BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 keynote highlight video

By Adam Zeis on 8 Dec 2011 10:28 am EST

While the Crack Team unfortunately couldn't make it to BlackBerry DevCon Asia, we still hope to bring the best coverage we can on what comes out of the event. Today we start off with a video of some highlights of the DevCon Asia keynote. Obviously the biggest news here was the rebranding of BBX to BlackBerry 10. This is deja vu in a sense from BlackBerry DevCon Americas when Mike Lazaridis unveiled the BBX name for the first time (only to run into some legal trouble along the way). The keynote otherwise mirrors that of what we saw in San Francisco with more techincal and partner discussions as well as some good stuff from Alec Saunders. So grab yourself 4 minutes and check out the video above to see just what went down.

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BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 keynote highlight video


I really don't get when companies do repetitive keynote speeches. It would make sense if they were doing it in a different language, but they aren't. . . don't they realize that they recorded the last set of keynotes and people can watch theme? I think devs are smart enough to do that, no?

BBX was supposed to signify, the best of BB and QNX so 10 means what? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter how good and/or sexy the new phones are because they will back them with totally pathetic marketing. In fact RIM why not send Walt Mossberg and David Pogue the BB10 phones now??? Sure they're not done, but what the hey.....

Honeslty RIM just use QNX, you own the rights to that don't you???

Blackberry 10... you know a lawyer came up with that.

If your Ford Taurus was instead called a Ford Virgo would you run up and down the halls screaming and crying?

;) I'm not screaming and crying, although it appears that way. I actually couln't care less the name it's just if you give it a name don't F it up.

It's just another example of lame management. I mean why not QNX? QNX would be be very meaningful as it would signal a change in the BB phones. BB10 is actually worse than BBX since it just tell people this is an unpdated version of the same old crap they have been giving us. "No thanks I'll go for Apple or Android."

You and I may know it's different but the VAST majority of consumers get nothing out of BB10.

Wasted opportunity....

To me BBX to BB10 is no big deal. It was BB10 all along. If you take a look at Adobe, they did the Same thing. They have Adobe X. But when you talk to them, it spoken "Adobe 10". I think they should switch to an actual name. I think they should call it BlackBerry Vanguard IMHO. :)

@ Kiddo

I am on my 6th BB smartphone aka Torch 9860. BlackBerry continues to be the "WORST" marketing company in the industry. Whenever another company comes out with a new OS (with the exeception of AAPL which names them by number) they always come up with some kind of catchy name ie Gingerbread, Honeycomb etc. The reason for doing this is so even the most casual of users may hear one of these stupid names and woder "hmm I am going to check it out".

With BB recoiling and calling this new OS "10" they have completely blown the opportunity for people to want to take a "fresh look" at BlackBerry phones. BB's operating system - here to fore - has been considered "archaic".

Another opportunity BLOWN!!!!!

"Whenever another company comes out with a new OS (with the exeception of AAPL which names them by number) they always come up with some kind of catchy name ie Gingerbread, Honeycomb etc. "

That statment lests me know you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Frist fryo, gingerbread, and honeycomb are not new OS's but a new verison of the Android OS. Androis is the OS. So with what you siad RIM should name ever release of their OS ie ever leak or offical verison should be named something?

Where I will agree with you is that they should have named the BB 10 OS something that let people know that it is not the same as what was on the other devices, so that people know that it is something completely new. But they way you put it makes not a bit of sense. Plus who gives a shit what the OS is called in the first place, people will only judge what they see not what they are told.

I deal with people everyday that has no clue as to what OS they have on their phone so calling it BBX or BB 10 or what the hell ever really nither here nor there as long as it does what it is said to do.

I don't know who was most bored; me or the audience there.

And where were the true fans of BlackBerry, getting in the faces of the RIM reps? This is so frustrating. Wish someone there had the actual cajones to put a little fire under their feet.

Hmmm. My 4th grader seems to have better reading comprehension than some posters here. The point is that, while the video is named in part "keynote HIGHLIGHT video", in truth, there were no highlights. Anything in this video do anything for you?

And did you hear the deafening roar of applause when it was announced they would all be recieving the highly-successful PlayBook? How about the resounding approval and excitement of the name change to "10". Sorry, for those not able to detect it, there was ample supply of sarcasm there.

Also, the other point I was making, is that RIM never seems to have to face any fastballs, curveballs or sliders. Interviewers just seem to lob up a slow-pitch and accept every damn vanilla response RIM gives.

Hopefully that answers your question.

You're already a parent of a child and you speak like an egoistical pubescent teenager. Grow up. And btw, I was kind enough to respond to your self-indulgent rant/whine on a comments board. Complaining about a highlights video being boring to you, the audience not being enthusiastic enough, lack of response from the crowd blahblah. Take it to your blog next time.

In case you've never been to one, DevCon is not about "fastballs, curveballs or sliders". Try attending an actual DevCon next time.

Someone's a bit butt-hurt. Just because someone is critical of something, doesn't mean you need to take it personally. Well, unless you are either Mike or Jim. Or, if you were there and were able to ask them questions.

Thanks for the summary. I was away for a week and missed the coverage. I wanted to ask what is the app for photos shown in the video. Is it available for download now?

The pause and awkward applause after the Blackberry 10 announcement was a little embarrassing.

Everything and anything Blackberry and RIM related these days is embarrassing.

As for the name, as other people have said - RIM screwed up not once, but twice here. First, they didn't check to see that BBX is a registered trademark - incomptence. Second, they thought up the oh-so-brilliant BB10 name - incomptence again.

What was needed is for a complete change - something new - as the current BB brand is a damaged brand. When consumers see this, they will simply say to themselves "oh, there's nothing new here, its the same old from RIM - an antiquated, joyless, non-fun, boring, OS".

Oh well - at this point, I'm never surprised at RIM's behaviour and their overall inability to do anything right. In the words of Captain Kirk from Star Trek VI: "Please let me know if there's some other way we can screw up tonight."

I believe they thought that the BBX brand was way too far from their domain, so that it shouldn't turned out differently.


Great Star Trek line....They needed to come out with something "catchy and maybe even a bit controversial" I vote for "BB Vagina OS" you would get some press around "something new".....Do you think people would want to "check that out"???????

I check RIM's stock daily on Google Finance and read the normal barage of RIM bashing articles. To my surprise there was a good news story for RIM posted today, 12/08/11. I noticed it had been there for 7 minutes when I clicked on it. It was a great article but I noticed about 10 minutes later Google pulled it from the site. Hmmmmmmm.... I wonder why they would pull a good news RIM story? Here's the link for your reading pleasure [url= Group: RIM[/url]

Thanks for the article. An interesting (short) read, but to me it is just another example of hoe RIM is failing to get the message out.

I own a blackberry (9930) its good. I own a playbook I can see with the Android player it will be really good. I expect the phone to be very good (not great, but hey it's a first attempt - I had the original iPhone and it sucked).

RIM = products good, marketing pathetic or worse.

Too bad Balsillie won't fall on the sword in the next quarterly report for his role as CMO. Also, for coChairman and coCEO.

Its probably been said before, but if we are to compete with Apple "iOS's" and Google's "Android", we should brand the OS for blackberry BBOSS "BlackBerry Operating System Sucks!"

*Disclaimer, I don't think it sucks entirely, it just is very underpowered and not fast enough for my multiple running apps and key presses. Hopefully QNX takes care of that.