BlackBerry Earnings Report Live Blog

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2013 07:30 am EDT

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BlackBerry Earnings Report Live Blog


Im sure BGR/Engadgets like blogs will be trying to find negatives in those positives :P

that playbook stat is great but will probably be a reason for those blogs I mention to compare it to overall sales of all iPads ;)

Perhaps this is actually the time for BlackBerry to do what one analyst suggests and leave the US consumer market. The money spent on the Superbowl would probably have been far more effective in the UK or the Muslim world. The US market is so controlled by the carriers that success depends on their whims, and so any smaller player, whether it's BB, HTC or Nokia, has a huge uphill struggle.
Other successful companies, like Tesco, have walked away from the US and it hasn't harmed them.

Sorry if Kevin had visions of moving to NY - which is the place I'd like to live in next after where I live now, a village in Somerset rated one of the best places to live in the UK - but countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are fast growing and aren't subject to the control of US carriers.

That exactly makes the point. Americans tend not to have heard of companies outside the US. BlackBerry is a Canadian company up against large US companies - Apple,Google and Microsoft. Non-American companies usually do not have the large US revenues needed to afford the kind of advertising and marketing needed to retain a presence. Samsung can it because they are a chaebol and present in many different areas, but phone-only companies don't have that. It isn't protectionism, it's just the reality of a largely monolithic culture of several hundred million people that tend to be quite conformist.

Yeah, this Blog isn't working on my bb10. This and the earnings webcast. Thank goodness for my PlayBook, but that needs to be fixed by both CrackBerry and BlackBerry.


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CNBC Joe Kernan is comparing BBRY to Herbal Life, they are channel stuffing, looks like CNBC will go with this, THOR should address this !!

As usual Goldman is asleep at the wheels.. or is Simona selling some junk MBS to some! we shareholders have only a few laughs left, all our money destroyed by this BB team.

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At first....not many. We only ordered about 4 per store. The retail price is too high right now. Blackberry has to decide they 'really' want to sell this phone by lowering cost. If a company or sales rep can make more money selling an iFail or Droid or Windows phones, why would they risk the return? And it's a complicated phone to explain to a customer and there's the lack of apps issue. Personally, I LOVE the phone so far, but it's gonna be a tough sell. When the reward matches the risk, Blackberry will 'really' sell this phone. This is the same issue that AT&T is dealing with right now. I knew exactly why the stores in Manhattan weren't pushing this phone when BGR secret shopped them this past weekend. We did the same thing and the response from those sales reps was luke warm at best. Give them incentive, train them on the beauty of this type of phone and it can sell. I also think the Z10 will only represent 25% of the business with the Q10 taking a the lions share. The buttons are a sense of comfort IMO. But could not believe how expensive this phone was at launch. no spiffs, no promo' it was walking in like a phone people would stand in line for. New product needs awareness and that's not just commercials. You would be surprised how many customers walk in daily W/O their minds made up.
You articulated what I believed as to why there is little promotion for the phone.
As there are enough enthusiasts in the country who will get the phone and promote it to their friends and families, the high profit margin within the first few Months is what BBRY truly wants and needs.
As they have stopped providing the average sales price in 2011 (mainly because it has dropped so low) it might be a sign that it will be included in the next report.

BBRY is acting a lot like Microsoft in regards to marketing and promotion. The right people are aware of it and will purchase it. This is going to create enough acceptance and buzz for the future releases (like the Q10).

What we need to accept is that the Z10 has only been released for the Aficionados and not for the larger scale market.
Thorsten has been talking about developing Computing-Devices and not another Smartphone - which the Z10 sadly is.

Was it successful though?
There are many Developers invested in the new platform (Windows needed a longer time)
Blackberry's awareness has been increased dramatically
Sales are quite promising
The change of sentiment towards anticipation of future products is gaining traction.

It is not a phone for the masses. It is a phone for Fanboys (in a good way)
Only those who want to be the first to try a new operating system, see the potential offered for Business use and the Blackberry lovers.

Everybody else will moot about the lack of apps, camera functions and all the other little snags which are always present in a phone.

Right now, the people who have it- love it and this is more important than having many who are disappointed because they have been driven into getting the phone.

Marketing is a long-term game and we just need to be patient.... Critical mass in users and products takes time to reach..... Or do you want Blackberry become the next Apple? 1 Product per product-line....

So, the 1 million order from Brightstar gets taken into account next quarter. Today's announced 1 million are the sales in Canada, UK, etc from about a month or so. If that other million comes in effect next quarter with more sales of the Z10 and finally the Q10, i think we may expect good results next quarter . Read somewhere that there are still 100+ mill shares short. Feel free to (gently) correct me if i'm wrong with all above. This will get interesting and i also expect some squeezing next weeks.