BlackBerry Developers - Live QML coding has arrived

By DJ Reyes on 10 Jan 2014 06:59 am EST

I have dabbled a little in coding with Cascades, though I haven't quite finished developing an app...yet. I don't use it enough to have many complaints with the SDK but I know that this news is great for developers. A very nice addition has landed for the Momentics IDE and it comes from the TAT Developer Experience team.

Up until now, to see any changes to your code you have to rebuild and rerun the application. Now, no more. Live QML is here. All you have to do now is hit save and you can see he changes immediately on your test device.

There are a few things you need to do to get going, so be sure to check those on the BlackBerry developer website. I know a few developers excited for this already. If you're a developer and haven't checked it out yet, update your Momentics IDE today.

Check out the video above to see live QML in action.

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BlackBerry Developers - Live QML coding has arrived


There's so much information readily available online that learning to code is very inexpensive to do, just need to put the time and effort in and the rewards pay off.

The blackberry jam site alone is an invaluable asset.

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Really? This is your contribution to the post? Way to really expand the knowledge and understanding of what it entails.

Single-finger-flickin-fun from the BEST damn virtual keyboard in existence...The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody! Running

I have started last month to play designing UIs in cascade, it's literally VERY EASY. Now I need to improve my C++ knowledge ! ) (started learning it last month too) so I hope soon enough we ll have one new dumb app to use on my Z10 lol.
The tools are really getting better I like that.

I would say revolutionary as I you can't do this when you develop for iOS or Android. Too bad the platform isn't really worth developing for at this point.

Hey I disagree. with all the changes and the constant publicity that Chen and his new hires (or maybe the old hires) are generating, it will become more relevant.

My daughter's Z10 died in a middle of a phone conversation so I had to replace it. Three ATT stores were sold out of Z10. More business customers had purchased them this past week than the previous month.

So go Blackberry. I just want a Z30. C'mon ATT

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I hear you and I hope John Chen is successful. I'm a huge fan of BlackBerry and hope they grow market share. My comment was that NOW, at this point, it's not relevant. I own a Mobile Application Development Company and the demand from my clients for BB App's simply does not exist today.

Always hoping for a brighter future for BlackBerry.

I wouldn't be surprised from the energy at BlackBerry lately Verizon and AT&T stores would be hating more than ever...the paranoia in me thinks they would claim they are sold out.

Go BlackBerry keep at steps!
Before we know it BlackBerry will be strong again!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

@Stikigreenz - Evolutionary not revolutionary as this has been available using B4A to develop Android apps. That was available 2 versions ago. This is not a slam just saying it exists on other platforms.

This is a great addition! Building UIs in cascades is pretty easy, but always annoying that you have to redeploy even just to see a minor little tweak in the interface. You can edit qml directly on the device too but that's a bit cumbersome. I think this will be very cool.

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10 :

That is super sweet... will certainly be benefiting from this awesome feature !!!

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QML based applications I should say.It's like JavaScript that runs all of the web apps that you see and use.

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