BlackBerry Enterprise Express Activation app not supported on BB7 devices

By IsaacKendall on 11 Aug 2011 08:41 pm EDT

No BES Love for BB7

Update: The Enterprise Activation app now supports all BlackBerry 7 devices including the new Curves. Download it from App World here

It's bitter sweet when a brand new series of BlackBerry and OS launches. Sweet because of the excitement of getting that shiny new device in your hands. Nobody was more excited than the fearless leader of the CrackBerry Nation Kevin. I don't think it could have been clearer in his unboxing video that he more excited than the 6 year old on Christmas morning when he finds that new red bike. For those of you who missed it, go back and watch the video, you can't fake that love for the BlackBerry.

The bitter part though is many of our favorite apps are not supported on the new series of devices. Today was no different when I went to setup my new Bold 9900. OK so my app isn't working, the Cineplex Mobile app isn't' supported, nor is Copy2Contact; but Enterprise Activation for BESX isn't supported?!?

*Note: The article doesn't imply that BES isn't supported by BB7, just that the BlackBerry Enterprise Express Activation app in AppWorld isn't supported.*

Enterprise Activation Supported Devices

Dear RIM, how am I supposed to activate my new BlackBerry Bold 9900 on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express? Do I have to call my carrier and pay an additional $15 on my data plan for the Service Book to be pushed down? RIM you created this app so we didn't have to do that anymore.

BES support is the bread and butter of the BlackBerry ecosystem, for goodness sakes RIM YOU need to support the devices YOU make.  Please tell me that the guys who work down the hall in the app development department didn't get the memo on that a new series of BlackBerry smartphones were launching?

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BlackBerry Enterprise Express Activation app not supported on BB7 devices


I don't get it....the os isn't that different.

Might as well have launched QNX. I'm starting to think RIM is a little masochistic.

Well I was going to call and get a new one tomorrow but not now. I can't live without the hookup to my BES server.

Is this wireless activation only? Or the new phones won't work at all with BES?

I always connect my BB handsets to the BES server via USB.

Also that image is so tiny I can read much of the text.

This is just brilliant. Once again RIM doesn't plan ahead. Did RIM surprise itself when they released the 9900?

I believe this is only an issue for people running on BESX, and would only stop you from doing a wireless activation on a BIS plan. You should still be able to do a wired activation to your BESX.

Wired activations only work if you have that option available to you. I'm on a hosted BESx environment and can not do a wired activation, and I do not want to pay the carrier BES tax just so I can activate.

This topic and the comments reminds me of the George Lopez episode when he asked Ernie "what would you do if they close the factory"? and without answering the question Ernie went back and told everyone that the factory is closing down. LOL

What do you mean EA isn't available? It is built into the device. If the option isn't showing up under Device > Advanced > Enterprise activation, try going under Device > Advanced > Host routing table and do a register now. That should reprovision your device.

Ah, right. I've always activated BESx devices via wire for the first time.

The app however works if you side load it on your device using MCP. Seems AppWorld just needs to be updated to allow that app to be loaded on the new devices.

What the hell is this guy talking about. Its built in to the device under email setup. it hasn't been a download from app world for awhile. has this guy never used BES before to do wireless activations?

The "Enterprise Activation" under Advanced Options worked for me. I don't have a BES plan from Rogers and I was able to activate with no problems.

I'm not sure what the big deal is...I just used my 9900 on BESX app required...just went to the BES activation screen, entered email and password, and it worked without any problems at all...not sure if it's carrier specific, but I'm on Rogers in Canada with only a $25 500MB data plan (BIS only)

This article is inaccurate and misleading. It should be pulled immediately. How did this story get approved and posted on crackberry no less...

How can an article titled "BlackBerry Enterprise Activation app not supported on BB7 devices" be misleading.

The article doesn't imply that BES isn't supported by BB7, just the Enterprise Activation app in AppWorld.

There is a large group of users in the world who jumped for joy and switched to the BIS data plans to accompany their companies BESx to save approx $15/month, now that they had a wireless activation option open to them.

This is no longer the case until RIM makes their own app compatible.

This does not effect Enterprise Server, I have two bolds and a new torch running on my BES and they set-up with the same old wireless enterprise activation with no issues. This only seems to be affecting BESX.

You're correct. The article is titled "BlackBerry Enterprise Activation app not supported on BB7 devices"

The app is only required for the BESx not the enterprise BES.

The app in NOT required to activate your device on a BESX server if you have a USB cable. I've never used this app to activate my last 2 BBs on BESX, only a cable...and I do not have an enterprise data plan.

Just tether the device for activation on the BESX. If you have to do the EA over the air then you should probably just look into paying for the BES services. This really isn't that big of a deal. I mean honestly!

HAHAHA very funny post and by now we should just be used to the "Rim" way of doing things. Sure they it may seem like everything is out of order but like those public service commercials, it gets better

yeah, me too. perhaps RIM is not ready yet with the BES express but i'm sure they will, very2 soon.

It's not misleading... the comments here are more misleading then the article, most never read it and instead just saw "BES doesn't work" that's inaccurate..

You guys need to seriously pull this blog/post. If you don't want the media negatively handling stories about RIM don't post this shit.

Confused, post what "shit"?

There is an app called "Enterprise Activation" in AppWorld. RIM did not make it compatible at launch time with it's new series of devices.

Nothing is inappropriate about that.


Your post is very informative if you read it for what it is. The problem I have (being BB certified myself) is that people are going to read the title and say "OMG RIM is not supporting BES anymore. I need to tell Boots I need new phone right away, I have to get rid of my BlackBerry". Maybe if the title said "BES/BESx activations working natively; enterprise activation app not available for now"

As far as the shit goes, I feel the media is going to watch this site like a hawk regarding these devices. A negative thing at this moment, just one especially like this, will result on the biased media just throwing it to the gutter. Don't give them that chance. I would wait until Kevin posts his full review of the Bold before posting stuff like this. I hope you understand it is nothing negative towards your writting and appreciate you informing us of this regard.

Just use the regular activation - the enterprise activation software is not needed in OS 7. I activated my new BB on BESX with no problems.

Wow!! this post is very, very missleading :(

It should be deleted right away - and should review its material before it posts articles issued like this - i thought Kevin and the crew at were trustworthy and respectfull.

Come on guys...... - do the right thing and issue an apology and save face - and this writer should be Fired!

You'll be luck if RIM ever treats you as good as they have going forward......



What part of the article did you not read? This post refers to the APP that RIM released for BIS users, not EA for those who pay for the BES plan. The APP is what is not compatible, not the BES itself.


The post does NOT claim that BES does not work with BB7 devices. It says the "Enterprise Activation" app in AppWorld which users on BIS data plans who are wishing to connect to a BESx wirelessly require.

This is not a "gee I wish I had a .... app" it's a required app for people like me on a hosted BESx and do not have the ability to cable activate.



Doesn't your webhost give you the Internet access to your control panel on the BESx? You can do wired activations or device switches using the browser.

All you should have to do is login to the BAS or Web Desktop manager and tether up. So I would have to agree. If he is certified like he says he is then he should know those two ways.

Thank you for the clarification.......

unfortunately many of us missread the headline and reacted...

I apologize.


Crackberry team, could you at least respond to the comments. Is the post misleading or not? This is big stuff and should be written non ambiguously.

It's very clear what they were talking about. It's just everyone being selective in their understanding that's causing people to freak out.


"BlackBerry Enterprise Activation app not supported on BB7 devices"

It isn't. Go to AppWorld, search for Enterprise Activation, not supported on BB7 devices.

Do the search on your BB7 device it will not even come up as an available application.

Dude, read the subject of the post. I don't even have bes and I know what is going on. Bes costs 15 or so dollars a month from the carriers. There is this app thatnsaves you that money. Crack berry reported about it a while ago. This APP doesn't work on the newnos 7 devices. That sucks because now you have to go back to the carriers and pay the 15 bucks a month for bes.

dude chill, before you tell someone get the facts right, WTF $15 per month are you talking about? it is a one time activation fee incase if you call up the carrier to activate it, the BESx activation app has been introduced 3 months ago and it activates the connection without carrier's intervention. In btw for BES you don't need an app.

Hey Kevin,

There must be some sort of mistake.
Now, give Rogers a call tomorrow to see what's up.
If they don't know, then give RIM a call.
Then check with Telus. Maybe there is a problem with Rogers or something.


No mistake.. the app just isn't supported yet and people aren't reading the article. The APP is not supported, it DOESN'T say BES is not supported. People are misleading themselves by not reading.

I'm on a BIS plan with a BESX server, and I was just able to successfully activate using the built in Enterprise Activation function, not the app. On OS6 on a 9700, I needed the App World app.

I believe he is just saying that this "Activation App" does not work on OS7. I have never used this app from Appworld to activate with BESX. Just plug in and launch Desktop Manager after the account has been created on the BESX console. Never had to go into "options" on the BB either to Enterprise Activate on BESX like I used to on paid BES versions prior to BESX.

I for one would like to say nice job by the Crackberry team Isaac and Bla1ze for responding "kindly" to the people that cannot read. I would have forgotten to count to 10 before responding. It is what makes this site what it is compared to others. Well done.

I agree 100%

All those people need to be referred to a "Replying to an article 101" tutorial!

RULE #1...READ the full article BEFORE replying!
RULE #2...Read rule #1

Just a question about BESX doesn't have to do with this issue if my company uses BES to be able to activate my phone on the server do I have to pay the $15 monthly for bes on my phone or can just activate my phone with BESX?

You dont need to pay the $15 fee. Thats only required on the paid versions of BES. BESX will activate bis only devices.

This topic and the comments reminds me of the George Lopez episode when he asks Ernie "what would you do if they close the factory"? and without answering the question Ernie went back and told everyone that the factory is closing down. LOL

The above post really could not have been written more clearly. I have never even used any type of BES and I understood the article. Maybe instead of attacking the writer, (saying he should be fired, are you kidding me?) you should take lessons in reading for comprehension.

This is what he wrote: "Dear RIM, how am I supposed to activate my new BlackBerry Bold 9900 on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express? Do I have to call my carrier and pay an additional $15 on my data plan for the Service Book to be pushed down? RIM you created this app so we didn't have to do that anymore. "

This IS misleading. You do NOT need this application to activate on BESX, all you need is a cable to use your regular old non-enterprise data plan on BESX.

If you read the context, what he said is not misleading at all and is clear as crystal. You plucked a portion of what he wrote to says it's misleading, but the whole post was very clear.

LOL, I am sure the app will be updated and "is scheduled to roll out along with other updates in about 60 days" - oh, I meant 60 working days.

I never needed an app to activate on BESX.
I'm on Telus, and they were able to assist me.
Just give Rogers a call. They should be able to help you.

BTW - I have the $40 BlackBerry Package with Telus.

Like I wrote in my comment below, it is Audible and Cineplex's responsibility to update their apps so that they are compatible with OS 7. These 3rd party apps are not RIM's responsibility. RIM released the OS 7 SDK to developers weeks ago, and it is up to the DEVELOPERS to update their apps to OS 7.

My problem is that author is leading everyone to believe at BB 7 phones can't activate to a BESX. Which is very wrong. RIM just forgot to update the app that let him activate the easiest way. If he pointed out there were other working options to activate a BB 7 phone to a BESX, I would have no issue with the post. This seems more like a post in a forum then a post on a professional news site.

Guys, read the freaking article, and give Isaac some credit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his post. BB users can't read or something? Gosh you guys are worse than fabled iSheep!

I just got the Bold 9900. When i went to AppWorld it told me BlackBerry Protect was not supported for the phone. I was upset. Searched high and low for the app so that i could move everything across easily. Thenext day i found it was standard software on the phone and did not need the app. I think you will find the same thing here. Look through the phone and see what you can find. An app may not be needed.

People (the author and people who comment) need to calm down. RIM will definitely update this app soon to support OS 7. In the meantime, it isn't a big deal at all. This article is misleading in the sense that it blows things out of proportion. It mentions that the Audible and Cineplex apps aren't supported by OS 7 right now. Well that's not RIM's fault. Go tell Audible and Cineplex to update their apps. And I'm sure these apps will be updated in time.

I think the picture is misleading, it implies that OS7 devices do not work with BES express at all. The picture may be what is getting people on the wrong track in the first place.

I have to say that I do not think the article is at all clear that the author's complaint is limited to the BESX Activation App. It might have been clear if he had stopped with the astrisked statement before the picture in the article. The following section, starting with Dear RIM, however, left me believing that the device would not activate at all with BESX. It was only after reading deep into the comments that it became celar that (a) there are alterntaive ways to activate with BESX, such as using a USB cable, and (b) it appears that the EA routine built into the device permits BESX activation without paying the old BES tax to carriers.

I think that it would be a service to the community if the author would go back and clarify these points IN THE ARTICLE.

Just my $.02.

Everyone was complaining that RIM was slow to bring out these phones. Now look. They were even quicker then the app developers, so give them some credit.

Not to worry ... things will get ironed out.


All those people saying OS7 doesn't support BES need to be referred to a "Replying to an article 101" tutorial!

RULE #1...READ the full article BEFORE replying!
RULE #2...Read rule #1

When you include lines like "BES support is the bread and butter of the BlackBerry ecosystem, for goodness sakes RIM YOU need to support the devices YOU make. " You really can't be surprised by the reaction that you will get.

Most people only glance at articles and you need to be aware of it. If you're having an issue with a specific application that many people are not aware of, you should stick to the facts and not flavour your article with wistful thoughts and chiding reminders of RIM forgetting that they were releasing a new OS.

This place gets too many trolls from the associated Smartphone Experts sites and the forums are a non-stop slamfest against RIM. BlackBerry users are rather touchy at the constant negativity that gets thrown about and are going to react very strongly to keywords.

Given that most headlines read "Reason why RIM is dead", people are going to whine at any slight, real or imagined.

Smh at some of ya'lls comments. The mods are pulling their hair out about all of this. I don't even use BES or BESX and from what I've read I understand it and the points that are being brought up about the Desktop Manger installation but still let him do his job. -___-

Yeah this article IS very poorly written and does not provide any info apart from the 'OMG!' factor. Which apparently is not an OMG anyway...

So yeah, I'd rewrite or just delete it. Someone was sleeping when it was approved for posting.

Holy hell people! We know BES is working! Calm the fuck down! The title had me questing but then I did something, I READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE! Why? Because I had similar thoughts as all your retards are commenting here. There is no need for your uselessness. Isaac Kendall probably knows what he's talking about AS HE WORKS FOR THIS SITE! and all yous commenting YOU DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE!!! It is not misleading, you're just stupid.

Haha. I love all the posts saying this is misleading. From what I understand the app in appworld is not supported. : )

The article couldn't be any clearer.

BlackBerry Enterprise Express Activation app not supported on OS 7 devices.

Maybe you guys should put app in capital aswell.
People tend to miss that portion :-))

I understood the article, but it is misleading for those not familiar with BES since for them it implies you cannot activate a device on BESX.

In any case, is the app really not supported on OS7 or is it simply that the app parameters on App World have not been updated to include the new devices.

The supported devices section is not updated even though in many cases apps will run unchanged with later OS.

Oh man, I am so glad they made this adjustment- I have a company with 100 employees, 40 of which are on our BESX. I would have been mighty pissed if I would have to plug all of these phones in!