genuine customer value. 

This video is a bit of a far off concept at present, but could it be what's in store for RIM and other smartphone companies in the future? There is some pretty interesting stuff in it that I'm sure we'd all love to see become a reality. So sit back and check it out, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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BlackBerry Enterprising Minds video - Is this the future of RIM?


Nicely done video!!! Great to finally see interesting marketing material from RIM, even if we all know this ain't gonna happen soon, at least we get to see RIM's dreams are.

Love slick phone's UI!!

Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Wow, gotta give TAT big props for their creativeness, but if this wasn't the biggest pipedream i don't know what is. Lets be all be realistic and honest with each other, RIM cant pull this kind of stuff off. At least not in our foreseeable future.

Actually, looks like its coming real soon! at 28sec in the video it shows BBos 7.23 and its a Blackberry X2!
I'm holding off on purchasing a new phone and waiting for this to come out!
Atleast it explains the holdup on the Playbook OS 2.0.

Hahaha... Are you serious?? This is nothing more than a 2011 star trek film... Nothing in there will be out for YEARS... Don't hold your breath. Put this in context - RIM just finished saying they're unable to have bbm properly work on the playbook?? And you think THIS kind of stuff is around the corner... Sorry... If it is, it won't be made by RIM... Big big dreamers.... Small small producers.

the hardware and UI might not be there, but all the features are, NFC, remote wiping, apps being pushed to your phone ..

as u notice all this was done through the IT guy.. so i am not sure about apple and android, but this is why BES is good and your IT department can do any of the functions in that video..

again just the UI is different

This really looks like something from TAT. Their concept videos are amazing... And I don't think this concept is a bit far off - could be a reality in 10 years or less. Just look at the progress in the last decade!

I agree. If RIM has done nothing good at all this year, buying TAT deserves credit.

Oh sweet baby Jesus, I would pay GOOD MONEY for the QNX phones to look like that! Forget about all the other futuristic stuff, just that look! that UI!!

I notice the phone has the shape of that Porsche for thought hey?

I'm going to see if I can get a response from the BB Beta zone moderators.

O.K. I still love my Bold 9930 but my wife would absolutely go for that device. I this is the kind of mind blowing TAT stuff that we would love to see. Not just BlackBerry lovers but all humanity.
I did notice the NFC access. Looking good.

That looks awesome. Some of this isn't far off either, Apparently the iphone 5 will have a keyboard that is wireless and lasered onto a desk that you can use. If blackberry can reivent itself and keep the security people happy, it can move its way back to 2nd place. Iphone is a trend and all trends end eventually.

There's already a bluetooth keyboard that does that, it costs around 180.00 US$. Although built in would be a plus, but a battery hog.

On topic, that would change everything if it were to come out next year. I even had orgasm watching it, lol.
I also notice NFC being used like crazy. I mean NFC could be used you transfer information to a NFC desk paper (where she uses the phone to communicate with the sheet on the desk to get info. and a keyboard), like in the video.

They really know how to dream though... I would die if that came to reality. Then again, the only UI/OS closest to that, would Microsoft/Windows 8.

Given that they can't even get e-mail and BBM working on the QNX platform, I really doubt they have the talent to pull any of the stuff shown off in this video in the next 10 years. My optimism for anything RIM is at an all time low.

who said they can't get BBM working on the PB? they are trying to make BBM on PB and BB work as one not two different clients (eg. one contact list, messages appear on both, etc). Are you just trying to troll here? To counter your trolling - it took some companies 4 years to get basic messaging working :) it it still does not do 1/10 of BBM

LMAO I'm currently at work and not in the greatest mood but I loved the ideas behind this video, and your comment gave me a really good laugh :p ( not that I'm saying you're wrong ) As I'm scrolling through all the comments it stuck out, and placement was perfection.

...typing on glass with my little BlackBook...

All I can say is...oh my god; if they even came close to that level of UI design, Apple would be in trouble.

I think I might cry... I want to jump in that video and live in that world. And Apple, if you watched it, please don't steal it and call it "innovative"


+1 to that! I can't think of anything Apple "created" in my lifetime that didn't already exist. Mostly just ideas/products that we already have then put a simplistic spin on it so anyone can use it without trying. But then they are just now getting something as basic as notifications finally done right. There's some innovation for ya, not.

looks cool, vision is great but not interested in concept solutions we will never see or will not see for many years. I can make some great concept videos also, let's start executing on near term projects please. There is a lot of TAT stuff floating around from last year, all we have is a picture book app to show for it. release soemthign already. FEB can't come fast enough.

Ok so my patience has officially expanded. If my playbook is going to be even close to that, even a fraction, feb is looking good.

Lmao! Vicki is quite the intriguing woman indeed. Now I don't feel so shameful that she was the best part of the video for me. Oh, and that other typing on tables stuff too. :P

Jim B. - This is the definition of leapfrogging the competition. Until you show a real product with some of that stuff, don't say anything else.


Jim B probably saw this video and got himself all worked up... Meanwhile, Mike is saying "how the #*!?#* am I gonna make that??

if the BBX phone/pb looks a little bit.. just a little bit like that square device shown on the video I will wait till the end of time for those.

Well what evidence has rim given us that bbx will look like that. What keynotes have they held showing the functionality
and remember too that bbx will reflect the PB os in a smaller but similar fashion.

Under the hood, yes. But who's to say that the user *interface* won't be adapted/modified to look different for BBX 1.0? Don't forget that the Playbook is a tablet, not a phone (so this might just work better for what RIM envisioned for their QNX-based handheld), and for the most part the UI was based off of the BBOS 6 design anyway. They could easily change it again if they wanted. It just depends on whether you'd want to wait on the inevitable delay :P


I especially like the touch desktop.......bringing mobile-like apps to the "PC".

There also was a white interactive "mat" for expanding the screen size and I suspect it will also play videos ??

Very cool.

RIM spends too much time focusing on stuff that might happen in the future and not enough time to getting its products completed and out the door.

This is fantasy.

If only your comment could reach the stubborn Mike L and Jim B who are stuck in the past and to their old ways.....

You are so right, that is definitely a Windows Phone looking interface with the blessing of TAT. That would be very interesting stuff, and I would bet it will be here in less than 5 years. NFC will probably be the link or maybe a wireless USB or HDMI like in the new Alienware notebook.

I would hope all surfaces would also offer inductive charging, that would end the concerns of battery life issues!

If RIM wants to stick around for a few more years, BBX execution is CRITICAL!!!

The only way they will accomplish wowing customers back, is through the great BBX OS (if it's anything like QNX OS 2.0 they are in the right direction), but the devices that were shown is a MUST.

1) Thin
2) Lightweight
3) Screen - no bezel

Wow customers back to Blackberry, and set a standard in the mobile industry

Simply put, failure to do so, will make it 'another Blackberry'.

Sadly Rim is very far off from creating anything even near that innovative. If anything we will look to see google or maybe another company provide the next gen functionality because as with Rims track record they make promises and then fail to complete them. Its either that or make Kevin the new ceo of rim. That looks to be BBX maybe 10-15 somewhere there about. And its funny because they actually have phones like this in japan.

Actually says in the profile that the ladies device is running BBX7.something. So that would imply 7 years from maybe this summer. Again they can't get BBOS2 out the door, so this is pure fantasy at this point, and since this is RIM, I'd say I'm getting my flying car that the fifties said we would have by now before we see anything from RIM in that video.

I love my 9700 & my Playbook but seriously? Maybe in like 20 years we'll see RIM doing stuff like this. I mean I'd LOVE to see them be able to put stuff like this out there but C'MON MAN! That whole video is as believable as the company IT guy okaying the on-line shopping app, just because "it was really useful at my old job," useful for what, wasting time?

This is not a "far off" concept. I can see this happening in a year from now. QNX can do all this out of the box.
"QNX integrates the entire network into a single, homogeneous set of resources.
Any process on any machine in the network can directly make use of any resource on any other machine. From the application's perspective, there is no difference between a local or remote resource "-- from QNX website.

Oh how I wish this would be available for purchase (phone and management software) in the next four months.

Far off ?? stylish perhaps, but nothing in there that can't be done today.
Touch screens, expensive but readily available; User/backend integration, nice way to to "style" it but nothing but a small script to adduser, and preset auth levels; Touchscreen tables, there are restaurants out there with it, interactive games and food/drinks ordering on it, any UI can be put onthere; the phone on the table? BT interface desktop touchscreen activated when placed in position, cost but nothing more. ID with phone? how do you activate bbm grps and bridge ?

all there already, just because it is sleekly styled doesn't mean it is new.

Oh and the phone whipe/lock call the cops? BES does most of that already, except call the cops :P
(but I'm sure I can teach it that trick too)

But i agree, bring me that phone UI!

I absolutely agree. All the stuff shown here exists already. The only difference is the seamless way its been integrated in this video. Even the UI mimics the look & feel of Windows Phone without the live tiles. But if that integration of existing concepts comes in a package similar to Microsoft's, hell I'd still buy it!

C'mon we all know Rim will never make any phones as awesome as the ones depicted. They should have made a video set in 1998, then I would have believed the outdated stuff they would've shown.

i ENJOYED the video soo much that when i was brought back to reality i was sad :( me wants a bb like that!!


The thing is that most of the stuff from the phone and backend system is already available. Blackberry Balance isn't far off from bringing your own device and having a sperate work partitiion, Remote Whip is already there, video chat will be there, if you had BBM online you could do the unified communications (or if the admin had a Playbook app), and the UI itself is achievable if you're bold enough to build it.

RIMM just need to take the right steps to making the interface unique and bold enough to grow into the other features. PB OS 2.0 is not the daring jump they need to change the landscape. The stuff in that video is simple enough to use, but modern enough to put everything else to shame.

I don't see any reason why we can have bezel gestures on a phone much like on the PlayBook, but just eliminate the visable bezel. extend the screen all the way out there but when you start all the way at the edge and pull in from whatever direction there is an action that happens, like app switching on the PlayBook. We don't need a "bezel" we can see, just need to know how to use the gestures. What do you think?

The first QNX phone will be X1 and the evolution of that will be X2. All the technology shown is now possible, but to integrate this takes time, and unfortunately product delivery and execution have been poor. Consumers do buy smartphones on design, though with many phones going to a slab screen the real design will be the interface. This is the modern UI in this video, and perhaps the first QNX phone will contain some of that. It's a long time until next summer.

Pretty cool concept video. But like all concepts, they're always exaggerated and beautified. I'm sure something like this is RIM's goal, but it will probably never look like what is shown in this video. Much like how concept cars are build to get an idea of lines and body nuances that consumers would fine appealing. But the over-the-top styling never makes it into production.

WOW .... and when you think about it ....... there's nothing in that video that isn't far fetched ....... just seems like a natural progression to me.

Well, there might be one aspect that's far fetched - the IT guy's continued presence at his desk and his amenability, lol!!!!

So this is what TAT has been working on?! Sure it's nice to see but I didn't think RIM bought them so they could make more future videos. They already have those on their website.

P.s. I know TAT has also been working on other things but the mess RIM is in they should have all hands on deck. Everyone that can type code should be doing it.

Just about everything you saw in that video is something RIM has talked about during devcon.

The lady asking for permission to use an app and the CIO allowing it? They were talking about that at devcon.

The lady getting a corporate partition on her device? Talked about that at devcon.

Using the phone to access the building and meeting rooms? That NFC for you! and your 9900 already has that ability.

Remotely wiping the device? Already can do that!

Finding her cubicle? Go download wikitude and see how its any different!

Looks like this video by RIM is a summing up of what they are trying to accomplish for corporate customers.

I would love to believe that RIM was capable of being this slick and actually getting it all together in a real product in the next year, but the reality is that it will take them about 5 years to make some sort of semblance of this into reality, and by that time, everybody else will already have it launched, and looking even better. I would still want a full physical qwerty anyway, but that's not the point. I think RIM should Boldly go (pun intended) where they never have before and completely revamp their UI for BBX. I know people are used to the way it is now and there is some functionality i love about OS6/7 but really, they are loosing this war, and it's time to push out something shiny and new (not just big improvements under the hood).

Come on RIM, you bought TAT about a year ago! Use them and make them work 110% for you, now before it's too late!

P.S. Still love my BB9700. Not going anywhere yet.

WOW!! That is really cool but it bothers me that it was the woman's first day at work and no one was there to greet her and to walk her to her new desk; the computer told her. I liked that she was able to type on the keyboard that was on the table though.

Holy Crap! I watch every vid RIM puts out. But boy was I in for a shock in this one. The clerk at 55 seconds...haha I met her just last week. :-D

Sweet. Everyone agrees. lots of people saying things like don't think so if they cant even get email, pim or bbm on the current form factor. Email, pim and bbm are the tricky things at the start, sorry if not fast enough for some of you. Once the above are integrated the rest gets faster. All this stuff could be out sooner that lots of people think. I believe some on BBX 1.0 with more to come there after. This OS is going to take on a life of its own!

Have to agree with many of the comments above. RIM seems to move like a snail in terms of actual production. Takes twice as long to release half the technology innovation. Continual delays in their release dates and usually the first iteration is half baked (Playbook, Storm, even the flagship 9900 are all riddled with issues). It's all about marketing, execution and accountability!

We all stay as optimistic as we can, but the patience of the consumers is running thin when there are so many other options available.

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