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BlackBerry DevCon renamed BlackBerry Jam Americas; Taking place September 25-27 in San Jose

BlackBerry Jam
By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2012 01:30 pm EDT

As if you didn't see this one coming, BlackBerry DevCon has been renamed BlackBerry Jam Americas. Following up on the BlackBerry 10 Jam conference, RIM is taking the show on the road with the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour. The tour is making stops in cities across the globe, all leading up to BlackBerry Jam Americas. This year the conference is also moving from San Francisco to San Jose, California. Registration should be open soon so stay tuned for details!



This could mean that it's a huge BB10 Launch party! - Sweet apps for the fans


From what it looks like that's probablly it. Would be a good time to introduce it. Get them out before the holiday season. Oh wait they want Corp.. Nevermind:p

Wherever you go, there you are.


That puts the launch into October at the earliest.


WHAT!?!?!?! I was at the Mariott Grand Marquis wishing it were DevCon Americas 12 already just this past weekend. San Jose is further from home, but I'm sure I can manage. Time to look in between the couch cushions for change and save up for the big event.


You guys should through a contest to win a trip to DevCon!!!!!! And have me win!! lol


they should rename it to

Blackberry JAMS America!!


Someone should iron their shorts.


After going to BB10 Jam in Florida I can't miss this! Hopefully see y'all there!


i have been using black berry 8820 for long time a go, probaly 4 year up to now, it is still work pretty good, i am not the person of techlonogy so i don't really get to know a bout funtion of it
but use to with it, i don't to change to other


Could this be BB10 launch party?! My upgrade is september/october :D


In America isn't jam jelly? Both are tasty. Jamming is fun.