BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS now available for developers

Dev Alpha Update
By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2012 11:23 am EDT

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha owners get another OS update today. This one is hot off the presses and may or may not be showing for you just yet. The latest update brings us to OS We're not sure what's new and exciting in this build, but you can expect some minor fixes and tweaks if nothing else. (Thanks @ardiri for chasing down the problem. It should fix the "program has ended" error message.)

To install the update, just fire up your BlackBerry Desktop Software, connect your Dev Alpha and you should be prompted to update. If not just check back later as it may be rolling out throughout the day. Thanks @superfly_FR!

How to update your BlackBerry Dev Alpha
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BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS now available for developers


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