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BlackBerry Developers Conference 2010 - What to expect

By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2010 09:08 am EDT

A few days ago, a few of the folks heading up this year BlackBerry Developers Conference got to sit down and discuss some of the events happening at DevCon this year. Those individuals, Chris Smith, Tyler Lessard, Tim Neil and Mike Kirkup  all appear in the above video and give us all some great insight regarding what to expect. A lot of questions were asked and a lot of good answers were relayed throughout the video. Of course, no striking details were revealed as we all know we'll have to wait for DevCon for more information. But, the excitement around DevCon is building and you better believe we'll be there to cover it. Stay tuned for more DevCon coverage! For more info on the event and to register, click here.

Question of the Day for Developers: If you've decided you're not attending DevCon or are still on the fence, what would make you decide to go?? Drop your DevCon wishes in the comments!

Source: BB Dev Blog

Reader comments

BlackBerry Developers Conference 2010 - What to expect


Ground-breaking, and not just throw the word around but actually back it up to make everyone in the phone bizness say W.O.W.

ya know?

Turn the OpenGL switch on for the Torch. It was funny for awhile...

Lower the price. I can't afford to spend what amounts to one month of BB revenue on a conference.

Make a dunk tank.

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I Really wanted to come again this year, but I cant make it due the conflicts with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot,
I hope next year they will take that into consideration

Also, I would like to see a WYSIWYG Development tool to attract more developers to blackberry.

As a developer, one thing comes to mind:

For the love of GOD, give us a better SDK. Anyone ever designed for iPhone? I know, different platform, but their tools are light years better than RIM's. That is the main reason why BB app development lags behind in my opinion.

They could waive the start-up fee for developers too since I believe they are one of the only manufactures who still have the dev fee.

What would make me go there?
- Only make announcements when you can deliver or keep us developers informed what is going on.

- Give the participants something unique that they only get when they are at the conference. New devices, discounts on new devices, more in-depth information about commercialization.... (maybe 2010 is different?)

- Think about a way how you can facilitate connections between participants. Maybe a directory, maybe through a blackberry app.

In my opinion I think rim should team up with big companies and make some more apps. I would like to see a Netflix app, like the one that came out for the iphone and also a Comcast app to control your DVR. But way to go on the "docs to go" purchase. Now rim should make the upgrade free for all of there phones.