A quick look at the BlackBerry Elite Lounge at BlackBerry Live

By James Richardson on 15 May 2013 04:39 pm EDT

Chances are you may of heard of the BlackBerry Elite program that BlackBerry rolled out last year. The team of Elite members are hand picked developers or BlackBerry 'super fans' who BlackBerry value greatly - not just for their dedication, but also for feedback.

The Elite Program was set up to identify and empower the most passionate people in the BlackBerry community with information and opportunities for them to stay connected with BlackBerry and here at BlackBerry Live in Orlando the Elite team get their own special lounge where they can either work or just chill out and enjoy the complimentary food and drinks.

Somehow I seem to be a 'honoury' Elite member so getting through lounge security wasn't an issue. I was pretty impressed with the set up as you can see in the video. Another fine example of how BlackBerry are looking after their loyal developers and fans.

Nice job BlackBerry - I just wish I had the time to go and chill out tin there myself!

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A quick look at the BlackBerry Elite Lounge at BlackBerry Live


You never say pop huh?

Pretty interesting, I don't know if the use of words like pop/soda/cola or sofa/couch/chesterfield is localization of language but its a funny nuance. I say pop too.

I'm in the Elite program and BlackBerry do treat us good. I mean really good!!!!

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I would do anything to be an Elite. If you talk to anyone that knows me I am a super fan. I do anything I can to learn all I can about the company and promote it anyway I can.

Did they approach you about this or was there like an application process and if they think you are worthy enough they will bestow upon you this title?

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Socialize yourself more on fb n twitter and always-always tag them. They themselves will approach you and if they think you're worthy enough, they will bestow it upon you, this honorary title. Love being one and so proud of it.

Thanks for the info. I don't have twitter but I do talk on their FB page as much as possible

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Here in Germany u feel there is no difference between members and non-members. We feel ignored either way...

So, the BlackBerry Elite Program in Germany is hilarious...
but nice to see that other countries know how to treat their members

Hi Mokkasins - my name is Oliver and I work at BlackBerry in the BlackBerry Elite team. I'd love to get in touch with you about your comment as the BlackBerry Elite are amazingly important to us. Our email address is below.



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There I told ya. If you love BlackBerry, they will love you back. Lol. Go #BBElite

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Ph trust me I do love BlackBerry. If we could post pix I'd show you all my [u]DAILY[/u] BlackBerry gear that I wear.

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You cant just go up and ask to be an Elite. It would be like going to up a famous music band and saying, 'hey i play music too i should be in your band.'

The BB-Elite pick you. I wish to high heck it wasn't that way but unforunitly it is.

"'honoury' Elite member so getting through lounge security wasn't an issue. "
Haha I found that funny, who wouldn't know CrackBerry Kevin in the BlackBerry world

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I'm totally shocked that CBK isn't one by default.
Here is the link on BlackBerry's dev page that explains it all:

What it looks like is you can only be one if your a dev. I think that's not very fair, IMHO.

I thought it was about how you promote and embody BlackBerry, not just weither your a dev or not. LOL at any given moment I have about 3-4 BlackBerry logos in me lol.

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I'm not a dev but I'm in the Elite team. I'm just a passionate BlackBerry fan who always spread my love to BlackBerry socially. :)

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I do as well lol. I've lost FB friend because I was posting to much about BlackBerry. I had to tone it down as well because it was really bothering my fiance that I was posting more about BlackBerry then my own family LOL.

If BlackBerry wants proof just friend me and yiu can check out all my posts LOL. Or I can give them phone numbers of my manager at The Source back up north in Iqaluit and he will tell you I am "The BlackBerry Guy" lol.

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Hi CrackBerry nation,

#BlackBerryLive was Awesome, as a UK BlackBerry Elite, I wish I could've been there but neither mind. I get to go and see Alicia Keys In Manchester UK next week. It's going to be Amazing. #KeepMoving.

Craig. BBUKElite

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I'm so jealous of you Elites. Not just of the love at BlackBerry Live but to be recognized like that....

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In the south and particularly the home of Coca Cola, its not "Pop", it's Co- cola..among the older folks or just "Coke" for the rest of us.. whatever flavor or brand of soda down south you're drinking , it's a coke you're drinking..
I'd love to be a Blackberry elite too; but I feel pretty BlackBerry elite anyway because I own the best smartphone on the planet-a (stormtrooper color) zed 10.
My wife calls it my communicator (as in star trek communicator) because it literally never seems to leave my hand. It's that useful!
Of course masseuses and food and freebies would rock, but I still feel pretty special.im a happy soldier in the crackberry nation.
BlackBerry by choice BlackBerry for life....

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