BlackBerry Devs aplenty rolling out BlackBerry Q10 app updates

Developer support for the BlackBerry Q10 is off to a great start!

By Bla1ze on 16 Apr 2013 09:51 pm EDT

The long awaited release of the BlackBerry Q10 is just around the corner and with that we're seeing plenty of support for the device already when it comes to developers. Over the past few days there has been several app updates rolling out to BlackBerry World with their majority focus being support for the BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry Q10 will arguably be the more popular device among BlackBerry users given it's fantastic QWERTY keyboard so it's not surprising to see so many devs already getting things lined up.

A few examples of updates we're seeing include theScore, Maxim, Flight Aware, Podcasts, Visual Connection, Combo Pics and more! In any case, it's awesome to see so many devs releasing updates and yes, in case you're wondering. The CB 10 app will see BlackBerry Q10 support as well. Spotted any not mentioned? Drop them in the comments and let others know. We'll be following along and get a nice list put together as a round-up.

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BlackBerry Devs aplenty rolling out BlackBerry Q10 app updates


Great to hear! I wish I could use both devices. I just couldn't wait when the Z10 was released.

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Nice. Noticed that this afternoon on my Maxim app. Mmmm.... Maxim. I like the articles ;)

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10. Go Scuderia Ferrari!

As well as Foursquare and Star Tracker.

Now if only we could get endomondo and myfitnesspal to make an app

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Considering BB decided to go all bing before and screw Google I'd be pretty reluctant to put an app on there.

er...what makes you think that BB was screwing Google? When it's a case of Very Large Company and Medium Size Company, I have an idea as to who was probably doing what to whom.
Given the Apple Maps fiasco, I suspect that BB didn't want to give Google as much user data as they wanted, because BB respects user privacy.

ShortcutMe 10, MyProfilesPro, and GmailBrowser from Fonware are now updated to also run on Q10.

If BB10 doesn't release the native apps like:
Google Maps

It won't push the sales and will hurt them a lot in terms of Market share

I've never even heard of some of those. So, which market are you speaking of here? lol.
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Gotomeeting would be very useful indeed. The rest of it...lots of people obsess over Skype but one of two things is going to happen: Microsoft takes it completely proprietary, or it becomes so widespread that the EU Competition Commission decides that Skype must release a proper API or agree to support all phone operating systems.

Well these apps that you haven't heard of and I'm assuming you are talking about Viber, Talktatone and Bria are apps that work accross multiplatforms and have been very popular in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Ever since BlackBerry market share has declined you need a way to have free voice calls with your friends who ca be overseas or even in the u.s! Biber allows you to make free calls to other phones operating iOS or Android or Windows over wifi and 3G/4G.
Bria is a voip app that allows you to have your office number and ext configured as if you have your office number with you all the time. It is a great app for business, check it out
Talktatone is Both a messenger app and voice app as well integrated with google that allows you to make calls and chat with friends on different operating systems.

It won't harm blackberry.
You seem to think blackberry makes those apps... Wrong! The developers of those said apps need to MAKE THEM, not blackberry.

I totally understand that, and I know the war waged against BlackBerry on that front. But they have to find a way with some incentive to get the developers to develop them and have them on BB. After B10 I think BlackBerry can be in the game if they manage to have the same app variety as iOS and Android. The lack of apps is killing them

So basically, all apps for q10 have to be modified in order to work properly? That might be another WhatsAppLike disaster where we have to wait several weeks to get the apps people really need. I love the z 10 and had over 30 cellphones in the last 2 years( mainly android and a few Apple I phones, also tried web OS Windows Phone 8 and symbian) it is by far the best OS I have experienced, multitasking, peek, hub and the keyboard are best on the market. even though it started with not many useful apps, support here is tremendous. It would be a shame if BlackBerry wouldn't be able to get back on top of its game but even the best support might not make up for a lack of good apps at the beginning of a new OS. I hope we won't have that problem when the q10 comes out. I used to really hate blackberry because you had to pay extra for bis in Germany and on top of that you couldn't get BIS without a contract and those are rip offs here so most people have prepaid cards. But BB10 changed everything, after I experienced it I realized why some people have this blackberry or die mentality. Push services are nothing like I ve ever seen before. Work flow is the most fluid and time saving I have seen so far. Heinz if you are reading this, du brauchst mehr gutes marketing in Deutschland!

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So, is it a big job to alter z10 apps to run on the Q?.... hope not.
As if we don't have enough app issues, we don't need yet another reason for limited apps.

In some cases, no work at all is necessary. In other cases it's damn near impossible. Just depends on how the UI is laid out and if the developer wants to put in the time/effort to make any tweaks if necessary.

Usually this is a pretty easy process. However, most developers released their apps to the store before the Q10 simulator was released, so they require a few touch ups after finally being tested...

Bla1ze thanks for mentioning Visual Connection and Combo Pics. :) Btw, Visual Connection will get an update with 100 more levels for the Q10 launch too! (Don't worry the Z10 and PB will get the update too.)

I updated RuneCryption for the Q10 display as well.

With games, usually relying on the entire screen space, and apps that use visual queues will at least need to be checked to make sure they look good on the square screen. Other apps that use scrolling lists (like WhatsApp) might not need an update, since the list scrolls off the bottom of the Z10 screen already.

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I highly doubt that will happen. If anything the z10 will outshine the q10 on apps. Just a guess.

100% agree. It's one of those apps that may keep me from making the switch from my trusted 9900. Such a usefule app. I'm surprised it's not mentioned here more often.