BlackBerry developer roadmaps updated - 10.2 SDK beta coming in June

By Bla1ze on 14 May 2013 02:39 pm EDT

Sitting in on the BlackBerry Jam keynote, BlackBerry has announced a few updates for developers and laid out their plans for some upcoming updates. All of the BlackBerry developer roadmaps have been updated, BlackBerry 10.2 will see a beta SDK roll out and in June and for those who've been wondering about the Android app player, BlackBerry once again confirmed the update to Android 4.2.2 is still planned. Some of the highlights that developers will soon have access to tap into once the SDK's roll out:

  • USB Host
  • WiFi direct
  • Miracast
  • Altimeter
  • Smartcard support
  • Headless app support
  • Geofencing
  • Analytics

The headless app solution and USB host have been long awaited and the the other additions, like Miracast, WiFi direct, geofencing and analytics (Flurry) are certainly welcome changes as well. You can check out the full developer roadmaps via the BlackBerry developer site.

Learn more via the BlackBerry developer page

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BlackBerry developer roadmaps updated - 10.2 SDK beta coming in June


It means that instead of connecting your device to a computer, you can connect it to other devices, with your device being the computer "host".

So with USB host and miracast - this truely allows for mobile computing in my mind. However I am not a tech guy and thus have two questions. 1) Can usb host take a usb hub (I.e to support multiple usb items at one itme, keyboard, mouse and thum drive)? 2) what is the typical length of time for a developer release to make it into an OS release?

The Picture on the far right side - first line of text. But here is a Link where You can see it clearly:

Hint: You can click on a Feature for more Infos.

But as Version "A8" says: Its just the 10.2 Beta. No one knows when a real/final/working Version of the 10.2 OS is coming to the Carriers. Maybe Autumn/Winter(?). I think we will see some nice 10.2 OS Beta Leaks until then... #HelloLBFE ;)

Edit: Here again the Link for native/cascade features:

Havent looked at the other Programming Languages Roadmaps yet.

Greetings and forgive my bad english

I dont know which I am more excited for Headless Apps, Android 4.2.2, or USB Host.

All going to be amazing features that will help elevate BB10. Now just need OS updates directly from BlackBerry so we can get it soon than the US Carriers seem to want to push things out.

So I get what USB Hosting is/does but what are some practical applications of it? And what is geofencing?

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You can get an adapter online, then with usb hosting you can connect a usb device your phone such as a flash drive or a game controller if your running an emulator

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They talked about this in a previous article like 20 minutes ago... but essentially it is functions based on where you are. like for example, and anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but imagine walking into a movie theater and your phone realizes that and then automatically goes into silent mode.

This would be a great tool for marketing and promotions! I'm an advertising grad, and I know that if I had a business, I would have promotions or coupons activated or pushed when people walk into the store. Not sure that this is possible yet, but the possibilities are endless. Much better than having to always open an app to see where there are deals going on.

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This is possible, speaking only from IOS experience at this point, geofencing works for reminders and in the passbook app, Starbucks as just one example and other retailers, coupons open when you are located at their establishment, the example of the movie theatre would be a nice use of the application, geofencing will make the OS experience more interesting and enjoyable.

with ANALYTICS can you make apps that tell you about your phone usage like battery usage, data usage, app usage and things like this?

It seems that a majority of the milestones are set for June and I smell an awesome q10 US launch! This is pretty impressive since bb10 was launched not too long ago, and amazing at what speed the OS is maturing...

Does it mention about notification improvements anywhere in the road maps such as individual contacts sms tones?

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Now I call this "Keep Movin' ". Very happy at the SDK features in 10.2 :)

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HW acceleration for Jelly Bean apps, now we're talking.
Current Android ports are just too slow.

BlackBerry always makes at least one wrong compromise when designing a device. This year, it's the oled screen of the Q10

To be fair, the development road map looks superb, lots of potential for excellent features.

BUT, and it's a biggie, while the OS updates are controlled by the networks, all of the talk about jolly nice features is academic; it takes a ridiculously long time for a lot of the networks to push the updates.

Why do the networks have this control over the devices WE buy?

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Does the Android 4.2.2 update mean that newer versions of Android apps can be side loaded to BB10?

w8 wouldnt it be sad if google releases before the runtime for jellybean for some new os like candybar or something stupid, then the runtime wouldnt be able to run the apps

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