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Indian Enterprise customers make the move to BES10

By James Richardson on 15 Jan 2014 04:11 am EST

In India, the number of companies switching over to BES10 is growing nicely. In fact, BlackBerry are so proud they have sent out the below press release detailing some of the enterprise accounts they have on their books. 

We know that BlackBerry are going to do everything possible to regain their position in the business market. It was only recently we heard from BlackBerry CEO John Chen that the company would be spending the money they normally use for BlackBerry Live on better things - such as specifically targeting enterprise accounts. 

If other regions in the world can follow in the trend that is being set in India, then BlackBerry certainly stand a chance of once again being a household name when it comes to business and security.  

Looking good BlackBerry, looking good. 

Press Release

NEW DELHI, INDIA and WATERLOO, CANADA - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced the growing adoption of BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) by Indian enterprises across a range of sectors. BlackBerry has a strong market position in India where the Company has seen more than 1,000 Indian enterprises adopting or testing BES10 since its launch in January 2013.

ITC Limited, an Indian conglomerate, has implemented BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 across their various businesses. "The robust architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution has ensured the availability of a secure and reliable mobility solution that addresses the requirements of ITC's managers. With BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the implementation of BES10, ITC's employees will be able to share information securely with all their stakeholders," said VVR Babu, Chief Information Officer, ITC Ltd.

Indiabulls, with its strong presence in important sectors like financial services, power and real estate, has recently adopted BlackBerry 10 smartphones managed by BES10. "Indiabulls is very pleased with its implementation of BES10 and the deployment of BlackBerry 10 smartphones is growing across the organization," said TejinderPal Singh Miglani, Group CIO, Indiabulls. "BlackBerry 10 offers very strong and compelling features, especially when it comes to data security and the flexibility to meet different working needs. With features like BlackBerry Balance technology, we are able to keep corporate information separate and secure from personal content. Users can access the corporate resources as per their needs and effortlessly along with the confidence that the data is fully secure and cannot be unintentionally leaked via personal channels."

The 3C Company, a leading real estate company in North India, was looking for a robust and secure mobile solution that would enable enhanced productivity along with ensuring that employees could share and access confidential information securely to match the needs of the rapidly growing company. According to Anupam Kaushik, AVP, Information Technology at The 3C Company, "BlackBerry 10 smartphones offer strong productivity benefits and help our employees stay connected while on the move. BlackBerry 10 smartphones are fast, stable and provide our IT admins with control over the 'Work' space using BES10. If The 3C Company implements a BYOD policy, it will be with BES10, as it provides ease of information access, while retaining control of it."

Emcure Pharmaceuticals, a fast growing Indian pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products globally, was looking for a mobile solution to deliver high security and flexible device management. "Emcure Pharmaceuticals is very pleased with the deployment of BES10 to manage its BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices," said Rajani Shetty, Sr. Director IT at Emcure Pharmaceuticals. While allowing employees to continue using their own devices as the company expands, the organization wanted to make sure that it would be able to secure corporate data on employee's personal devices. With the deployment of BES10, Emcure's IT team is able to manage and secure corporate data on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, and has successfully implemented BYOD to support the needs of its employees.

Nishith Desai Associates is a research-based Indian law firm with offices in Mumbai, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Singapore, Mumbai BKC, Delhi and Munich that aims at providing strategic, legal and tax services across various sectors. "Nishith Desai Associates has been one of the first users of BlackBerry since its launch in India," said Milind Mundankar, Director IT, Nishith Desai Associates. "Being a law firm, security and confidentiality play a very significant role and because of BlackBerry's strong security and productivity features, we decided to equip all our lawyers and support staff with BlackBerry smartphones. We not only use BlackBerry for email communication but have also developed various mobile applications, like a business development module, a time capture application, document filing and HR applications, which enable our lawyers to work seamlessly while on the move. We are very pleased with our deployment of BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BES10. With BES10, we are able to separate work and personal data through BlackBerry Balance, which enables our associates to fully enjoy the best of both worlds on their smartphones. The setting of various IT policies with BES10 gives us confidence that our official data is fully secured."

The rising number of organizations embracing BES10 in India as part of their mobile strategy showcases the enterprise commitment to the BlackBerry solution, which is recognized as the gold standard in security for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). "The enterprise market continues to grow in India and holds immense untapped potential for BlackBerry, especially in sectors like retail, insurance, banking, healthcare, construction and professional services. BES10 offers a single, unified management console to manage iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones," said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director for India at BlackBerry.

For more information about BES10, please visit



Now THAT is a first post worth bragging about ;)

BlackBerry tearing it a big fat D fishes and haters!!

I'm hoping that this is without needing to offer free, Z10's from overstock to sweeten the deal because it would mean BlackBerry has entrenched their significance over the competition and for those on the fence BlackBerry can do this.

Weapon of choice Z10, Full Metal CB10!

Nature Slice


Posted with my BlackBerry

Parthiv Shah

This is good news but certainly not great news. As we have no details of the discounts given and if with this BES have they managed to decrease any BB10 phone inventories. But the best thing I like is Blackberry under Mr. Chen is communicating very well! Thanks for throwing out Alica Keys. Use those USD saved into such PRs


I can tell you that there are no discounts offered by BlackBerry for BES10 per say.

1. The software is 100% free.
2. The hardware is not provided by BlackBerry.
3. BES10 licences have a "suggested retail price" but the fact is companies using BES10 (like mine) obtain those licences from resellers, not BlackBerry and those resellers can price those licences as they choose, higher or lower.

From my first hand experience, I was able to secure EMM to manage iOS and Android for $16, less than the $19 'suggested' retail price.

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Let's not put the hate on Alicia Keys. She is smart business person, and she was hired for some purpose. That purpose remains unclear to me. Previous BB management didn't understand what they wanted out of her and they didn't know how to market the relationship to bring value to the brand. Also, without a solid marketing plan, the consumer market for BlackBerry was diminishing fast in the U.S. Chen sees things differently. He is working first on BlackBerry's strengths to restore their name. He does actually have a plan! That plan didn't include Alicia today, but perhaps BlackBerry will require a celebrity "salesperson" someday.


Solid points

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Good points!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Solar 77

Agree with you on that

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Awesme news!

C00121417 


I guess this is what we have to look forward to for the next bit if there is anything positive to be said of Blackberry.


Btw BlackBerry empire was faster... just sayin'

C00121417 




This is good news and one that will continue to build. However I still think that the best advertising BlackBerry gets is from the New York Times. Yet again another story of how the NSA works in collaboration with US hardware and software companies to compromise security. American tech giants are practically begging the NSA to stop because it is cutting into foreign sales. The rest of the world gets it and this is working in BlackBerry's favor.

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I said from the beginning Snowden was the best reason BlackBerry will recover. It will take time, but world Enterprise will look for alternate solutions to mobile other than the US. The US government will also look to BlackBerry for security as the don't want to be spied on, but as for the American consumer and business, they want everyone on iphones and androids so they can keep a close eye on their subjects

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If the NSA can modify President Obama's BlackBerry smartphone what makes you think they can't compromise every other BlackBerry smartphone?

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SiyaBerry how did you get the BBM Symbol by in your comment?


 copy this one ( an

C00121417 


I was going to say answer with quote than copy^^ but this isn't a thread.. so i will do a thread and than copy it from there.. or do u have a better more simple idea?

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OK, do that: share with social: than cope the BlackBerry symbol. That's working

C00121417 


Wanted to keep it as my email signature, didn't work ( ._.)

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For me if works :-)

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Parthiv Shah

Imagine all banks of the world, all stock brokers, Income tax departments, Government institutes, All celebrities etc all us BB10 then thats a HUGE market which Mr. Chen is RIGHTLY targeting! BB 10 just needs to sell JUST 5 million BB10 phones each quarter and it shall make decent cash!


Or let's say more than windows.. so 8-10 million... in the long term 5 million wouldn't be enough... thats what I think

C00121417 


SiyaBerry How do you keep using it without copy and pasting.


Sry don't know atm! But i have an app which saves all stuff I copied.. sorry.. I wasn't able to find out maybe you will through Google..

C00121417 


Via word substitution under word prediction in settings..
One of the long exclusive BlackBerry features that they had since BBOS 4 I believe :D

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Thanks LostOnThePianoRoll. It really works, I don't copy and paste no more.


Have to agree with THBW's post, the more info that comes out about Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft being complicit with NSA spying the more companies and Governments will be flocking back to BlackBerry for their security and Social Messaging solutions. Samsung is Korean but as long as they're using Google's Android operating system there will be concerns of a back door entrance for spying and espionage. If I was BlackBerry I would approach Samsung to lisence BlackBerry 10 to use on their hardware as well.

BlackBerry Z30 on the Rogers network


"If I was BlackBerry I would approach Samsung to lisence BlackBerry 10 to use on their hardware as well."

With John Chen as CEO of Blackberry, that might happen.


In your profile you can set a message that goes after all your messages so you would just paste it once in there and save it.

BlackBerry Z30 on the Rogers network


Information and security is the most precious commodities.

Whether you're a growing business or a big player in your market.

These are your foundations by which you grow or influence the market .

How can you attract new clients if the information you provide is subject to security leaks.

It doesn't exactly inspire confidence ?

It's a good start but there is a long way to go.

Guerilla tactics are needed, pop up BlackBerry booths in shopping malls, airports......Direct marketing.

I'm so disappointed with all those redundancies because you had your army of training staff right there.

All you had to do was retrain those earmarked for redundancy to sales. I'm just wondering how much redundancy pay was paid to all those people with all that experience....what a waste!!!

Now BlackBerry has to start from scratch.

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Does anyone know how many employees these companies have in total?


Some of those names are really big players, so there are definitely big numbers involved with some of them at least.

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |


As per Wikipedia:
ITC LTD --> 25,959 employees (Mar 2013)
Indiabulls --> ~ 20000 (2007)



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I have just copied and pasted  and emailed it to myself, then saved it in Evernote. As you can see it worked! I did try to copy via share it but it didn't seem to work that way, it changed the symbol to something else.

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As a shareholder, I'll be more excited when they are able to remove the phrase 'or testing' from the numbers.

jojo beaconsfield

That should be coming soon as the program was launched about a year ago.

Prem WatsApp

Go BlackBerry!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


It will look even better when they have a new 7.0" tablet running BB10, with full capability,BBM, full office suite from Microsoft, a USB 2.0 and develop an ipod type device, as well as a ton of useful and dedicated accessories like Apple has for the iPhone.

Get with it BlackBerry. Time to move your behind, or go home.

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Why will Microsoft ever put an Office suite on a competing tablet OS? Isn't that one of the big USPs of the Surface (Pro or RT)?

I personally find Docs to Go sufficient for all my needs. Maybe they can enhance it for tablets if and when they do think about entering that market. It won't be for many years (and rightly so).

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Imagine the potential in India!


Very nice

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1000 companies is a really impressive number.

Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!


" If other regions in the world can follow in the trend that is being set in India, then BlackBerry certainly stand a chance of once again being a household name when it comes to business and security."

Interesting and poorly worded quote from the article. I was under the impression that they still controlled the majority of big business and are the household name when it comes to security. I realize those enterprise number were slowly diminishing but this quote makes it sound like they basically have lost all the enterprise customers.

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Yes BBRY does control the majority. They've got over 80,000+ BES business. What Mr. Chen is trying to do is target those existing businesses, while catching a bunch of new ones in the process. Solid Plan IMO.


That's just James' way of expressing his thoughts. I've noticed that before in almost every one of his posts he has a phrase that makes it sound like that one does.

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This is interesting, I am seeing more and more overseas BES10 and BB10 adoption, yet here we have the USA, some still continue go with unreliable and unsecure mobile choices. Humm, wonder why LOL


Just FYI, it's really good that they have these 2 companies, ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) and IndiaBulls on board. These are huge ass companies with a lot of employees involved in FMCG, Hospitality, Real Estate, Finance, Agri-business and Tobacco of course, amongst others. We don't know the exact number as to how many BB10 devices have they started out with, but it's a good start nonetheless!!!

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ITC is the blue collared stock/company in India. If they have deployed BES10 (and some BB10 devices) BBRY should make a big splash about it. ITC is HUGE!

RP Singh

Biggest democracy in the world.


In North America it's mostly about the cool factor, where as in Asia it's mostly common sense and security.

Once more Asian companies start to do better globally then you will see North America companies realize the potential of blackberry and it's security and jump on board.

Right now blackberry needs lots of advertising to make it a cool brand again in this side of the world which is sad.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving


Good news! They will rebuild their revenue streams one client at a time!

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That's excellent news. Thriving for BlackBerry.

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Great stuff. What they need to do is to put those phones in the hands of business users who would do a better job in getting the word out. They will tell their peers, friends, family and neighbours! It's the best way to get the word out

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Looking good

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Remember India is one of those countries where BlackBerry security is compromised UNLESS you run BES.

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Long live BlackBerry !

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