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BlackBerry developers give back to the Waterloo community by building apps for local companies

By Bla1ze on 14 Feb 2014 07:34 pm EST

While many folks are concerned with developers supporting BlackBerry, a few developers that work at BlackBerry are concerned with supporting apps for their community. Brian ZubertChad Tetreault and Erik Oros all work at BlackBerry and as outlined by CTV Kitchener​, have found a way to give back to their home area by building apps for local companies​. It's a great piece covering some great work, check out the video above to learn more.



That's the way to get good media exposure. Keep doing it.

Posted from my flagship Z30


It's really too bad the Canadian media generally craps all over BlackBerry as much or more-so than any 'Merican outlet. I would love to see a bit more "stick together " amongst Canadian govs, businesses, and consumers.

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Yeah - and one of the first CTV channels I saw where the reporters went all iPhone was CKCO.


Very positive move!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Awesome, keep up the great work team BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


Wish I knew how to build apps I'd do it for business in my city.

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Looks like I'm going to have to check this farmers market out. Never knew it was there, but only 10 min away. And Chicopee idk, kinda outgrew that hill, but it's great for kids.


Prem WatsApp

We have a farm market here too, but no app yet. "Paddock to Plate" is their slogan.
Different weather, more like pineapples and mangoes here instead of beetroot and cabbage. To hot here for blackberries, too.

Will they release some source code for other markets or make the app available as a software solution instead of just using it themselves?

This thing could catch on on BB.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


I'm right beside Chicopee. I will definitely get the app.

Posted via CB10


Me too!

Posted via CB10

Gord Cluthe

Hey neighborhood friends!

This is great that local talent is helping local business.. and the fact that it hit the media is even better!!

Posted via CB10


It's not a farmers market but rather a country produce store done in a market style. They are known for some of the best corn you can buy grown at their own location.


Dude has a great BBM channel as well.

Posted via CB10


Nice work. This is how it's done.

Posted via CB10


did someone really ask that guy why isn't there an iphone app? must be the iphone app gap.. =T


OK, I laughed at this probably more than I should have haha!


Good work keep it up

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That rocks.

Team BlackBerry


Such good people!

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T


From a nurtured little seed grows a very strong tree. Well done BlackBerry! Congratulations on a job well done.

Posted with my gorgeous Z30


Dude! I want some BlackBerry cufflinks! Those look cool...

Posted via CB10


This is what Canada is all about...giving back. Props to the boys at BlackBerry!!!

Posted via CB10

canadian nick

Makes me proud to be Canadian thanks guys. Very positive news lately

Posted via CB10


Win win for everyone!

Ekene N

Comes natural to Canadians though, good to see from the BlackBerry team.

Posted via CB10


How about building an app for my blog. I have been fighting the BlackBerry 10 fight hard here in BC. Haha. I could only wish.

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8


If you already have a blog that may not be too hard at all with app generator...

Posted via CB10


This is awesome news!

Posted via CB10


That is awesome. Maybe if they do some American companies, they'll get more love. That's my hope at least.

Posted via CB using my Q10


Good move

Posted via CB10


Very nice!

Posted via CB10


Great story, I love these feel good stories, this is a new beginning for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving


That's great to hear. Great community support!


hey enough of this BlackBerry is dead , Lets support BlackBerry its a changed company with awesome people and of course great products !!


glad to see support from home for home i was in kw for 26 years and i love to see this happen.


Good work. Corporate social responsibility? :p

Posted via CB10


What's with the "5 Billion" under the flying D's?


Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.


Who gives a flook about some village in Canada??

Posted via CB10


The greatest city in the greatest country on earth you mean? I do!

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I must confess, Canada does look pretty.

Posted via CB10


I have had the Harries Farmers app for a long time. I downloaded out of curiosity because it was local. Thanks BlackBerry for letting this guy's do this for free. You are on the rise in Jesus name.

Posted via CB10

Paul Callahan

Heck yeah.. It's always a good thing to see people giving back to their local community..

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!


This is why love BB. Truly Canadian way..


Great company. Great products. Great employees. Good people!

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Love this

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Success is measured by our relationships with each other.

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I'm ready for burgers and brews!! Quicksilver! Where you at? Observation Junkie! You know you want to join! Jo Jo! Thatplaybookguy! Birdman!

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Observation Junkie

Yo Trance, it's just so happens to be 5 am here in the UK.
Son, get those burgers going and I'll bring over a 6 pack of brews :)

Let's rustle up the rest of the guys and gals

Catapulted from my Z10.


Yez ziiir!!

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Just say the magic word...

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


Good job guys!



I recall seeing Herrle's Country Farm Market on BlackBerry App World 2 weeks ago (maybe 1 week ago) and recalling seeing it in a video by that company some months back in late 2013.

Herrle's Country Farm Market

Good for these developers ... shows where their heart is.


Hahahah only 2 app. Shocker.

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Observation Junkie

Well done blackberry developers, it shows that everyone is not in it just for the money

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Can you explain for me what is happening?
I'm not understanding anything!!

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Can anyone explain for me what is happening??
I'm not understanding anything!!

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Observation Junkie

Yeah sure, just go and hang out at Android Central, you'll find all the explanations you need.

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He's put his bot back on again. Dude that approach isn't working.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


Thank you, but can you explain for me what is happening?

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Observation Junkie


Catapulted from my Z10.


I think that's awesome. Dedication and loyalty.

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Posted via CB10 by way of a Z30


Nice work BlackBerry! Good supporting your own. Can't recall apple/android/windows doing anything like this.

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That's why I love BlackBerry.
BlackBerry forever.

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Great initiative! :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

BB Super Junior

Good to give back as I'm sure the community has supported BlackBerry. Nice work fellas.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/


Well done guys, you make us proud.

Think we should do the same here in South Africa

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10


Downloaded Chicopee and I'm going there today.

Posted via CB10


Just watched the video (after my first comment) and I gotta say BlackBerry developer teams head has a LOT to learn by what these three gents did!!

THIS IS HOW YOU ENGAGE DEVELOPERS and Company's to develop apps!

These guys have something more than character showing their community pride. I hope to see more similar news on CB!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!


Brian and Chad were so helpful and accommodating. This app is a starting point for us a small business, and the fact that we own the app. But the support doesn't just stop there. BlackBerry Dev is committed to on going support, their investment in us and their community goes a long way!


Two thumbs up

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