BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESX) Installation Video Now Online

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESX) Installation Video Now Online
By Bla1ze on 3 Mar 2010 11:34 am EST
If you are looking for more details on BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express you may want to check out the new installation video Research In Motion has posted. It does a complete walkthrough of the process and outlines all the required items to make the process simple as possible. Certainly useful if you are planning on deploying BESX.
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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESX) Installation Video Now Online


Not unless you're running your own Exchange server. That or you can convince your company to use it just for you. BESX has to either be installed on the Exchange server or at least have access to it from another server if you're running dedicated hardware for it.

If your company wont deploy the exchange server, you can always use astrasync to get access to the server if your company has Activesync active on their server.

I have deployed this on my E-mail server.. it still requires what feels like a 300 step process before you ever click Install. I will however give them credit that it is easy to admin once it is installed and Web Desktop Connector is great for those w/o BES on their cell phone plans.

So far I am enjoying finally having my Contacts and Calendar syncing up to my home email as well as my work.

I can get some free BES CALs but don't have my own mail server. Would there be any way to set this up for personal use with mail like gmail, yahoo, or hotmail?

Works ONLY with Exchange. Having said that, I do have my own Exchange server at home, and I hooked BESX up to it, and also installed a program (PopGrabber) to download my ISP email via POP and stick it on my Exchange server. It's turned the usual 15 minute delay of POP email into essentially a push system (the PopGrabber program polls the server every 1 minute, so it's not total push in the truest sense of the word). Once PopGrabber downloads the message, it's immediately pushed to my BB via BESX.

My BPS install in the past was not the smoothest, but this video made the BESX install very simple. Long, yes, but very very thorough.

Due to a few bugs that BESX has with Exchange 2010 (and possibly 2008 R2), I ended up rebuilding my entire domain and Exchange environment from scratch, because of error messages I kept receiving during the install process (which I later found out should have been ignored).

Please note, this was a domain I have at my house, and the Exchange server only had 1 account on it, but still...

Thank you RIM :D, this is the solution that I was waiting for. The setup vid was a great addition, it was my first time setting up using our SBS2003 server but I set it up on an additional server since it demands that additional 1.5GB RAM.

Now I have my calendar, tasks, notes....Lovely! and FREE!

The transition was very smooth :)