BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit 2009: Tony Bristol talks about Poynt for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2009 03:57 pm EST

Following up our on-location live blog and podcast last week from the 2009 BlackBerry Alliance Summit in Rome, Italy, this week we'll be posting up some video interviews captured at the event by our friend Ewan MacLeod of and Be sure to check both sites out!

First up is an interview with Tony Bristol of Multiplied Media, developers of the popular Poynt application for BlackBerry Smartphones. Poynt is an award-winning, all-in-one, local search service and is currently available on BlackBerry smartphones in Canada, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. At the 2009 Innovation Awards ceremony held at the event, Poynt went home as the winner of the Life on BlackBerry category. Congrats!

Download Poynt: You can download Poynt for free from the CrackBerry App Store, App World or by visiting from your BlackBerry's web browser.

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BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit 2009: Tony Bristol talks about Poynt for BlackBerry Smartphones


Since when does Poynt display a representation of current weather conditions and temperature at the user's location?

Hey Sosai,
Keen eye you have there! Our SVP Business Development was showing off a beta version of the app. Stay tuned for its release in the coming weeks.

Full disclosure: I'm the VP, Marketing & Public Relations for Poynt

That includes a storm version as well. He was talking about how the icons would zoom in and out by using our finger. That definitely can't be done with the current version.

Good to know - thanks! I've always been a huge fan of Poynt; it's rock-solid and is easily one of my most-used apps.

Now if only you guys could integrate turn-by-turn navigation...

Thanks for supporting Poynt. We get many of our great ideas from our users so keep them coming.

Turn by turn is available today in the latest release. If you have one of NIM's navigation products (VZ Nav, Gokivo) in loaded on your device, you will have voice nav. Go to Map Route in the menu on the listing you are trying to find. If you have a NIM product loaded it will show up in the drop down list.

I use NIM's free Gokivo voice nav all the time. In the next version (the sneak peak above), we will be adding another voice nav provider so your choices are expanded.

Poynt is a really great app, however I started using "Where" and found I used "Where" more and more. The main reason is "Where" had two icons that I used almost all the time "Best price for Gas" and "Starbucks location"! It's like it was written just for me.

What Poynt has over Where is the GPS and Movies, Having to set the GPS on Where for every search is tedious.

Also Poynt must have added the calender feature since that was not there when I was using it. Glad to see improvements continue.

i like the app, and it sounds like the owner is a guy who is passionate about creating the best possible experience/convenience for the user
looking forward to poynt's future and hopefully the big things that will come about

I loved Poynt until upgrading to OS 5.0.328 on my Storm 1 and then it all went wrong. GPS and mapping got flaky with it (although Where and Bing worked fine). It also stopped linking to VZ Navigator to give Turn-by-Turn directions.

Poynt has been deleted from my Storm until an OS 5 version is ready for primetime.

Can I please have the Beta?, now. haha

I have gotten so many friends and complete strangers to download point that I've lost count of exactly how many. I use this application every day and I am ecstatic that a gas price search is being added!