BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit 2009: Gadi Mazor talks about Nobex Radio Companion and Mobile Development

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2009 04:40 pm EST

We first reviewed Nobex Radio Companion just over a year ago now and it has proven to be a must-install BlackBerry app for music lovers, allowing you to listen to over 3000 radio stations around the world and see the playlist of over 2700 radio stations. If you've never downloaded it before, be sure to give it a go. The odds are good you'll be glad you did.

In the video above, Gadi Mazor, CEO of Nobex Technologies, spends the first few minutes giving the low down on Nobex Radio Companion, but at ~3m44s the interview shifts gears a little bit. There's some really interesting stuff in here not related to the Nobex app that you won't want to miss! Gadi gives his thoughts comparing development for BlackBerry to iPhone and Android, takes a stroll down memory lane (Gadi was among the first ISVs developing for BlackBerry) and shares his feelings on touchscreen smartphones (which sounds a lot like CrackBerry Kevin each year when the Smartphone Round Robin rolls around). Definitely a great interview!

Download Nobex Radio Companion: You can download Nobex Radio Companion from the CrackBerry App Store (monthly subscription) or App World (free trial | annual subscription). 

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It was interesting to hear him talk about the 3 different OS platforms from a developers perspective. I feel the same way about having a physical keyboard on my BB when it comes to practicability for my everyday use and also the one hand operation of my BB. Thanks for posting the video


My thoughts exactly. More videos like this please!


As a Storm user I find myself using one hand to type with the Suretype keyboard more often than not. If anything I use only one finger (thumb) to control it a majority of the time unless im really trying to type quickly and thats when I go into landscape mode and bang out a message with two hands, which is what you do on a regular BB. I don't necessarily get his point on touchscreens.


great video but as a storm user i can type with one hand and scroll threw emails with one finger...he just hates the storm :(