BlackBerry Digital Compass - A closer look

BlackBerry Digital Compass - A closer look
By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2011 11:51 am EDT

Although we've seen a few pictures of the BlackBerry Digital Compass in action before, some new screenshots have now popped up and give us a up close and personal look at we'll be getting when the new dubbed BlackBerry 7 rolls out. While it may seem rather trivial to some folks to include a digital compass, fact is it's high time they done so given the additional GPS capabilities it adds in addition to the augmented reality solutions that can make use of such a thing. Jump  on past the break to get a further look of at the compass in action.

BlackBerry Digital Compass

Location Search Screen

BlackBerry Digital Compass

Mapping screen using BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry Digital Compass
Options Screen
BlackBerry Digital Compass

 Calibration Screen

Source: N4_BB

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BlackBerry Digital Compass - A closer look


will my cell antenna still have to be on to use the GPS on the new phones? it's the big issue with GPS on the current RIM devices.

the lack of a compass is a real problem in a foreign city when walking around at night -it you don't know where North is, it makes GPS pretty useless for map navigation.

I have always solved this by walking 10 feet and seeing which way the dot moves on my gps program... then I am oriented.

One downside of having a Compass feature is that "technically" it is illegal to use on the golf course with your Yardage App. It is in the rules that you can use a device for yardage but if it has any features to show direction (for wind, grain, etc..) it's verboten!

If you ever seen "i shouldn't be alive" on animal planet,then you would know that having a compass could be the deciding factor to weather you will live or die