BlackBerry DevCon Americas - Calling All Android and Web Developers!

By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2011 03:32 pm EDT

With BlackBerry DevCon Americas kicking off tomorrow in San Franciso, we know RIM will be showing off some goodies with the Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook and while it remains uncertain when, exactly it will roll out to users -- RIM is wanting to be prepared. As such, all throughout BlackBerry DevCon they will be holding App Express sessions where Android developers and web developers can have their apps ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook in minutes:

Fast track your app by visiting the App Express area at BlackBerry® DevCon Americas. In just a few minutes, you can port your existing Android app to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet or transform an existing web application into a full-fledged app for both the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry® smartphones.

Once done, you can get your app submitted to BlackBerry App World™ on the spot*. Come to the kiosk, plug in your laptop, and see how easy it is to get a BlackBerry app up and running. Experts from Research In Motion's (RIM®) development team and the BlackBerry App World team will be there, ready to help.

App Express opens on Monday, October 17 and runs through Thursday, October 20. You don't even have to be registered for BlackBerry DevCon Americas. Come by and try out App Express on us, and then stick around for the rest of the content, insights, networking and more at the conference.

There you have it -- easy as that. There are a few things you'll need to bring along with you if you intend on porting your app to the BlackBerry PlayBook but those items are outlined on the DevCon Americas website. Be sure to check it out if you're looking to get into BlackBerry App World and explore new oppurtunites for your work.

Learn more about App Express and what you need to get started

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BlackBerry DevCon Americas - Calling All Android and Web Developers!


is there still hope that playbook os2 will be rolled out to public tomorrow? or maybe in the beta zone?

in all honesty, least I personally sure hope not...

I don't think Jim and Mike even would be willing to hold their cards closer to their chest and will likely show off 2.0 which I think will be a huge mistake if they do. It's better to keep the competition guessing then giving them anything to work with. Look at the success Apple has been having not showing off until the week of the release - the way it should be. Build anticipation

I must say the excitement for OS2 is starting to get the best of me. Now the only thing I want to see is it ROLL out for everyone's enjoyment!!!!

I have to say... this fast-tracking of apps being uploaded to Appworld makes me think that we really might see OS 2.0 in the next week. Up til now I've been waiting patiently, praying it was going to be tomorrow but knowing better than to get my hopes up... but now, even though i still doubt it will be tomorrow... I wonder why there hasn't been a date set for it... coupled with this fast-tracking system... it's enough to get the rumour mill grinding over tomorrow, eh?

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Devcon release... but even if it isn't, I think it has to be closer than November... surely. Why else would you bother to get app developers who weren't even attending devcon to head along to upload their apps in minutes? Food for thought, for sure.

Awesome, very excited, does anyone know If the DevCon event will be available through live stream??

I see you enjoying your lame troll joke laughing and drooling, showing up your pizza teeth.

We all know that they are bringing native email to the Playbook, although most of us don't need that because we bridge it to our Blackberry phones, which in my opinion, it's the most useful tool a tablet can have (together with a fully operational web browser).

I think the Playbook is a great device, but most of us (if you are to believe market research) don't have a Blackberry BB Bridge is of no use to most smartphone owners.

But if you want to make excuses for an inexcusable functionality omission, I suppose that is your prerogative. I'll just head back and grab another slice of pizza and think about what could have been.

I'm really hoping we get PlayBook OS 2 this week. I want my PlayBook to be a true standalone device with full PIM and Android Player.

Since AT&T still does not offer the BB 9900 to their users and I continue to have memory issues with my 9700 and necessary daily rebooting, I am SERIOUSLY thinking of switching phones and leaving RIM -- after 4 years. I can get the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the new iPhone through AT&T... just NOT the BB 9900! Leaning toward the iPhone since I'm heavily invested in iTunes & have an iPod Touch. I'm on a family plan, so if I switch to Sprint, I need to drag everyone with me.

I'm also intrigued by the ease ..... I hope this means that great interest will be shown by the developers.

I sure hope we get a sneek peek of the new BlackBerrys (QNX OS)! Now that would be something to cheer about AND another BIG step for us BlackBerry users, STAY TUNED!

Wow i have high expectations regarding the increase in apps for the playbook now! with its incredible hardware we just need android player and the pb will kick ass!!

If you've written to your favourite app publishers, let's hope they're listening... gotta let them feel the love - and offer them cookies!