BlackBerry Developer Groups and Super Apps Challenge - A reminder as we head into DevCon

BlackBerry Developer Groups -  A reminder as we head into DevCon
By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2010 10:33 am EDT

Back during Mobile World Congress, Research In Motion launched quite a few community orientated programs. One of those programs was the BlackBerry Developer Groups which has been gaining members at quite a steady pace. With the BlackBerry Developers Conference coming up soon, we figured we'd remind you all of some of the benefits related to being a part of a BlackBerry Developer Group.

By becoming a member of a BlackBerry Developer Group, you can:

  • Meet a local community with shared interests in learning, networking and support for BlackBerry development platforms.
  • Receive platform and program updates from Research In Motion® (RIM®).
  • Get access to exclusive discounts for Developer Certification Exams.
  • Receive exclusive discounts to select BlackBerry® Developer Events and Conferences.

Research In Motion is looking to establish developer groups all across the world. So, if you are interested in any way with BlackBerry development and want to help start a group with in your local area, you can find all the details over to the BlackBerry Developers Group page. To find groups that may already exist in your area, you can also check out the Developer Community page on Facebook. If you're already part of a group then we look forward to meeting you all in San Francisco on Sept 27th-30 as we'll be there for DevCon 2010.

2010 BlackBerry Developer Super Apps Challenge - September 6th Deadline is Approaching! This year the BlackBerry Partners Fund is looking for anyone who is building super apps. Be it an application which you feel is already a super app or a new app you are currently working on. They want to see it. The challenge is set. The stakes are over $1.5 Million worth of prizes and includes developer services from leading industry partners, featured placements on BlackBerry App World, marketing programs from Research In Motion and much more. So what are you waiting for? If you are a BlackBerry developer who is delivering super apps, you'll want to take on the BlackBerry Developer Fund's 2010 Super Apps Developer Challenge. The full list of contest prizes, eligibility and requirements are available on the BlackBerry Partners Fund website, just click the link.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Developer Groups and Super Apps Challenge - A reminder as we head into DevCon


Are they suppose to develop Apps for OS5 or OS6???

Would really love to see Apps developed more on the BB platform.. but my experience is that even minor upgrades within the same OS (OS4 or OS5) have broken many applications. When RIM switches to a new OS, it require most all of them to rewrite their code.

Do upgrades in Apples and Android cause so many problems with Apps?

"Are they suppose to develop Apps for OS5 or OS6???"

Good question - and that's why _every_ device released this year should have been OS 6.0 compatible, and should have OS 6.0 on it. 2010 should be the year that RIM essentially EOL's development on anything older than 6.0, just to make life simpler for developers.

That's not such a big deal as it seems: BB has far, far fewer developers and apps than iPhone or Android; it would benefit from less fragmentation.

Developers are killing themselves to make superapps...soon to be useless and un-updateable to 6.0.

Unbelievable. I guess innovative does not translate well to RIM's brand French (or English, for that matter).