BlackBerry DevCon Highlights: Alan Panezic talks on the BlackBerry PlayBook in Enterprise

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2011 11:27 am EDT

Alan Panezic came on stage during the BlackBerry DevCon general session keynote to talk a bit on the BlackBerry in Enterprise. He touched a bit on BlackBerry Balance and BBX, then dove a bit more into the BlackBerry PlayBook on BES. The PlayBook can be provisined through the server, giving you a full Enterprise app store and secure apps without an additional needs. The PlayBook creates a specific work folder keeping your work apps all in one place for easy access. Very cool stuff. Check out the video above for more.

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BlackBerry DevCon Highlights: Alan Panezic talks on the BlackBerry PlayBook in Enterprise


umm...look at the screen. They are using Playbook OS2. They also released it to Developer Beta that same day (18th)

It´s so funny how Mike acts as he never heard something about the features:

"100? WOW!"
"And it´s connected to the server?"


BTW: Nice gold ring at 5:32

Anyone else really impressed with Alan Panezic's composure on stage? I see potential for him to step in as the next CEO of RIM.

RIMM should give each of their events a tagline. It sets expectations for the consumer and press about what to expect to hear. They could have easily said: DevCon 2011: Making development easy and fun on the big and small screen

Heck, I'm not a marketing guru, but I feel like Samsung and Apple do a good job about giving people a clear idea of what is coming in a news conference through taglines. It's especially important because you don't walk into every one of these sessions hoping to see a new phone or the release of an OS.

A lot of talk....

Think that business and IT departments are going to love what RIM is doing... once they get it done. Some of the thing RIM talked about, they have been talking about being able to do for a LONG time.

Would have been nice if they could have implement the software and had devices that users wanted before iOS and Android started moving into the enterprise market. Once users have their iPhone and all their data on iCloud... going to be hard to get them to change.

Not the company's data.. User data/content (games, music, movies..). Once users start downloading a few hundred dollars worth of music, movies, tv shows, and apps - they aren't going to just walk away from it all and try another device. They will have too much invested in the PLATFORM.

I'm so frustrated with RIM.
People don't mind waiting for things, IF they have a date... But the silence coming from RIM is quite frankly pathetic. The only tiny bits of info we get over the past 6 months has ALWAYS been wrong and misleading.
I'm frustrated to the point that I'm ready to pack it in... Done with RIM all together... Everyone I know, knows I'm a HUGE rim supporter, a true diehard bb user... But if I don't hear anything substantial about pb os2, release dates etc... I'm out of here... I would even give up my beloved 9900.... Sick of this garbage RIM keeps trying to feed us.
Jim and Mike are actually becoming insulting the way they're playing us... Sorry fellas... Times up. This latest debacle, making us all think we'd get to see a preview of a qnx phone, and get to see os2 FEATURES (email, bbm, etc. In use on pb)... And then not to deliver on ANY of it... Pathetic!!!

*end of rant*

What I feel right now it's RIM let us down AGAIN!!! Nothing of what they say, actualy happen. Where is the running prototype of BBX.... I hope that Tablet OS 2 is not just a cool TAT photo app... Ooops, I guest we made a mistake again, it's not Devcon NA.... Could probably be Asia??? Why do they tell us stuff and after nothing. Got my Playbook on day one, like it but, with all the promise they told us, we need answer... And please, now!!!

I think they have the right idea. They need to get back to what made them strong. Get the corporate sector back on their side and they will recover.

I do not think the Corporate Data is always secure. i saw one feature that not able to copy/paste but you can take screenshot, snapshot etc. so what's the point?

no, BES polices can restrict that too and the basic idea is to keep the enterprise data sandboxed so that apps that the user installed apps wont compromise the enterprise data and vice versa. If someone wants compromise the data the need not do it from a phone and there are 100 means, this is just for the sake of things to keep clean and separate for a peace of mind

Actually you cannot take a screenshot of existing data from the bridged apps.
The screenshot functionality is disabled once BB Bridge is enabled on the Playbook.