BlackBerry Device Software Web Update Now Working with Firefox - Finally!!!!

BlackBerry Web Update
By Adam Zeis on 19 Oct 2009 09:57 am EDT

Until now the only way to use the BlackBerry Web Update to upgrade your device software was through Internet Explorer. It looks like now the updater is also working with Firefox (finally). I'm not sure how many actually use the web update as opposed to Dekstop Manager or App Loader, but at least now the option is there. Apparently RIM wasn't willing to go all out and fully integrate however, since Firefox requires an "Apploader Web" MSI download (about 30mb) before you can get up and running. Regardless, a much better option now if you are unwilling (like myself) to use IE more than you have to. Thanks to Stephen for sending this in!

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BlackBerry Device Software Web Update Now Working with Firefox - Finally!!!!


Important Note: This page requires Firefox or Windows® Internet Explorer® v5.5 or later, running on Windows®.

I'm running Win7 64 bit, with Firefox, try to install the plugin and get an error: "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."

cadsystems, Are you using a 64 bit version of Firefox? Try a 32 bit version; in the same way that Flash won't run in a 64 bit browser but will in a 32 bit one on a 64 bit OS, maybe the plugin only works in a 32 bit browser. Worth a try.

i thought i could finally update my device OS since im always using firefox but no, i can't. This thing requires firefox for windows, and i can't install desktop manager for mac since im running 10.4.
i really love my blackberry bold, but y is RIM making it so dficult for me to use it?

Does anyone know if this will work with Linux using WINE? If so, that would be wonderful; I wouldn't have to boot into M$ Windows to upgrade my BB. That really would be sweet.

What does this actually update? Is it just a different way to perform an update on your phone instead of using Desktop Manager or the Apploader in the software you are trying to install? What is the Blackberry Web Update software do? Thanks if anyone can shed some light on this for me.

@1967LS2: Yep, it is indeed just a different way to perform an update on your phone instead of using Desktop Manager or the Apploader. If you're not a BES user, it's pretty cool, as all it needs is your PIN and it looks up your carrier, compares your OS version (because your device is connected to your PC when you run it) with the most current version your carrier has available, and prompts you to proceed with installation if there is a more current version. (If you are on a BES, then for some reason it's a more manual process.)

Thanks for the info. That's what I thought it did but I was hoping it was some sort of browser update for Firefox to be used on the device :(

RIM comes out with a BB Desktop for mac.... doesn't support OS X 10.4.

Now, this and it's not for mac, L O L!

I need a PC.

Isn't this just a shortcut to a tool that does the exact same thing as the Desktop Manager app loader, that launches when you click a button on the web page? It's no different than just using the desktop manager, right? So what, it turns a 80 meg download into a 30 meg download?

I'm afraid this is gonna be pretty useless for me and a medium sized percent of the population. The only time I've had a T-Mo stock OS on my phone in the last 3 years is in the 7 seconds it took to wipe my 8900 when I bought it. It will be good for some people I think.