BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Photo Gallery

By Richard Devine on 6 Feb 2013 08:45 am EST

The BlackBerry Dev Alpha C was unveiled during yesterday's keynote presentation at BlackBerry Jam Europe. Our hands on discovered a pretty solid device, with an excellent physical keyboard as you'd expect from a BlackBerry device. 

The response to the Dev Alpha C in Amsterdam has been phenomenal, with the testing booths packed with eager developers wanting to get their hands on one to start building great apps for the BlackBerry Q10

But, we know there's sure to be a host of developers who qualify to get a Dev Alpha C that couldn't make the trip to Amsterdam. So, to follow up on our initial hands on, here's a few snaps of the device to tide you over until it arrives. 


Reader comments

BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Photo Gallery


Confused!!!! First it was Z10 hands down for me. Now the Dev Alpha C casing is exposing the increase in screen size between the 9900 and the Q10. Good thing T-Mo wont have the Z10 til late March. I have time to think :)

You're right this is ugly. I beleive some may just be trying to prove a point in their dislike of the Q10. Q10 all the way for me!!!

Um, excuse me, your ignorance is showing...

1. This is not a production model, that will be sold to the public.

2. This is a DEVELOPER model, that WILL NOT be sold to the public.

3. This DEVELOPER model was created for developers to get their apps ready for the Q10 model that will be released in a couple months.


I think you misunderstood his comment. He's saying he doesn't understand why they need this developer model if the production model is already available. Meaning he's wondering why they don't just give them a Q10 instead of this developer model...

because people (press) will review as a final model and crush rim for making a 'buggy' phone which isnt completed yet. .

Wow, talk about missing the point of the OP....and on top of it, talking about ignorance when infact the ignorant post is obvious to everyone but you....

The question is, why give developers a clunky developer phone when the Q10 is already shown off to the public.

The answer is because they haven't released the Q10 to anyone and haven't even let anyone actually use the Q10, so its assumed something isn't ready with it, even enough to release it to developers.

Like everyone who replied said, you missed the OP point.

I think the biggest factor here is cost. Probably cheaper to make.

Getting close, and the hardware would then be launched but unavailable for retail sales. For awhile. Not an awesome way to build any sort of excitement.

I actually like the look of this as well except for the 'slabbiness'... soften the rectangle with some 9900 type curves, refine the casing a little more and market it as the U10 for urban adventures.

Does it have phone and Hub features enabled like the latest Dev Alpha A/B OS, or is it crippled? Looks like the phone icon is greyed out.

It does have the hub, I recommend watching videos on youtube of people using it. It's not crippled at all. In fact, I think you can get to the hub faster on the Q10.

the gestures also look more ergonomically friendly on the Q10 compared to the Z10.

After playing with the Z10 last night, Im sure now that the Q10/keyboard style BB is the only way for me.

The Dev Alpha B recieved an update the day BB10 launched that enables the hub and phone features. Im using it as my phone at the moment.

Yes, same with my Dev Alpha A which I'm using as my daily driver at the moment.
I was curious because I saw the phone icon greyed out in the photos. The person who attended Amsterdam answered my question.

Very Big Keys!! The Bigger the Better! Returning my Z10 today. going back to my 9900. I need dem' keys... keys open doors... I play the white keys.. ect, ect.

Since I got a 9900 and have had a playbook I think the clear choice for me is gonna be the Q10! I like the dev C too.

Is it me or it's just because of the quality of the videos shown.... but this dev C looks better than the Q10 device shown last week.

It looks like a Z10 with a keyboard. I think this looks way better than the Q10. The Q10 looks like a 9900, but ugly.

I like this design. Looks like military grade ruggedized equipment. I could see this in a humvee or a patrol car.

Edit: It occurs to me Porsche Design should take a look at doing something with the Q10. Makes more sense than what they did with the 9981

Q10 won't be available until 8-10 weeks after the Z10 drops in the US. I'll certainly start with the Z and will probably get the Q as well.

My first post ever since years in Crackberry. I want Dev-alpha-C, not Q10. I've 9900 and Playbook. What's the point to pay for another Q10 which looks uglier than 9900?

Blackberry should release this!!

I like the fact that it's all black (no silver!).

Looks rugged.
I actually like it better than the Q10.

Damn,...I'm torn between 3 lovers,...Z10,...Q10,...and now Dev C!

Also,...looks like it could have a HUGH battery!


I would buy this!! I like that industrial rugged look. Would rock this with out a case. It look like it could take a drop!

i currently have both the 9900 and 9780 and cant wait for both phones to be released in the US, i will be getting both....i wanna see that Playbook experience on a Z10 while i enjoy my Q10 just as much as i love my 9900......I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THESE PHONES TO MAKE THEIR WAY TO THE US.....

I'd hav love to c this with the build quality and polish of the Q10..I think it wld hav come across as far more refreshing and mayb more fitting for BB10 than the 9900 rehash which is the Q10! I think the str8 keyboard here has a more natural look than on the Q10...I could c this baby lookin ultra sexy with the Q10 polish....

I really like this one, the physical keyboard will always be better than the graphic one. But I am a fan of large screen real-estate. This model gives the best of both worlds. I like where BB10 is going. I really see BlackBerry working its way back to the top, only if we let them do what they do best. Critize this model three months after its release. When you have held and used it. Not now, its in development for heaven sake.

i dont really like the shape on it and look of material used, but atleast the screen on this one is bigger than the q10's ?

I hope so, because I actually prefer this dev model over the finished Q10 as it looks like a mess of designs slapped onto the 9900 model...

This would be a fitting addition to Batman's utility belt among the grapple gun, baterangs, and bat-vision goggles...

Can't believe a majority of the commenters are judging it prematurely AND think it'll be the retail one.

IT IS A DEV ALPHA C!! WHAT DON'T YOU GET ABOUT IT?!?! YOU CANNOT BUY IT!! IT WILL NEVER BE SOLD IN STORES!! Now don't tell me not to yell, since most DON'T FLIPPING READ ANYTHING unless it's IN ALL CAPS. God dammit! Ignorance is BLISS!! :(