The BlackBerry Elite team go bowling at BlackBerry Live - Story Maker style

By James Richardson on 16 May 2013 12:53 pm EDT

Here at BlackBerry Live the BlackBerry Elite team got treated to a night of fun at a local bowling bar. There was plenty of great food and drinks on offer and as well as the bowling we got to play various other games as well as all hang out and get to know one another.

But that's not really the reason for this post. I thought that the evening would be a good chance to give BlackBerry Story Maker a good test run. Story Maker is built into BlackBerry 10 and offers some amazing ways to capture memories.

As well as adding photos you can also include video clips and then choose any music track you have on your device as the backing track. There's a selection of different themes to choose from so you really can experiment to get the best results you want.

So the above video is just a quick example of Story Maker in action and once again a big thanks to the BlackBerry Elite team who made the night one to remember.

And don't forget we still have our Story Maker contest up and running. Click the link below and get your entries in:

Enter the CrackBerry Story Maker contest - we have prizes!

Reader comments

The BlackBerry Elite team go bowling at BlackBerry Live - Story Maker style


I just discovered the awesomeness of story maker ....... now I use it all the time.

Thanks BlackBerry - you rock !

Nice one, James! What a great night! Great to catch up with you and the rest of the gang again.


Posted via CB10

I was playing with this app a week or so ago and it had just come back from a friends wedding in Mexico so I had some photos on my phone and before you know it I had put together this photo montage with music and sent it to the bride and her husband and they loved it. It was too funny and it took 5 minutes a very cool app that is severely underrated. Could be a lot of fun.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Hi, using Story Maker fir 1st time, everything is a go but the music has no volumne, tried 4 different soung but no go. Could anyone be of assistance . . .tia