BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.2 MR1 released

By Bla1ze on 11 Feb 2014 05:30 pm EST

A little bit of Enterprise news for today, BlackBerry has released an update for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The release comes as BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.2 Maintenance Release 1. For BES Admins, it doesn't bring a massive change log but it does offer options for the new regulated level EMM data plan license as well as a new IT Policy for two-factor authentication. 

You can now use a regulated-level EMM data plan purchased from your wireless service provider to activate a BlackBerry 10 device instead of using a server license obtained from BlackBerry otherwise known as a Corporate Liable service plan or a SIM license. If you're looking for the full details, you can head on over the BlackBerry website to review the new licensing guide along with the full change log.

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Great news we moving

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Does it cover the android runtime flaw?

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Pete The Penguin

No, the MR doesn't address the vulnerability.

As BlackBerry said in their official statement:
“...We will work with our carrier partners to help ensure the update is available to customers.”


Time to warm up the test environment :)


Tight on!

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? I thought BES was already at 10.2?
Is this a 10.2 MR? Because the post makes it wound like it's a 10 MR

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Yes, it's actually MR 1 for BES 10.2. Which makes its release number 10.2.1.

See what BlackBerry did there? :-)

Blaze - can you update the main post to clarify it's for BES 10.2 and not "BES 10" which could mean many sub-releases.

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Thanks for updating the post Bla1ze!

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Thought so :)

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Oh, thank you blackberry.

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Does this mean I can use BlackBerry Balance on BIS?

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BIS is a data plan for legacy BBOS devices, not BlackBerry 10 devices.

So I am pretty sure the answer to your question is no.

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Does this mean that you don't need a BES data plan to use your BlackBerry 10 device on a corporate BES?


You never needed a BES data plan with BlackBerry 10. Standard data plan for BES10.

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Good to know. I knew you didn't need BIS data plans anymore; and I knew you could get Exchange mail without the need for a BES data plan and server; but I wasn't aware you could connect up to the BES (not just EAS) without a BES data plan. Makes sense though.


'You never needed a BES data plan with BlackBerry 10. Standard data plan for BES10.'...

Not strictly true, it all depends upon what activation type you use. If you chose to use a Work Only / Regulated activation type then you must have a specific type of plan / provisioning on your SIM for this to work. It's not until BES 10.3 that this type of activation can be solely based upon a type of CAL and you can then use any type of SIM you want (as long as it has data).


You need some kind of plan activated from the network service provider. you still need a BES plan, but it's normally integrated into your package.

In South Africa Cell C offers a 2GB plan with an unlimited BES 10 plan (fair usage clause) however if the BES Admin blocks certain features from accessing the internet then you get charged for that. At least that's my understanding from reading the small print and legal clauses.

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When I was configuring BES 10 a few months, the carriers in France didn't even know about the 'regulated' data plan which was just another failure on their part to recognize BlackBerry as still being important for many enterprises ! Finally, they came to their senses and worked with BlackBerry to get us up and running as we only deployed devices with the workspace only. I saw a quote recently from one of the carriers and it was called ' BlackBerry 10 Advanced data plan.

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I got my grade 8

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That's good news. "Simplification" of the EMM service.

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I have stopped using BES as it's not supported in my environment and my company, a fortune 500 company, has moved away from BES all together.


Well, that was dumb of them.

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Bacon Munchers

Bla1ze and others in the field,

Would love to know your take on where we are now at with regards to the competition to BES?
Does Mobile Iron, for example, have anything to offer that BES doesn't?
I know there are experts here that have chimed-in over the months, but with this release, where are we at now?



Pretty sure there's not much experience on the BES side of things on the CrackBerry team which is why they recently brought back on retainer someone ( sorry his name escapes at the moment) to fill that gap.

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With regards to MobileIron, Airwatch and Good, their offerings are better than UDS. I heard that UDS is still pretty much limited with regards to MDM, lacking IT policies and other features that these other MDM providers already have...but saying that, they have been managing iOS and Android a lot longer than BlackBerry.

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