BlackBerry Q1 2015 Earnings Report and AGM Live Blog

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 06:55 am EDT

Rise and shine! BBRY earnings are expected to cross the wire at 7am ET, and the investors conference call will kick off at 8am ET. We'll be keeping this chat open for most of the morning due to the fact the BlackBerry Annual and Special Meeting is being held at 10AM ET. We'll have Chris Umiastowski for the earnings call commentary. After that, Simon Sage is on hand in Waterloo for the BlackBerry Annual and Special Meeting. Once that is over, we'll be getting up a podcast mid-afternoon-ish and taking a further look at things. So, feel free to hop into the chat and participate when things get rolling!

  • You can tune in here to listen to the Earnings call
  • You can tune in here to listen to the Special Meeting call


yawn...hands coffee to everyone


Some of us have been up for 5 hours already. lol


5 and a half in Newfoundland .

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Started working at midnight but wouldn't turn down a free coffee lol

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I was already on route to the meeting at that time ! I've never seen so many BlackBerry's in one room lol

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Event should start in 3 minutes since that's when the report is supposed to be posted


Conference call isn't till an hour after, can open it up whenever though. Just wanted to see how many people are actually awake before opening it up. :)


Let's see what the report says first ;)

jojo beaconsfield

I'm all ears,Thanks ,they are late as usual.


I'm tired, but awake.

jojo beaconsfield

so they report at 7 on the wires how do we tune in at 7?

jojo beaconsfield

anyone notice ?BB up 9% in premarket,$8.99 US.Decent volume!!


Im up but I will miss it, i have a breakfast meeting in 30min :(


Halve the loss compared to previous quarter.
Sales still poor.


11pm here in New Zealand....gonna be up thru the night to listen in..

Cheers for the coverage CB Team..


Beat expectations!

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BNN reported. EPS better than expected, revenue little bit better than expected, cash up. Still lost money but on path to b/e in 2015.

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Big money, big money, no whammys!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


Lol I remember that show lol.

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Hmmm.. The live blog just kills my browser... I'll just have to read then


By does it say annual and special meeting? It is the AGM, I know, but why 'special'?

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Asking for Flash. Worked initially now it doesn't. Grrr

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I can't see any live blog...

Brutal Efficiency

Me neither!

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Is it not viewable on the Z10?


Have to use the browser to see it.

Dominate the MCAT C0012A8A6


Did I hear correctly? BB recognized revenue on 1.6 million smartphones. Out of that number 65% was BB10 vs 35% BBOS



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Now their screwing it up with Android market great :(

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Are you sure? How could those ratios flip around in one quarter?


keep moving bb team.

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D gray

Excited to see the outcome of today's reports.

My Z10 has a Flow


BlackBerry has surprisingly reported $23m profit compared to $84m loss the year before!

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Harrison Cole

No they haven't?

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Figures CBC headline is BlackBerry reporting $60 million dollar loss.

I really hate them.

Z10 on Telus

Harrison Cole

Compared to a billion dollar loss that had previously, 60 million is easily fixable.

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A loss is a loss. It generates page views for them. When BlackBerry is in the black they'll have nothing to report on.

Prem WatsApp

The old thing,

Only BBad news (tm) is good news, especially when it comes to BlackBerry

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

John Kastanes

Chen slipped up and promised profitability or break even by end of FY 2015. He caught that and said he something like hoping.

He is extremely confident!

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Did he say he expects to sell 10 million devices this year?



I have had my reservations about Chen... but I have to admit... he's goooddd.....


Cross are fingers... to all BlackBerry team and user's here ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE :-)

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)


Blackberry Passport?!? I don't know if "Passport" word sounds too professional but what the heck! The leaked photos of BB Passport (formerly Windermere) have been continuously posted on this site as well as N4BB, I definitely like the idea of a "mini" computer monitor and "mini" physical keyboard rolled into a sort of boxy smartphone that I know I will be very ecstatic to be able to see a lot better and type a lot faster than my Z10 that I have now. Even though, I loved my previous BB Bold 9900 prior to upgrading, I just couldn't take the "pain" of stressing my eyes too hard to read on a 2.8" screen anymore when I was eligible for the upgrade last Nov. I did play with a Q10 and thought it was awesomely smooth and fast but the 3.2" size was still too small for my poor vision so Z10 was the only choice at that time. I wish I could get a Z30 instead but couldn't as I was with AT&T at that time. So much for Verizon's Z30 Exclusivity! Honestly, I don't think I want to touch another full touchscreen BB phone again because I really can picture myself upgrading again this Nov to BlackBerry Passport with its REAL physical keyboard but not until I know more about the specs and, hopefully, I can see the final product in person rather than online before upgrading. The screen size for BB Windermere/Passport is rumored to be 4.5". Hope that's true as I think it's a totally perfect size for my liking! Looking forward to the launch in Sept & my next upgrade in Nov! GO BLACKBERRY!


I literally watching the share price rise... My goodness!!! :D :D :D


We are profitable again. Go Chen!!!!!

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23 million net income for the quarter on 50 million BlackBerry users worldwide. Love it!!!

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BlackBerry, under the leadership of John Chen, has done a fine job of getting their operating costs under control. Now they must work hard in their revenue streams. New exciting hardware, enhanced enterprise solutions, internet-everything.. .keep it moving forward BlackBerry and you will be just fine.

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So, where are the haters now? Plotting how to put a negative spin on the news of BBRY's relatively modest success?