BlackBerry Developer Challenge WebWorks winners announced!

BlackBerry Partners Fund
By Ryan Blundell on 22 Sep 2011 08:57 am EDT

This past April, the BlackBerry Partners Fund announced the 2011 BlackBerry Developer Challenge with three competitions developers could participate in:

  • Best Adobe Flash®/AIR app
  • Most Innovative BlackBerry WebWorks™ app on the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 6
  • Most Addictive social app using the BBM™ Social Platform

Participants in the competitions have the chance to win $3 million worth of prizes such as; BlackBerry Smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Alliance Program membership and more. Today, the BlackBerry Partners Fund announced the winners of the “Most Innovative BlackBerry WebWorks app on the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 6” competition (or just WebWorks for short). The winners were chosen from four global regions, which are; North America, Asia Pacific and Europe/MiddleEast/Africa. Let’s check out the winners:

North America:

Europe, Middle East, Africa:

  • Grand Prize Winner – Daily Express UK (vendor: Refresh Mobile Ltd)
  • First Runners-up – Twinoo Lite (vendor: Razum d.o.o.)
  • Second Runners-up – Interlecta (vendor: Interlecta OOD)

Asia Pacific:

Congratulations to the winners! Just a friendly reminder that those who wish to participate in the competition for Most Addictive social app using BBM Social Platform, you have until September 23rd to submit your entry.

More details available at the BlackBerry Partners Fund website
Read the official announcement



I'd love to buy one of these but Appworld and Paypal still won"t accept my credit card!!!!! When is this going be fixed???



and failed by 4 minutes, not even close. Bad firstbot. You must recalibrate your sensors or get a new Tardis.



With all your experience, do you have any insight as to the App World/Paypal credit card problem? I would think the developers would be all over this. How can they sell their apps?