BlackBerry DJ!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2008 11:13 am EDT

Wanna live the life of a BlackBerry DJ? All you need is:

  • 2 BlackBerry Bold Smartphones
  • 2 BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateways (only $49.95 @ ShopCrackBerry)
  • 1 DJ Mixer + cool stand for your Bolds
  • BIG Speakers
Check out the video above. If you already have been jonesing for a Bold, be warned, after watching the clip you'll be jonesing for TWO. The BlackBerry DJ was on hand at Museumsuferfest Frankfurt 2008 on behalf of BlackBerry Germany. Now that's how you show off the media capabilities of a smartphone!!

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BlackBerry DJ!!!!


Thats some cool shit to do with the bold. But for me when i dj downtown i like to use Serato for my music to dj, i wonder how much u could hold on there.

Biggest Cards you can get right now are 8GB. Plus the Bold has 1GB of memory built in. So 8 X 2 + 2 = 18GB between the two Bolds.

Theoretical max card storage for the Bold running OS4.6 is a 32GB card. So once 32GB microsdHC cards are available, 32 x 2 + 2 = 74 GB for the two devices.

Plus you could easily swap out more microsdHC cards as you need, so memory is really unlimited.

I wonder how many hours you can play for one on one battery. May need to plug into AC at some point or swap batteries fast.

That's cool! Like the Publicity of the Bold!

I want a BlackBerry T-Shirt! Does anybody have one for me ;-)? Please! Please Please!

After I bought my remote stereo gateway, I wanted to get another just to do that! Beaten to the punch again! Hope he shuts off his radios, cause an incoming bbm will poop on that party.

all BlackBerry Devices...

i mixed the music with my 2 BlackBerry Bolds @ this event, you must make the BPM in the same tempo, than you can mix the tracks easyly.

If you interessted about this or book me, please feel free and contact me.

peace from Germany

Dont wanna wreck the fun here. But he isnt really doing anyting with the blackberry other then playing (probably mp3) and outputting the sound through his mixers and synthesizer. And also the speakers are not hooked to the Bold.
That is the same is doing it with a laptop or even an Ipod.

I would be impressed if this was something about using software on the bold to manipulate the sound but other then that nothing really amazing here...

Ive seen people making music with gameboys using a specially crafter synthesizer that were hardcoded into a cartrige and played when inserted in the Gameboy. Now that is real dj-ing with a device not intended for such use...

hey guy,

look on the table...

i mix the music with the 2 bolds, but i make the music in the same beats per minute, so i can mix the music very easy with the two bolds...

and the bolds are connected with the blackberry music gateways...

Wanna live the life of a BlackBerry DJ? All you need is:

2 BlackBerry Bold Smartphones
2 BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateways (only $49.95 @ ShopCrackBerry)
1 DJ Mixer + cool stand for your Bolds
BIG Speakers
2 Big balls of steel for getting heckled by audience members for looking like a dumb goofy fool using such a stupid amateur setup

Sign up today, Jackass!

ur only playin the tunes from each blackberry and using the MIXER to fade in and out and drop in tunes which is cool but not really mixin with blackberrys....

...i am gettin a curve in the next couple of days and i was looking to see if there is any portable software like you would find on a laptop which you can install on your blackberry and just simply plug into speaker systems like plugging in a ipod or MP3 player in...... is there anything like that??? or is there going to be anything like that?????


do any of you actually dj, other than the guy in the video? He's using the EXACT SAME concept of mixing with an iPod, Serato, or even two records! He's only unable to scratch as if he had turntables. Plug in two iPods, and all you're doing is mixing through your mixer, which is what MOST DJs DO when just playing a live set. Very few DJs "make" music when playing a live set, most of this "making music" you talk about is done in a studio. When I spin, when my friends spin, when most DJs in my downtown spin, they are doing exactly what he is doing, mixing the music, two different songs, and making sure he matches up the beats per minute. This guy is doing it better than most DJs out there because most have Serato, which makes matching BPMs waaaaaay easier. Try learning how to count BPMs and mix two different songs, then talk sh*t! I thought the vid was sick, of course no ones really going to DJ in a club with blackberries, it was just to showcase their ability!

Ok it's about time someone asked the key questions about djing on your blackberrys: how did you beatmatch? Did you change the bpm on pc software before and just press play at exactly the right time? What if your beats were slightly out? How did you adjust? Did you have to just keep pressing play until you hit the beat? Is there a pitch bend feature in the blackberry media player I am yet to find?

I think the moral of this post is that someone needs to make a serato/traktor-like app that lets you cue, play, bpm adjust and pitch bend and then simply get a headphone-phono cable and just input it directly to the mixer.

The only way I have found that works so far is to have a bb as well as your turntables in a third channel on the mixer, press play at roughly the right time and then beatmatch by adjusting the pitch on the turntable. If using a cdj with master tempo people don't notice the minor speed adjustments.