BlackBerry DevCon Asia gets set to kick off in Singapore, stay tuned for updates!

By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2011 08:58 pm EST
BlackBerry DevCon Asia

BlackBerry DevCon Asia is getting set to kick off in Singapore at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre. Much like the BlackBerry DevCon held in San Francisco, we're not expecting any huge suprises to be headed our way on the consumer side of things but given it's been a few months since DevCon Americas, maybe we'll see some more awesome tools for developers get released -- and maybe a few other small surprises. Either way, we'll be keeping track of the events and information coming from there so stay tuned!



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Wait so is it set to kick off in a few hours or we still got time?
If so, I might not sleep til some time in the AM. (Central time)


You realize it's a two day event right, lol? You still have time.. it's abt 10:20AM in Singapore atm. Though, the general session is starting but we don't have a live feed of that anyway.


Lol yep. But I was going to stay up in anticipation of some (read: any) news!

But even better news, I won't have to do that. The news (if any) should be posted before I go to sleep.


Awesome, can't wait to hear the news!


How about kicking off some QNX goodness already?


Today's also the day that the Bold 9790 should be released in Singapore! ;D

Edit: oh wait.. that's tomorrow.. I think I'm too excited about it..


In the reddit IAMA, the RIM employee said they'd be announcing "other devices" at DC Asia. I guess we'll soon see.


change bbx to BlackBerry 10


It is now night in Singapore. I guess nothing happened or is going to happen.