BlackBerry DevCon Highlights: Chris Fleck shows off Citrix Receiver on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2011 01:45 pm EDT

Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook was announced a few weeks back, and during the BlackBerry DevCon general session keynote, Chris Fleck took some time to show it off a bit. Citrix Receiver runs over wifi and allows you to remotely connect to your desktop from anywhere in the world. It gives you full access so you can get things done on the go, allowing you to use Enterprise apps right from your PlayBook. Check out the video above for more.

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BlackBerry DevCon Highlights: Chris Fleck shows off Citrix Receiver on the BlackBerry PlayBook


This video was boring and whats his face kept cutting off the person who demo the playbook and kept saying "multitasking". BlackBerry need someone with charm, flamboyant character, who gets the people excited.. Someone that wakes you up and gets you excited about the feature or product this was boring and I hope RIM is reading this and thinks about it.


I dont have any problems with this two CEO's but they should put someone up there for them to talk and make the audience excited and crazy about the new ideas that come trough the door of RIM development.

I know someone out there is better at talking and make things more excite when a product is Announced.


It also doesn't help that Citrix Receiver has been available on the iPad and Android tablets forever, meanwhile the PlayBook is only just now getting an inferior version. Enterprise tablet - Hilarious!

the only thing i don't see anywhere is how do you use the right click and keyboard on a windows app using the citrix receiver. Anyone knows?.

i already use logmein with the PB but i can't do right click and had to use the windows onscreen keyboard

client is still a little iffy. My published apps had to NOT use SSL and TLS protocols. Then it worked. I used it as more of a proof of concept then something live for production. The Citrix receiver software I am using is the pre-release software on app world.

Didnt try the right click, but mouse over stuff didnt seem to work either.

There is a known issue with the signatures on security certificates. I believe Network Solutions signed security certificates don't work in the tech preview. Should be fixed soon. Agree, however, that this should have been coordinated with Citrix as an app to be available on release day - enterprises (like my company) rely on stuff like this and the lack of it pushes many people away.

I use the Android Citrix receiver app on my Xoom with great success. The Playbook app doesn't work as flawlessly as they demoed. First, the virtual keyboard doesn't pop up in a lot of input fields in launched apps. My bluetooth keyboard helps to get around that. Second, the dates in Outlook 2007 are completely hosed. Outlook under the Playbook Receiver seems to think it is 1975 or 1875. Not at all clear what's going on. Email and Contacts seem to work fine.

Clearly the demo had several pre-launched apps, and they just toggled between them. Great potential, but needs a lot of work to become fully functional like the Android and IOS Receiver apps.

It works flawlessly on my test ipad2, not so much on my test playbook. It's still beta though, so I suppose there's hope.

I have tried this software many times on my Playbook and found it to be lacking somewhat. Our company uses 2 factor authorization (RSA) which the application does not support yet. I can acess several parts of our company's Citrix Apps such as our webmail remote and intranet, however the Playbook locks up entirely when I try to log into our Citrix Applications area where Word, Excel and so on reside. I would have been nice to try out a full version of the app rather than a "Tech Preview" with so many things missing.

I agree with several of you. This does not work in the enterprise (using Citrix access gateway w/ Enterprise) I tried with domain authentication and no authentication - could not get it to work and the forums say the same thing.

Would be nice to see the settings they use. Support for playbook in general from BB and 3rd parties has been horrible

"Wow!" Mike. Seriously? And how did you immediately know that was a "complete medical app"? Nice try Lizard. I felt embarrassed listening to swoon over this stuff.

RIM's name in the smartphone/tablet world took another hit at this devcon. It's like they weren't ready for the devcon but it was too late to move it to 2012.

I was hoping Mike was only on stage for the other video I saw. He's in this one too, which makes me think he was doing this the entire time. He shouldnt be up there. they should be talking to the crowd. He already knows all of what he's being told. tell the people out ij the seats that paid to be there.