BlackBerry earnings live chat - Come join us!

By Adam Zeis on 27 Sep 2013 07:12 am EDT

The Q2 results are in. BlackBerry isn't holding a conference call and webcast today due to the recent news with Fairfax Financial, so the press release is all you get. Since we can't do a live blog we decided to fire up the chat room anyway so you can talk amongst yourselves about the Q2 results. So have at it (and keep it civil!). 

We'll be following up with more analysis shortly.


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BlackBerry earnings live chat - Come join us!


Who would be so foolish to tell the markets you're looking for a strategic solution that early causing panic among potential buyers thereby accelerating the tailspin?
And introducing the Z10 first, wasn't that a major blunder?

A shortseller's delight!!

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Agreed. The Q10 should have been first. By sending the Z10 in first, BlackBerry blended in with the hundreds if not thousands of other touch screen smartphones in existence. People associate BlackBerry with physical keyboards. It was unique enough that people would have noticed it right away. It should have been out before March in the U.S. too. Too many clouds it couldn't get out from under. The Z10 is a great device, the Z30 is overwhelmingly better in every way, but the Q10 had better battery life and a better screen, even if smaller. The Z10 had (and still has) shitty battery life and random reboot issues that prompted mass returns and bad word of mouth. Hindsight is always 20/20. Oh well.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

The Z10 downfall is battery life. However stacked up against a Apple or DROID it's about the same. Also the reboot thing occurred with my Z10 and it started happening three weeks after launch. So I figured it had to be an app. I figured out certain apps caused this problem and posted my findings. Unfortunately I couldn't push my device the way I wanted to because of the reboot. However after the Tmobile update the phone stabilized then 10.1 now waiting on 10.2. I'm BlackBerry all the way, I understand other consumers that bought didn't want to wait and returned them. My Z10 is amazing and battery much better than at launch.

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Never had a single problem with two Z10 i owned, battery life Is not a major concern as long as it stick with you throughout a busy day.

I tried almost every phone on the market to finally understand that Blackberry Is the top of the line. Indeed, marketing, product line up and roadmap are nothing but pure sh** but considering the quality of their phones, i must say, Blackberry Is not dead...

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My Z10 has a great battery and has never had a rebooting issue. Just saying. Best purchase I have made this year.

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I do not sideload for a variety of reasons. I currently have no complaints about my Z10 battery life. It s&%t the bed when I upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1, however the MR fixed this issue for me. Although I am not a heavy user, I do use it quite a bit throughout the day to stay connected and I do not hesitate to download and try different apps throughout the day that I see here on CB. Yesterday, a typical day, I pulled it off of the charger at 4:55 AM and it did not go back on the charger until I went to bed at 11 PM. it still had 35% battery left.

I can get trough the day just fine, with sideloads, camera use, social business mail, telephone calls (heavy use du unlimited minutes. All this on a 100.3..
I do notice that the last bit of juice seems to go faster.

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Market didn't need another operating system. In hindsight BlackBerry should of adopted android and worked on modifying and creating a "business Android" device. Less Risk, and no worry of not having applications.

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I'm not a tech guy but I wonder how Android's open system would work with BlackBerry security. It may not be an issue but security remains a key element of the BlackBerry sales pitch.

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There is a report out there that states the only handset maker for the android OS that is making money is Samsung. It was mentioned that if BB had gone with making Android phones 2yrs ago, they probably would still be in this mess they are currently in.

Business Android would have been a bust because security would have been compromised. QNX is the future.

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I disagree. The market needs plenty of choice and it's large enough to support them. They would've done even worse with android. That market is dominated by Samsung and BlackBerry would have gotten nowhere at all there and wouldn't even have enterprise as a backup

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You readers on this site are a delusional bunch. The masses weren't going to purchase a Q10 or Z10. It doesn't matter about which one was released first. Perception kileed this company from the start & they haven't been able to change it.It's time to drop this handset maker & move on to something better. Abandon ship.

My S4 is so much better than your Z10.

Lol just lol...delusional are we?? You are delusional enough to come on here and tell us that your S4 is better?? LMAO.

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Ron I totally agree with you that the market will not buy a Z10 or a Q10 merely because of perception & nothing else.

This is a tough battle it just depends on weather the investors give BlackBerry time & a chance to fight for its survival or not. Usually investors don't & I guess they have already taken the action. Otherwise I think BlackBerry has done a great job fighting for their survival. Well done guys.

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Agree with CP. Go where? I already have a nexus 4 and iOS ipad mini. Don't like either for my daily use business phone. I will just upgrade to the z30 thank you very much.

If that's how you feel great. The S4 is a nice device. I sell it and every other phone. I personally don't like it and I deal with it every day and have even been seeded one for personal use and testing. Doesn't cut it for me. The gimmicks are cool for 5 minutes but I found myself and find many customers turning them off. They simply took up a lot of on board storage for me. But if that's the phone for you cool, that is why the market needs choice. It's big enough for all of us if people would stop going out of their way to bash the others the perception wouldn't make great choices fall so low. Palm is a perfect example.

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At what price they valorise each Z10 provisioned ?

It's not as bad as I thought. Without this stupid provision, the results are ok...

It was just to kill the stock for going private ???

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In spite of it all, there still are earnings which is testament to the under the radar strength of the brand.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

Z10 first or Q10 first, does not matter. They are just both expensive compared to Android and Windows Phone offerings, and BlackBerry does not have the same draw as Apple.

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My company was a stronghold in BlackBerry usage, but settled for AirWatch MDM. Sadly, BlackBerry does not cooperate with AirWatch to make them support BB10. Now they will not switch back to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 and instead have Z10 and Q10 users be stuck with very limited AES connectivity to their Exchange servers. Could someone develop an app that emulates a iOS or Android device on my Q10 to trick AirWatch?

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EXTREMELY POOR Marketing along with most of the "cool' apps were missing = no interest from the masses. Z10 and Q10 are both very good phones.

Plus little in store presence, sales staff's lack of knowledge/unmotivation, bad press, overpricing, no low end offering, the restarting issue, advertising late, and a damaged brand. It really was an uphill battle.

BlackBerry the only solution for real security.

Android toys like joystick.
IOS toys for kids under 5 year hold.

BlackBerry forever.

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I have no problem whit my z10 and battery life if the best and a q2 what's the point z30 q10 a5 z10 all this phones r the same they won't make no sells Cus there r no apps that people want they can make so many new phones they r stuck in the same situation appppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppsssssss u fuken retards that's y evry platform is making sells all this phones r amazing but it's like having a dam flip phone whit no apps it's just a messaging basic phone

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I don't think it mattered about whether Q10 or Z10 with regards to functionality and preference.

BlackBerry dropped the ball with effective marketing and lack of dev support to get popular name brand apps to the platform.

Marketing: they needed to slow down and SHOW consumers how and WHY BlackBerry is different. The name itself tends to have a negative connotation that has lingered for the past 3-4 years. They missed the mark with marketing the product by giving it a generic name. Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, too obscure to market effectively when the competition is calling thier devices GALAXIES. It give the consumer and idea to run with about BlackBerry devices. Should have used actual name to describe thier products to give it a theme to market more effectively.

Apps: Blackberry did everything in its power to get dev support. No complaints here other than making sure to get the major players involved first. BlackBerry doesn't make "Apps" so the android player was supposed to make up for it by giving devs a seemless transition to port over apps. If it was so easy, why didn't the Major devs take advantage of it. By having a new platform with limited apps, as a developer I would get higher visibility in the app store and get in before it becomes flooded with similar apps.

In general BlackBerry 10 has been ahead of the competition with tech and features. From the Flick keyboard, screen share, active frames, timeshift in the camera etc.

Let's be honest the new iPhone iOS7=Blackberry Playbook in functionality.

So it's not the ecosystem or hardware of BB10 that's the problem. It's more of the market sentiment towards blackberry and the lack of quality applications. Most people who hear the word BlackBerry think 2006-2008 versions. Half a decade behind competitors and limited apps. How and why should anyone care about BB10 when they are looking the other direction. It was up to BlackBerry to give them a reason and they did not succeed. Blackberry does not have the clout it once had, so living on the brand name of old was like trying to put new wine into old wine skins.

Going private keeps them out of the public eye but they will still now need twice as much effort to get consumers to look thier way. However for me, as long as they make a product I will continue to be a customer.

Also BlackBerry 10 Balance should have been a feature in thier devices that does not require BES 10 deployment and activation. And perhaps BlackBerry and other manufacturers should sell thier equip online off contract at a reasonable price.

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Okay, lots of mistakes. Has the plane crashed into the mountain and are there any survivors?

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disappointing results and situation as a Long Shareholder that believed in the companies turn around i think the fair fax bid shouldve at least been 12 a share, i don't see how the company deserves a valuation of its cash assets plus it's patents there are many more things including QNX and etc. That make BlackBerry more valuable. Other than that i think going private and the capital BlackBerry will get will help it in the end. Luckily i won't lose money at 9.00 a share but i won't make much. As long as i can still buy BlackBerry products I'm happy though.

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Shadberry good explanation but how r u going to come out whit a unique platform and now and days apps is what makes your phone there is an app for everything especially communication whit other platforms the z10 love it it's different example iPhone and Android not the same company's but same apps to conversate whit like whit KIK Or Voxer

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First let's all get real you gave to realize that almost all the kids have iphones or I pod touch or ha no so when you mention BBM video they think face time sane thing which UT isn't. They also missed the boat on advertising like their time laps camera on the phone. Sing came up with an add for an app that BlackBerry gad done better that made it look like Samsung was first. They bungled marketing. Like make sure ant film where secure phones or tablettes r used r BlackBerry! And the right off on z10. Is because they over stretched I remember my first BlackBerry was sent by mail they never stocked it at carrier. I prefer to say I have a business professionals phone not a toy that primary and high school kids use!
So let's wait and see or at least find a much better marketing team like the one rogers or Samsung gave they r top notch or Mazda you can see when good marketong will push any junk on anyone! Windows 95 anyone?

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BB products are outstanding!! however I tend to agree with most people that their 'marketing' is the problem which is definitely below par

Still i don't understand why people still are optimistic, are those people all wearing pink glasses??? I mean come on!!! The numbers do not lie!!! It's over done finished!!! They are almost dead and need a transfusion to get up and take there losses and walk a way

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When TH took over the CEO position I had the slight hope that he would change the brand and the image. The marketing derives its actions from the brand and the image and also takes over their problems.

It's not clear to me how a CEO can rename a company without a change of the brand and the image.

It's not like I would abandon the name BlackBerry but a new Corporate Design would have done marvelous things. They should have changed at least the logo.

- a designer

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The same thing for BBM. If you go cross platform from a platform that looks like a dessert to many others you change the brand and image. Especially when a discussion raises whether it will be sliced out of the company.

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Wasn't the Q10 delayed due to software issues? The only way they could've released the Q10 first was to have delayed the Z10, not sure that would have been a better move. I read on nerdberry that the hardware manufacturer for BlackBerry is planning on severing ties, is that true?

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Go teach sideloading to those millions of ios, wp8 and android users because sideloading should be the 'goto' spot for installing any and all apps. That's how the devs intended their apps to be installed, right?

Yup. So as a strategy should RIM beef up the talent responsible for building relationships for developers or actually help prospective customers understand how to perform a sideload?.

You can't make sideloading a secret and then mock people for not knowing about it. It's a bullshit strategy anyways... not suitable for consumers, prosumer or enterprise ... only for techies like Mobile Nation ....

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U shouldn't have to side load apps they should come in the app world Cus it's saying to get this app u need a computer that's pretty stupid if u ask me

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For most users, sideloading is a non-starter! One wants to just download an app and use it, not have to have to deal with a tech issue, no matter how complicated you personally think it may or may not be.

Since app ecosystem and developers are key to the success of any platform, a low end full touch device was essential to elicit developers interest. I am surprised that this wasn't done. Z10 should have been priced $200 dollars below it's launch price also. This again would have garnered more support from the developers. Z10 should have cone with a bigger battery. The OS wasn't fully ready either and at least it should have been launched with where 10. 1 was. Z10 was essentially a me-too product with very few apps to offer. Battery life, lower price with all new interface, word swipping keyboard and time-shift camera could have been the key to success.

Another mistake by the management was the expectation game. In this scenario that BlackBerry was in, the expectations of the users and the market should have been kept low. This would have saved them from all the returns and close to a billion dollar charge that we see now.

Again, all in hindsight but BlackBerry brand is really owned by it's users and as such I am extremely dismayed and disappointed.

This post is made via my z10.


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In lieu of having all these rich investors that gobble up companies, why not just have all the BB users buy Blackberry. After all, we are the ones that support them. Continue with the high-end security that they do, BES, development of new phones, etc. but we the users will own Blackberry. Yes we will pay for it. Some can only afford a little, but some can afford much. But we will all be shareholders. This will enable us to grow within and build up and out as a better company when the others play with stupid toys. As before: You want a Tool or a Toy.....Blackberry by choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way off topic guys but have you heard the latest rumors about bbm now not going forward with iOS and android cross platform. Can someone do some more digging on this topic? Thanks guys

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False. BBM will go cross platform, whenever that happens is another story. Week, month etc/

Well we all know the BlackBerry 10 os came a few years too late and marketing did absolutely nothing to get the word out that the new system is actually good. People's perception is that blackberry phones are slow and you have to wait for the little ticking clock. I don't know how I feel about the reshuffling of power or the bluff to spark some interest of another buyer. Who will run the company? I hope not the two idiots before Thor. Especially the one that said there will never be a mp3 player or a camera on a phone because business people don't need it. Maybe wall street didn't need these things but architects and music producers do. I don't think it's the end if they keep the bb10 platform and expand upon it and get faster processors and better marketing. I LOVE MY Z10 and waiting patiently on a Z30

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I think getting out of main stream media is a must for BlackBerry. They love to cut them down and go out of their way to find anything (-) they can to do a story on. Going private is the best way to get the hate media under control.

I believe thinks will workout in time... I can't wait for the Z30 and if BlackBerry can market it right I'm sure sales will pick up. They really need to get a better marketing team with someone who catches the public's eye. That is also a key... got to make them want it!!!

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And I hope blackberry developer's do read this comments so they can grab some ideas. And the z30 should had been called z10|| lol its pretty much the same hope they get there shit together Cus blackberry.

Best phone out there iPhone android no comparison on how the platform works and the multi task beautiful.

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