BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Now Available For Download!

By Bla1ze on 1 Mar 2010 01:32 am EST
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Now Available

We knew it wouldn't be long after the official press release announcement that we'd see the release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for all. For those waiting, you can now hit up the Research In Motion software site to get started. The new software for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server looks to fill the small and medium business section of BlackBerry smartphone software offering while not giving up the security and manageability offered by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution that people have come to know.

Visit the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express download page and fill in the requested information. You will then be given an order number an an email sent to the email you provided. Shortly after, you will then recieve your download link via email to grab your version of BESX along with some great information and support articles to get you started.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Now Available For Download!


Awesome... Just tried to get it but had to put my work email address cause they're acctually verifying addresses. WEll, not necessarily verifying them but if you put like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, or another free address, it won't accept it.

Thanks so much, I was waiting for this one!

But I want to know if I could restrict the web browsing with this version?

Any one that tries it please let me know.

Thank you

I have seen a rumor that BESX would be $5.00 extra per month. Has that rumor been confirmed/denied/squashed?

I have 5 BPS licenses and am wondering if these will be usable with BESX?

Also, has anyone installed yet and if so, over an existing BPS install? I just am not sure I wanna be the guinea pig for that.

Looks like they check on addresses in your country, works fine with an address from the US. Just google one :)

Can I put in my university's email address (which is Exchange) and then be able to use it like Exchange on BES? Anyone?

I used my companies address and it verified the suite number. Interesting. Just waiting for the download link and I going to grab the pdf documentation.
The looks like a fun weekday. Thanks BB

Timing wise, re new browser. Probably can't extrapolate much from this. Though I'll be paying close attention to how well RIM engineered this solution.

A little slow - their servers must be busy.

Can anyone confirm this will now support HTML email?

UPDATE - Yep it does......:

# HTML email - View emails with embedded HTML, including images, page layout, and text formatting.3

i submitted my information a couple of hours ago, i've gotten the "order confirmation email" but i've not gotten the 2nd email with the download link. i'm not seeing anything in the spam folder either. anyone else not get their link yet or had it take an insanely long time?

Same here. Just be patient, I guess.

Wait... I just got the download email.

9:25 confirmation email.
9:55 download email.

both my IT guy and i submitted this hours ago and still have not received the download link.. not stuck in our barracuda either.. what the heck rim.

This is great and all if you can convince your huge corporate IT Dept. to install this on their servers, but if you can't you're out of luck. when will RIM incorporate exchange contact and Calendar synching into BIS? Every other smart phone pretty much now synchs with Exchange for email, email folders, contacts and calendars. BIS customers are left with only basic email synching. Come on RIM, step up to the plate...


Can this be used on a PC that is running a live Outlook session via VPN to my companies server and keep Outlook email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes updated on my BB without having to use the company BES?

Would this provide any benefit to a single user with a hosted-exchange solution and BES (ie Thanks oh-wise-cracked-out-community!

This is exactly what I am looking for.... but for Domino. I hope they release a Domino version in the next few months or so.

I got my download link within 10 minutes. Downloading right now.

What I haven't been able to find in any of the documentation is if this product is compatible with Microsoft Online hosted Exchange. Anyone know?

Well, got it downloaded and installed on my SBS 2008 server. That's the good news.

The bad news? It won't let me into the admin console. I specified AD integration, but it won't let me in with any of my AD accounts... Keep getting an authentication error :(

"...provides advanced BlackBerry smartphone features with no additional software or user license fees, and works with any Internet-enabled BlackBerry data plan or a BlackBerry enterprise data plan."

Interesting! Seems that it works with BIS, too!


I've been waiting 4 hours for the "download" link. Got the confirmation link within seconds of submitting.

I'm excited about this. Being the only user in a small company with a BlackBerry is great...especially if I can use it with BIS. Why do I have to pay $15 more per month when I could get an Android phone or even an iPhone and not have to pay for the enterprise capability and be just as well.

This move by RIM is keeping me a BlackBerry user. Otherwise I would have been out the door soon and on up on the Android bandwagon.

if someone can post the download link or even upload it to a file sharing site that would be great. i have registered 3 times for diffrent companies and i just dont get the second email.

With everyone indicating that the second message takes some time, I was patient and waited thinking it would come at some point. It did not. I tried again this morning, but wanted to make sure the others actually were receiving the second message with the download link. Can someone please resond in kind?


I know that question has been asked previously, but will this offer any benefit to a "hosted exchange" user? I am hoping that this could result in some better deals. Any insight would be appreciated.

Sorry, but no. You have to be an admin on the actual Exchange Server to do this.

It is NOT a trivial installation. I've put several hours into it and I still don't have it working. I'm no guru, mind you, but even for the knowledgeable I'd call this a challenging install.

for the new server to work you have to have admin access to the server and per RIM's douments local LAN connectivity. With hosted exchange i would say that you dont have either. Sorry. Still no download email here.

This makes no sense, its only good if you own and run a server. It means little to small businesses or individual users who cant run their own servers.

Why cant RIM release a simple solution like this for everyone and just host the dang thing themselves for individual users (ie fix BIS).

As others have said Exchange support has become a standard on a smartphone yet the king of email is the last to adopt Exchange and full gmail support out of the box for everyone. Why pay the same $30 a month for data when you get less?

RIM just needs to release ONE solution for BES and ONE for BIS, period. And make them equal in services (as much as possible without remote wipe etc that an admin would need to do from a server). Heck just get folders, contact/calendar sync working properly for exchange and gmail and BIS would be 10x more worth sticking with vs other platforms.

i registered at 1:30pm EST. did not receive the second email with the download link. anyone have any suggestions?

11.45 GMT+1 Confirmation email
12.15 GMT+1 Download email (+30 mins)
12.16 GMT+1 Downloading
12.27 GMT+1 Installing (+11 mins)

Just letting everyone know that I just installed (VM Environment - Exchange 2003) the new BES Express.

My 9700 is running BIS.

Only thing I didn't like was that the 9700 had to be attached (USB)to a PC running the WEB ADMIN console. It also seemed to take a little longer to push the service books and activation out to the 9700 compared to BES OTA activation.

HTML emails work !

Excellent so far - and it's free!!

This should open up BB to a lot more companies!! No need for expensive BES anymore.

Got this up and running on our Exchange 2007 box. Contacts and Calendar sync have weird quirks to them. My contacts synced only the A's, although this is not really that important. My Calendar will sync to my phone if I enter it into my Outlook calender, but not vice versa. Emails are coming in via BESX and my BB Storm is on BIS in near real time with reconciliation....awesome, and about damn time. Will continue to test it before slowly rolling out the activations for the 20 or so employees who have BlackBerries. Everyone else is using activesync via iphones, but this will give us options for those still using BlackBerries. Definitely worth it, and wasn't that hard to setup if you follow the guidelines to a T.

Oh, and I haven't tried this, but if you go to Options, Advanced options, Enterprise Activation and enter all your info on your phone, you should be able to activate to your BESX without being tied to the usb cable and a admin web console. Has anyone tried this and succeeded??

i need help i recently purchased a curve 8520 i rebooted it, knw all im getting is a clock and a white screen with the app error 200 reset, i cant do anything with the device it continues with the same thing till the error appears, i need help urgent anyone...

I have applied to download several times since the release of Blackberry Express Server and have yet to receive the link to down load the software.

Does anyone have any advice?