BlackBerry DevCon Asia registrations on hold due to Thailand flooding

BlackBerry DevCon Asia
By Michelle Haag on 18 Nov 2011 06:03 pm EST
Planning on attending BlackBerry DevCon Asia? Looks like you may need to keep an eye on your arrangements, based on this message posted on the BlackBerry DevCon Asia website.
Registration for BlackBerry® DevCon Asia is currently suspended as we evaluate appropriate alternatives in light of the unfortunate flooding that is affecting Bangkok. Please check back shortly for more information.

Existing registrations will remain active. More details will be provided soon.

Questions should be directed to
Thailand is experiencing the worst flooding they have seen in 50 years, though reports are showing that floodwaters in the capital city of Bangkok are already starting to recede. Hopefully Research In Motion won't have to cancel the event, and instead postpone it or move it to a different location. Thailand is well known for bouncing back from all sorts of setbacks - tsunamis, epidemics, political unrest - and with tourism a huge part of their economy, I'm sure they will do all they can to recover from this quickly as well.
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BlackBerry DevCon Asia registrations on hold due to Thailand flooding


All the DevCon events get PlayBooks, though the definition of free is kind of skewed since you to get in, lol.

I'm plannin on vsiting a friend there next I may decide to bump up trip to be able to attend DevCon...
Just hopin they pull thru the floods...

Inner Bangkok is fine... so is the international airport... actually there is no need to cancel or even postpone it.

Is there any rumors about any announcements? or will it be the same as the DevCon in San Fran? Maybe a good chance to pick up some good advertising? When is the next big NA event?

I hope they don't cancel.. I will be attending, and getting the airline to cancel my ticket would be a hassle.. and as a previous poster mentioned.. Central Bangkok is fine.. and so is the airport.. and the flood waters are receding as per the State Dept. latest circulation. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Thereis no reason to cancel or postpone due to flood. I think RIM maybe not ready to introduce new phone and use this as excause to delay a further. The Central Bangkok has no issue with flood and we cannot accept the excause. If RIM postpone or move to other place, we demand for compensation for all the arrangement we have done. It is not acceptable just a money compensation. RIM have to give PlayBook plus BBX phone to all people who already registered and paid for the event.

OMG WTF RIM fails again!!! That's why I'm moving to a Itoy or android. I'm sick of all the delays and crap from RIM! RIM needs to give everyone a BBX phone for free for this cancellation.


Just got official mail from RIM. I can't believe they did that even the central bangkok is totally dry. We paid the ticket bcs it is in bangkok. if moved to other country, then we need to get all the refund plus compensation. There is nothing mention about compensation and refund etc.

Important Notice: Due to the current high levels of flooding in Bangkok, Research In Motion (RIM) has decided BlackBerry DevCon Asia will not take place in Bangkok this year. The decision was made following advisories that warn of ongoing dangers related to the serious impact of rain and floods on the local infrastructure in Bangkok, where the conference was scheduled to take place. The safety of attendees at any BlackBerry event is of utmost importance to RIM.

RIM is committed to the developer community in Asia and we are currently evaluating new locations and possibly new dates for the conference. Further details will be communicated in the coming days. We regret not being able to hold the conference in Bangkok this year, but we look forward to returning the event to Bangkok in the future.

RIM apologises to all current registrants for the late notice and inconvenience this may have caused, but we appreciate your understanding due to the unforeseen circumstances that Bangkok is currently suffering.

Existing registrations will remain active pending confirmation of the location and timing for the DevCon Asia event.

Totally agree with you, I just got mail from RIM.
My location is BKK , I can't join the conference in other country.


I am really disappointed with RIM's decision to change/relocate their conference out of BKK.. I hope they are planning on offering full refunds including flight and hotel if they decide to re-locate this somewhere else.. The flooding has not come anywhere near the location of the conference, or the main hotels in the city, and neither is the airport affected in any way. I am not sure what RIM is talking about, especially when they refer to the current high levels of flooding since the water is receding in most parts of the city..

As I said before, Flood is not the reason they cancelled, either RIM has not ready to introduce some new phone or technology and take this as a reason to delay or postpone.

I am also a BlackBerry die hard fan and I am staying in Bangkok hence I take this opportunities to join DevCon for first time.

Anyway, BlackBerry is the best but RIM is suck as usual.

Totally sad and disappointed over RIM decision to cancel the devcon asia, I don't know what is the reason behind but a very foolish move. RIM them self should have go to Bangkok and see how the situation before relying on daily news. My friend just came back from Bangkok and seems everything is fine and recovering from floods.

I hope RIM wake up before they become another NORTEL with great technology but DUMB management.

I am just a sad BB user, now without devcon asia happening flight and hotel are paid what am I going to do there.. just F*&king sad :( Really really disappointed