BlackBerry DevCon Highlights: Alex Caccia of Marmalade shows off Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2011 08:03 pm EDT

During the BlackBerry DevCon general session keynote, Alex Caccia of Marmalade took some time to show off a bit of what the BlackBerry PlayBook can do. It seemed that much of the keynote was about gaming on the PlayBook and here we got a good look at the upcoming Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. I for one and super pumped to check this game out in full as I've been a big Tomb Raider fan for years. The gameplay looks amazing and I'm hoping it will be a hit. Check out the video above for more.


Michelle Haag

I am more excited for this game than any of the others lol.


Hey Everybody Look!!!! More of what you don't have yet! But its coming..... sometime... maybe


You beat me to it - that's exactley what I thought when I saw it displayed during the keynote. Another promise of what's coming sometime, somewhere, in 60 days, in 120 days, in summer....and....and...and..and...and.

If it's anything like what happened to Samaura II: Vengenace from Union which was demo'd in the early days of the Playbook, we should expect to see this a year from now. :(


Devcon highlights.......Oxymoron!


The game looks unbelievable.


This game has been out on other platforms for over a year.... maybe even two.


Yeah, but it will play better on a 7" tablet than a clipboard sized one.

Sony Play station? Not clipboard size.
Amazon Book Reader-Kindle fire? Not clipboard size.

I love playing NOVA 2 on my Playbook. Better than on a clipboard with a single speaker and slower processor.

Playbook wins!


Where do I pay for this? I want it NOW!


Can't wait to get my fingers on Lara and manipulate her around my screen.