The latest BlackBerry 10 concept hits the forums - the Edge II Edge

By James Richardson on 14 Jan 2014 07:05 am EST

This one cropped up in the forums recently - a new BlackBerry 10 concept design brought to us by Ziro1. Just to make things perfectly clear this is not a leaked image, but a design made up which a CrackBerry forum member would like to see at some point - and it sure looks pretty nice. 

What the device roadmap holds for BlackBerry is mostly a mystery. Sure, we know that Foxconn will be making a low cost, all touch, BlackBerry 10 device for the emerging markets, but apart from that we are kind of in the dark as to what else to expect, apart from the obvious which is better hardware than we currently have. 

Smartphone concepts that have a edge to edge display are certainly nothing new and this one looks quite swish, although I suspect if we were to actually get something similar I would be forever paranoid about dropping it! At first glance the 'Edge II Edge' looks to have taken some inspiration from the from the BlackBerry P'9982, although it's a lot more curvy both on its top and bottom edges. 

It would be great if BlackBerry were to give us something similar to this concept, but I suspect we will see edge to edge devices from one of the other smartphone manufactures first - maybe the likes of Samsung or LG. 

Either way, a concept is always nice to see and most appreciated. 

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The latest BlackBerry 10 concept hits the forums - the Edge II Edge


At least it incorporates the classic Blackberry lines ans shape, but gives it a modern spin. The only thoughtful work I've seen from this designer. So I'll say I like it.

I feel like holding it would have a ton of ergonomic issues but that's me
I'm partial to squares.

Posted via CB10

My thoughts as well. The pointy corners would really hurt in the hand. That's why I'm not a fan of typical Windows Phone ergonomics.

The side bezels on BlackBerry 10 devices are actually used for the screen reader navigation and exiting apps while in landscape mode. If they went for this, it would be interesting to see how they would work around it.

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They wouldn't be able to. That's what a lot of these concept artists forget.

Also, extreme edge to edge as pictured here is not even technically possible. It's more of a fantasy.

Well, none of the posters are actually industrial designers. So none of the concept hold any water past the first question.

Bottom curve is great but top can be flat or same as the current z30.

Overall great concept, get someone to forward this idea to the company itself please.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

I think if they put a different background on it, it would of shown better. I think it's rather cool. The ppl in design at BlackBerry should really contact these guys making these actual unique concepts and get a bit creative.

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Hahaha. Yes, let's see their design submission.

It may not be practical as far as the screen but I don't think it looks too bad. I like the design and y'all don't have to agree with me. ;-)

Posted via the incredible BlackBerry Z10

Anything will do as long as BlackBerry sticks with BB10! New OS 7 phones make me nervous....

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Everything before BB10 should be gathered up and tossed into a volcano. Good for their time, but BB10 is clearly moving forward.

Still baffles me why anyone would prefer BB7 over BB10. Slow,laggy,crashing,constant battery pulls, etc. Must be masochists

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Better like the other design that was there 2 weeks ago! We need the slider keyboard!!

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It seems to be more like a landscape phone.. please add some edges on the side please.. overall is a great design

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Yeah, it a'ight. Can't work up much more enthusiasm for a work of fiction. The whole concept of concepts is getting old. Let's do other, more interesting stuff please.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

The design is not bad but is pure imagination. Too much screen and the device to thick that doesn't really work in real life. What I'm guessing is Jon Chen already said that the next high end device will be with qwerty keyboard so a torch-like concept would be more realistic.

Posted With My ZL1 OS:Unknown Via CB10

To built this phone is like to filling for bankruptcy.

BlackBerry for ever!
Just ordered Q10&Z30... excited as a schoolgirl!

C00121417 

Needs refinement, but overall pretty hot. In a land of slabs, it's hard to make something unique. But the shape here definitely stands out.

Stands out but doesn't look good.

Sorry but James mostly spams our home page with nonsense

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Close to PSP, I may say ... yet : one of my top preferred concept as of date. I really like it.
Definitely the #1 for 2014 ! :D
Well done !

Pretty neat. I hope one day BlackBerry doesn't have to brand the front of the phone with the words BlackBerry. Having the BB logo on the battery door I hope is enough branding. Plus it would allow for more screen room.

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To Kevin's point in a lad of slabs their needs to be something that stands out. I like the concept. If the back was black... then I think we would have a winner.

I like it... it reminds me of the 8830. I would grind down the bottom corners a bit though or palms would bleed.

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The wallpaper does get your attention,and the blue back is awesome,BB will come out with something cool and high end ,that's what Chen told Kevin and Mark, at the CES.If you check out the web and see what Apple or Samsung has coming down the line with side edges being part of the home screen ,I think that Foxconn will make it a lot easier for BB to come out with a super cool phone and BB won't be left out in the cold,especially if they get that fusion battery going,which would fit under the screen and be transparent.Could you imagine?

if that how BlackBerry will look like in the future I'll keep both my BlackBerry z10 and 9900 I love the brick format

Wow I'm surprised at all the hateful comments. If you don't like the design that's fine. But a lot of hard work was put into this by one of your fellow forum members. Why call it ugly and say disparaging things?

This curved design isn't particularly to my taste either, but the designer knows his stuff. Of you hit up the link in the article the OP also has a second more square design that I liked a lot better.

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Why are positive opinions the only valid ones? People have the right to express dissatisfaction with the design. As long as there aren't any personal attacks on the designer, I'm okay with it. It's not discussion if everyone says the same thing

Yeah me too.. please rolling out the "10.2.1" to Malaysia..been waiting too long already!!!

Posted by BBZ10 via CB10

Not good for browsing the Internet, holding issues which makes it a complete fail

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

Pass. I love how they made the Z10 the Z30 not really. But I still want it. Only if they went back to the concept of the Z10 and use better material for a more premium feel better specs bigger screen with better specs and hey you got yourself a hot cake of a flagship phone.

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I want a 4.7 size screen phone from blackberry I upgraded from the z10 to the z30 and find it a tag to big for my liking, it is a great phone but the size is my only issue.

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Don't like it.. I wish more time was invested in the OS.. BlackBerry 10 is a great platform that needs more improvement. I love my Z30.. can't wait for the official release if the 10.2.1.. which I am using thanks to CB for the leak..

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Not my taste.. it's focus BlackBerry. When us the release for 10.2.1? Z30 is great compared to this..

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God yes this is perfect love the rounded design. Give it a gorgeous screen and bad ass processor and it's perfect.

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More like:

needs a bad a** protector (to survive the first week)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I'll take one please. But, I'll need a case to protect it so I'll be taking the straighten edged look. But I like the edge-to-edge look.

Also, with and edge-to-edge design, you'll eliminate carriers over branding the phone.

**cough cough...Verizon**

Not the biggest fan of this design.. oddly reminiscent of the Acer Liquid E.

However, great effort and cool design!

I think edge to edge would be nice if done right. That seems to be the big thing right now, as with tv's. It would allow more screen without making the phone so large.

I hate that sharp edge ....smooth out the edges is my advice to the BB design team, but its a nice looking phone,.....I hope they have a Settings feature option to Toggle On/OFF a Virtual Track Pad....some people want that Track Pad so lets give it to them $$ Heck...There is a Virtual Track Pad in B-World which shows it is a possibility. The marketing bonus is the BB marketing team could market :
" The BlackBerry Virtual Track Pad !!

" Say BlackBerry Track Pad the eye balls OPEN $$$$ "

Wouldn't hurt to have a virtual track pad. Would make the transition to bb10 easier for some.

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Memo to Mr Chen :

Hire the following people ; Digital Homeboy and Ziro 1 ASAP

It's a lack of vision which is killing BlackBerry

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I just want a BB10 Torch please (think BB9810 upgrade with a 4" screen). Make that possible and I'll upgrade from my Q10. Otherwise not really interested in another touchscreen phone, sorry.

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Ask the new head guy in charge of devices / hardware if he would ever consider running with one of the many concept designs that have surfaced in The CrackBerry forums. My favorite, to this date, is still the BlackBerry Blade but anyway, come out with something more unique and truly stylish and you have a product that's much easier to sell out the gate, because it doesn't look like today's typical smartphone.

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Great effort but I'd constantly hit the camera and phone icon by accident. More than I do now on the Q10.

I know it doesn't seem important, but all putting the logo in the middle of the device means during use, it will be covered up. Better marketing is to put the logo near the top.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

That design would fail in all possible drop tests.
On another note (question to designer): is the BlackBerry logo permanently displayed on the screen or sanded on glass. If second option that would look sick. Nonetheless I don't see myself being attracted to this concept. It doesn't bring anything new with exception of cut hands and constant screen cleaning.


Not to mention NO ONE makes a screen that is curved on top then juts down and flat then curve again.
That would make the resolution 1800 at edge then 1920 at top then coming back down then repeat. How would game runs, etc.

I love it! Design is banging and without the volume rocker at the side the power button would be the only button needed. Edge to edge sounds and looks like a really cool concept. The curves are appealing to top it off. I approve.

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

First impression was very impressive. I would prefer more rounded corners for less hand and pocket poking.

It is a very cool design and thanks to op for doing it.

Looks like a Sony Phone. I'm not crazy about the shape of it but i like the screen edge to edge

LOOKS great. Functionality I'm not too sure about. Might be TOO rounded for typical keyboard.

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I wouldn't take this ugly @$$ phone if it had 10.5, or even if it was free. What's wrong with you people. You start pumpin out phones like this, and that will be the death of BlackBerry. So make sure all you folks that like this ridiculous concept device don't apply for a job at BlackBerry, as you have no taste in what a smartphone should look like and you would kill the company!

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You realize you're just being critical of people whose opinion differs from yours right? There are words to describe that type of action and for the most part, they're not nice.

Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)

I like the squared off version better. Though I find even the z30 too big, so a 5.2 would be huge, imo. I love the size of my z10 :)

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

A carbon copy of a Z10 with a rounded top and bottom. How drastically original.

Why are you pushing crap like this Kevin? This is hardly creative or shocking, unlike the really nice design you posted before Christmas that another member did.

When the Apple Air models were being launched, few people thought the concepts were "technically possible". But they forget...innovation requires thinking outside of the box. And in order to do that, you need a goal, a vision...which is precisely what this concept represents. same thing with concept cars at auto shows.

Get this released on T-Mobile's jump program and I'll buy one in a heartbeat!

Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)

I like it alot. I'd take one. I'm not sure how many of drop your phones so much, and hard is one holding a phone that the corners hurt? I'm a bigger fan of QWERTY which is why I have a Q10. But I were to have a touch - this seems pretty nifty. Although I'd greatly prefer a Blade concept slider : best of both...Great work on the design by the designer.

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I like it. The corners might be a bit too abrupt for maximum comfort in the pocket and the edge to edge design would limit the functionality of third party cases. However, it looks great and would make for a pleasant media device.

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Of all the BB10 concepts I've seen, this is the 1st I wish was reality.
Great job Ziro1!!

Friend from Telus says z50 in June. Based on BlackBerry release dates maybe it'll be out in September

Most of the time they don't know. I work at BestBuy and have friends in Verizon and Sprint and they have no idea when a new phone that hasn't even been announced yet will be released.

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I don't know why people don't like this.. definitely a cool phone. Very different which would be good for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Impractical, where are you going to hold it without pressing anything, virtual phone and camera buttons too far down.

Will crack and shatter like glass iPhone. Corners too sharp.

Not for me. Interesting idea. Nothing but a concept.
One of those things that won't make it into round 2 when brainstorming.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Don't like the round top nor bottom but all I'm asking from BlackBerrys next flagship is a big battery I'm an hour away from home with 15% on my battery and have hardly used it can someone help me out I don't want to go spend 49$ for another battery my Z10 is only a month old does this happen to everyone or is it my battery?

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I wouldn't mind putting that background color on my phone but hating the phone hardware on this

I am wondering why Blackberry never think to enhance their apps in Blackberry World like Android Play Store & IOS App Store. Blackberry need to keep abreast with the apps they have and compare with the other platforms globally and locally in stead of projecting on their concept phone. Blackberry still far behind in developing a compatible apps as compare to the competitor platforms. We can find most of the apps in competitor Apps/Play Store but not in Blackberry World. Blackberry has a very good devices for business but lack of "fun".

Very nice... i think this time BlackBerry need a new design, new way to find place No.1 in smartphone technology

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I'm a fan of this concept, if edge to edge will become the trend soon why not jump out in-front and ride the wave instead of paddling to catch up