BlackBerry Device Color Palette Pipeline

BlackBerry Colors
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Aug 2008 01:37 am EDT

To kick off the week and follow up on Friday's BlackBerry Javelin goodness, we have a few slides depicting RIM's new and upcoming device color palette for the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve. Pictured above are some of the colors being explored for the months ahead (the booger green Curve looks pretty hot!!) and after the jump we have the current/near-term Curve and Pearl offering, featuring a Sunset Pearl, Sapphire Blue Curve and more! Take a gander and let us know your favorite!

BlackBerry Colors

BlackBerry Colors

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BlackBerry Device Color Palette Pipeline


OMG this colors are awesome!!!! But its not fair....they always come out with this stuff after I already got my curve and now I'm waiting for the Bold!!! I bet you right after I buy the Bold, like a month or 2 later they will come out with a Purple Bold!!!! Which is my favorite color!!!!! SOOOOO UNFAIR!!!!

That was the reaction to the pink colored curve. She just got a Treo 800W and now she wants to dump it for the Pink Curve. Too bad it's coming to Verizon and not Sprint. Doh!

oh did i forget to mention - if you like the iphone you have so many choices-

black or white


I am new to the Blackberry with a Curve from Sprint just days ago and I actually like my black and silver color better than all the others.

Love all of them. Wonder if they will be one carrier fits all or be branded. Also, curious about price. Can't wait to see all the info when it's released.

It really is about time. I love have the BB Curve, and I love to be different, so I just traded in my new BB Curve for the new Pink BB Curve... Keep the colors comming!!

keep the new colors coming. the look great! i really like the idea of blackberry having different colors to give their faithful customers some individuality.

Too many colors makes it seem like I'm getting my hardware from PlaySkool....or Mattel.

Now if Tonka came out with a line for the curve....I'd be all over that puppy!

It looks like the Amethyst and Sapphire Curves will be headed to Sprint or Verizon if released in the U.S. Take a look at the top bevel - that's some 8330 flavor. No booger green for us!

YELLOW woud so be my color. i wish they would hurry up and release these blkbrries before i buy a phone that's not.

The shades of black, red, and grey are my favourite. I do wish that Blackberry could just look back the old Nokia days of inter-changable faceplates. Then I don't have this heart wrenching decision of which colour and can change it according to as fashion dictates. There's no way I'm buying 2 blackberries just for the colour. At least right now my decision is simple, I want the colour of Bold.

I'd love more colors to choose from & think it would boost the appeal to younger users. I personaly can't wait for a blue or red Bold!

yeah, i have been waiting for a purple phone since I first got a cell phone over 10 years ago. :( if the amethyst goes to verizon or sprint only ... i'm gonna cry. I like the other colors though, i have the red one for now

I have the crimson curve and just switched the housing to the pink and I love it. but the amethyst curve looks pretty! and I bet the black emerald looks hot!

i love the emerald green (same as my jeep which i love, and the green bay packers). then 2nd i really like the sunset.

I just ordered the pink curve from verizon 8/11/08! So far that is the only color(new) that they have started to advertise/sale. I got it for a great deal-(to Verizon customers who are interested): Online the pink curve is on sale for $99.00 (with online discount)--ALSO if you are a Verizon Wireless VIP customer (they sent letters w/cards in mail about a month ago with advantages)-you get a $50.00 discount on a new PDA/device as well as waved upgrade and activation fees-so I ONLY paid $49.99!!! Im really excited...I love my 8830-but it doesnt have everything curve does! Just thought VERIZON customers might want to call and check out what deals you can get, and see if you qualify for VIP customer!!

Ew the plan silver Curve from Verizon is gross with it's black keys it's boring! I love my gray Curve from T-Mobile but it was sent in because my internet wasn't working and if it needs to be replaced I'm getting the new Sunset color.

How long do you think it'll be until they start selling oem housings?! I SO want an amethyst curve...purple phone!! or green...I could go for green too!

Does anyone know if Verizon is going to offer a different color other than the silver/titanium or the pink. I would love amethyst to be for the verizon network!! LOL, Thanks for any info, besides the great info already leaked