BlackBerry details 10.3 roadmap, death of Adobe AIR runtime

BlackBerry Z30
By Simon Sage on 15 Apr 2014 03:01 pm EDT

BlackBerry’s preparing for the developer launch of BlackBerry 10.3 with an update to their public roadmap. Though there are a few nice additions due to land in May, but the most noteworthy thing about the following 10.3.1 update is that Adobe AIR won’t be included as an on-device runtime. Devs that have made apps that use AIR can port their creations over to Android or WebWorks easily enough, according to the FAQ they wrote for the end of life for AIR.

Besides that, here’s what features we can see on the native runtime roadmap, Android runtime roadmap, and WebWorks roadmap.


  • OpenMax
  • Pro Voice
  • Design Units
  • New Asset Selector
  • New Layout
  • App Colorization
  • List Rearrange
  • 64-bit tools (The Momentics IDE will include Native 64-bit support for Windows, OSX and Linux.)
  • Pretty Painters
  • Card Templates


  • Enhanced Tooling
  • Headless Apps
  • Work Perim. Debug
  • APIs

Android Runtime

  • Runtime Update
  • Accounts
  • Bluetooth LE
  • NFC
  • Share Framework V2
  • Tooling Update

We’ve already seen what’s available in the BlackBerry 10.3 leak, but what features would you like to see? Is this list looking good? How many developers here have built their apps using AIR? Is it going to be a huge hassle changing over to WebWorks or Android?

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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BlackBerry details 10.3 roadmap, death of Adobe AIR runtime



Wow, all sounds technical to me. If it's the technical, it must be good. If it's good, then I need to have it.

Where is the queue for getting this update so I can line up and wait?

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Besides all this technical info released I just hope the UI and home screen get updated with some nice new features and colour schemes as well as more customization to re arranging apps and etc.

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And I forgot to mention fix the damn issues we re having or some of us are having within contacts. Such as creating duplicate contacts and etc. So annoying that we still having issues in the 10.2.1!

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+ 10.2.1! Please. Daring to go near Link to sync to Outlook. Hope it's not too much to ask BlackBerry! And maybe not do many steps to move a calendar app't?

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Totally agree; I use the Calendar daily all day and it takes way too many steps to make appointments and even more to move them and that is not all folks.........

"Devs that have made apps that use AIR can port their creations over to Android or WebWorks easily"
Does this mean BB10 is fully embracing Android apps and ecosystem?

They are just getting rid of Adobe air and giving options to switch over apps written in Air to something else. Those listed would be the easiest options besides completely rewriting the app in cascades or something else.

Lol some people here. You are saving your contact to both sim card and device son. Just click on save on either of both at the top of it. Kek

Posted via z30 sta 100-5

I agree bro I had the same problem but noticed that my Verizon sync contact back ups duplicated in contacts so I removed the fucking thing and no problems anymore...what I would like to see is the holster customization like vibe only in holster and ring vibe out currently using Powertools app but only works when it wants to.

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It sounds beautiful to me. What I like the most is the 64 bit support. My eyes popped open when I see that O.O

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What processing on a mobile phone really benefits from 64 bits? Unless they are doing it because QNX is being migrated to 64 bits, I cannot see the point. Who is running large in-memory databases or high-resolution video processing on a phone? How many phones have a flat address space for RAM greater than 4 Gbytes?

It's not for the apps, but for Momentics SDK editor. It's a program that runs on PC, Linux, and OSX and other IDEs are 64 bit now. I think the only reason it was 32 bit at launch was because it came as part of Neutrino / QNX Dev.

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It is difficult for some linux distributions to run both 64 and 32 bit code. No problem for Opensuse, but BlackBerry made Ubuntu the preferred distribution. Doh!

I easily spent 4 hours installing Momentics.

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Yup, I saw that afterwards. I get slightly annoyed because of the Apple-induced fuss about 64 bit phone CPUs, which at the moment have little real benefit. I thought that the original poster thought that 64 bits would bring something to BB 10 - which as things stand, I think is quite wrong.

The 64-bit support it is referring to appears to be for the development tools. If you go to the roadmap and click that item it says:

Native 64-bit support for Windows, OSX and Linux.

This feature alone tells me that this release is designed for a particular premium phone to come. I think we're looking at the fall for this release because we haven't seen any signs of a new device till then.

I have no idea what any of that means...besides the fact that it makes me hungry...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

One easy thing to understand is that they are discontinuing support for Adobe Air.

Adobe Air apps typically run slow, so this should make the app experience better in the future (not having those clunky Air apps).

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For PlayBook owners, remember the really sluggish feel of many apps? Then remember the hot performance of games like Dead Space?

AIR, in all its infamous performance...

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I have 80 or so apps, some BFB and top sellers, that are AIR. Blackberry proposed 2 solutions - but don't realize it is blocked by their own Appworld API'S and neither solution can work.

As such, it means the loss of 80 decent/great apps from me. Some such as my free app Night Ports will actually be a sad loss.

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Las Vegas, NV, still do not have 10.2.1 from AT&T, and 10.3? Mediocrity flourishes. This is terrible going nearly 13 months without an update.

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That is your service providers fault. BlackBerry has made the updates available to all North America providers months ago.

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Or just flash it yourself. The autoloaders for the exact same software as the carriers have released have been readily available for months. Yes you loose your data but you can backup and restore it in less time than it takes to complain.

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Incredible no wonder BlackBerry is a bloodbath in the USA....keep the faith we are getting there

Buy a sim card on ebay from rogers. About 8$ and you'll have access to all future updates first when they come from the Canadian carriers. It works. Kind of shitty that it comes down to doing that.

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GPlay services would require Google's authorization. That's not likely to happen.

HOWEVER, that "Accounts" integration in the runtime sounds interesting...

Accounts has to do something with Google Play Services. I think we might not get full Google support but with the "Accounts" addition we might stop getting the Google Play Services error messages

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Yup Google Play services ...if I paid $2 bucks for Blackgram crap app I will pay $6.99 for Google services

Runtime update :o 64 bit support :o asset selector :) I can't wait now for sure!

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I think 64-bit Support, "Pretty Printers" (whatever that is) and Card Templates are just for the new Momentics, not the OS.

Yes it is. So no 64bit ARM support for now.

Simon, please edit the post, or people may get confused.

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Pretty Printers...

Maybe one if the suggestions from gas been included ;-)

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Can't wait what BB has in store for us! Also talk about app colorization! It may be the custom accents like in Windows Phone 8!

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I said this in the forum, I'm looking for a surprise in the lock screen. Can we get a quick view of our calendar and access to it by pressing on the date in the home screen. So I can get quick access. If I need to get to the calendar I would like to get there now.


Nice, never thought of that, and now I want it.

I like BB10...and that's all that matters to me.

I'm disappointed that the Android update is to 4.3 and not 4.4. But it does look like we'll have Google Play support!

It will come. Blackberry is moving super fast on this.

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"Android applications that require access to an Android account will now be supported with BlackBerry 10 account integration"

What is an Android account? I think this is for support for account logins via unrelated to Google. Its always called "Google sign in" not "Android sign in". Like creating user names for a game thats unrelated to Google services.

Thanks, that's what I thought. No mention of "Android account." It says "Google account" everywhere.

Which doesn't necessarily mean they're talking about a Google Play account specifically. If that's what they mean specifically, why aren't they straight out saying Google Play account?

I read this as an alternative to Android accounts. Where an Android app would require account details from a Google/Android account, BlackBerry 10 will instead pull that information right from the BlackBerry account. It doesn't say that it's integrated with a Google/Android account.


The information here does not specify Android 4.3 - where did you see that?

I would actually be VERY HAPPY if they integrated 4.3 - because 4.3 is the release that included "App Ops" - ie selective app permissions - which would be a VERY IMPORTANT feature if BlackBerry chose to enable it.

Google killed-off App Ops in 4.4/4.4.2.

App Ops. Lol, don't even get me started.

And don't forget, limited microSD access for apps came with 4.4.2 as well.

I doubt it. Google imposes a lot of requirements on their Google Play Services licensing agreements. Blackberry would have to jump through many hoops, like embedding Google apps and services, perhaps even branding. That is unlikely to happen.

Maybe BlackBerry will offer something as a trade to Google? I don't really need it but I know it would officially end the app gap

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At what cost though? Google Play Services is the proprietary part of Android and deeply connected with Google’s services, including their data collection tools. I personally don’t want that much Google integration on my BlackBerry. Heck, I specifically avoided Android because of that. I prefer to see a deal with Amazon instead.

Search the forum for it. There is a desktop app to help you with that. At least partly

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Exactly. Sideloading is awful, especially the lack of .bar files. I already have an Android tablet, so finding an Android app to download intact, then getting it through Chrome Playbook Extension to my Q10 is in no way seamless. If BlackBerry can make Android apps more accessible, then handset sales will improve.

I really LIKE:

App Colorization -- is this in some way related to the option of choosing a preferred UI color?

64-bit Support -- this is huge.. they are really moving forward to that platform


I am confused... Is not windows 64-bit already supported? I think they definitely refer to 64bit support for BB10 OS...

If you follow the link, you can click on the feature and get more details, for 64-bit it states, "Native 64-bit support for Windows, OSX and Linux." Definitely vague.

"Native 64-bit support for Windows, OSX and Linux."

A 64-bit executable for the Momentics SDK, as opposed to running the 32-bit executable (gets rid of nasty multiarch).

Yeah it's working fine because Windows includes both 32 and 64 bit libraries in their x64 editions, try installing momentics in a 64bit Linux OS and you'll end up with a system filled with duplicate libraries and you won't be able to update.

With regard to the app colourisation, I think this simply means that developers are able to change the colouring of their app. It does not seem to imply user choice. As the roadmap states: "To allow for easier differentiation and stronger branding of applications, it will be possible to define colors to be applied to Cascades applications and their controls."

Android account support. One step closer to Google services ?

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Yes, see my comment. It's bad here in Vegas. I can't plug BES very well as a company when wandering through an update fro over a year ago and no 10.2.1 in site "F" this. Locked into AT&T.

Posted via CB10

Go get your AT&T phone unlocked, buy a T-Mobile PREPAID Sim card and get the update that way.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I feel your pain, but it's the carriers not BlackBerry.

I have no idea - other than sideloading - on how to advise you. And, because of concerns of leak stability I don't sideload myself.

Posted via CB10

You're confusing terminologies. Sideloading is a method to install .bar files. You can load an OS on a process much the same as sideloading. Most have better success using autoloaders.
Also, 10.2.1 isn't a leaked OS - it has been released on many carriers around the world and even in North America. Grab the autoloader from any of the numerous forum threads. It is exactly the same thing your carrier would push out less the carrier-ware.

So pretty much any app that was available at the PlayBook launch will stop working with the 10.3.1 launch...

PlayBook isn't affected by this change, for smartphones if you have 10.3.0 you will be able to use the Air apps, if you update to 10.3.1 then you won't.

Posted via CB10

10.3!? Still on 10.1 can BB really do nothing to help out??? I can hate AT&T only so much before moving on from Blackberry.

Correction, it is 10.3.1 no 10.3.0

I don't like the idea to change my 50 apps so - 50 apps for BlackBerry World when people get 10.3.1

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Android accounts integrated into to BlackBerry 10...surely that must mean only one thing? I CAN FINALLY SAVE MY PROGRESS ON CLASH OF CLANS ;)

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I think all those apps that could be built using the App Generator were using Adobe Air and that includes those hundreds of travel guides that got dumped into BBRY World by that one dev.

A seemingly-minor one that could be really useful to me: a Call Forwarding API. With geofencing since 10.2, I really want an app that automatically forwards calls to my BlackBerry to the home phone when I get home (within GPS range, or probably more effective in an apartment, within the WiFi). I tend to set my phone down or stick it on a charger in one room and then sometimes miss calls.

I like this idea. I personally have no use for it, but can see that it would be useful to others and would lead to other ideas based from it. The same thing could be applied to work space or reverse the call forwarding once you were inside a second geo fence closer to work or your office. We already have the ability to set profiles through NFC. Why not through the OS or an app that uses geo-fencing? We definitely need more stuff like this to heck with flappy bird and clash of clans

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Get a home phone with Bluetooth. My
Z10 connects to home phone as soon as I drive in my driveway. When somebody calls my cell, my home phone rings and I can answer using my home phone. Works flawlessly, just like using Bluetooth headset.

Posted via CB10

Was gonna suggest this. You saved my typing :)

PW: Panasonic cordless phones are very good

Posted via CB10

That's a pretty good option. I like forwarding better for two reasons: don't have to buy new equipment and uses the home phone's minutes instead of the more-limited mobile minutes. But it is possible and I may go that way sometime soon.

Good stuff. I probably sound like a noob or hillbilly living in the sticks, but that's a great idea.


There a probably dozens and dozens of other use cases and scenarios how to employ Bluetooth creatively no one has every thought of.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yes, design units and new asset selectors definitely point to new screen resolutions/aspect ratios.

One to make a LOT of folks happy

'Android application that requires access to an Android account will now be supported with BlackBerry 10 integration'

Am I smelling Google Services around the corner?

Posted via CB10

If that makes a lot of people happy, well, I guess we have to succumb.

But make it optional just like UEFI / Secure Boot for those who don't want / don't need / can't have it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Because Adobe Air is a failed framework. It is a dead framework, it has ceased to be, it has gone to join the choir immortal...
I knew it was c**p when the CEO's new hire, who turned out to be a complete cowboy with several failed companies behind him, told me that Adobe Air was the Next Big Thing.

Yep. It's slow as anything too. I remember looking at the example apps adobe built in air, and the demos were so choppy.

Posted via CB10

How is Adobe AIR a failed framework? Adobe rolls out new updates to AIR every few months and there are many top iOS and Android apps built with AIR. The Blackberry support for AIR was at 3.5... which is old and outdated... The options they are suggesting by using the Android repackage means you can use AIR 13 to build Blackberry apps.

LMAO you are simply talking out of your ass... How is Adobe AIR a failed Framework when it has over a BILLION Installs. So many people just want to shit on AIR for problems that the Mobile Flash Plugin had back in 2010...And it was even discontinued. AIR IS NOT THE SAME THING AS FLASH..... AIR has improved 100X since then. Ever heard of Starling or Feathers? Of the Top 20 games for Android in 2014, 5 were built with AIR.

F*ck still no Sign of a Call Blocking API -.- BlackBerry keeps disappointing :(

Via CB10 App / Z10-100-2@

From the Devblog:

"Now is the time for you to give your feedback and questions to our teams for the current mapped features and functionality for your favorite SDK. There are a lot of different ways to contact our teams through the comment section below, developer forums, developer issue tracker, tweeting @BlackBerryDev, posting on Facebook or through your favorite Developer Relations and Product Management representative."

LOL we are asking for some Features since OS 10.0 - and never get an Answer from BlackBerry since. This *peep* keep ignoring us. They didn't even say "No we won't give You a*hole Non - Enterprise User an Answer. We keep ignoring You as You don't bring Money with You".

Via CB10 App / Z10-100-2@

To all AT & T folks...I feel your pain being a Sprint customer and NOT having the Z-30. My question is can't you guys download the leak that we're all running? I purchased my Q10 4 months ago and never turned the phone on with 10.1, immediately downloaded one of the first leaks and haven't looked back. Is there some type of block on AT & T that prohibits the downloading of leaks or you guys simply prefer not too?

Not true since I'm on ATT and also have a leaked10.2.1

I certainly do have a bitter taste in my mouth re ATT. They're so disgusting with their refusal to appease us BlackBerry users/ fanatics, and I promise to get back at these fools. There will come a time when that golden rule will surface on their minds "Always make your customers happy." Ain't that something when your carrier treats you like you're a nobody !!!!! Payback will be sweet as this carrier war continues to materialize.

Man United 4life!!!!

Yes, ok.

But we will move closer towards it being on the phones as well, and that means 4GB+ support. Yeeehah!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hope T-Mobile can get it to me in a decent amount of time! I'm excited to see BlackBerry moving forward.

Posted via CB10

Will tmobile still be getting, or releasing these future updates, considering there recent split?

Posted via CB10

How so? I'm no developer I just remember people complaining on the PlayBook that using AdobeAir was it made apps developed in it slugglish and a hassle for developers?

Honest question.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully Google services! And faster runtime. Better more efficient use of battery by runtime

Posted via CB10

Hopefully NOT Google services.

If I wanted an Android with all of Google's snooping tools entwined with it, I would just buy an Android.

Yea but that's not exactly what these people want. If BlackBerry sold the hub, keyboard and many of the other nice features in the play store then these peeps might get an android. Some people just want the best if both worlds. As long as there is a setting to disable it I'm good.

Posted via CB10

Why are some people so against merely having the option? Nobody would be holding a gun to your head to sign in to Google...

Noob question, can I have a keyboard shortcut on my Q? I guess I better ask in the forums...

That might do the trick temporarily, but that's a great idea. For those awkward moments at night when you're looking for stuff...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Would love the dark theme for system settings, and the hub for stl100-1 z10
BBM Messenger animation surprises for screen view.

Posted via CB10

Saying that Air apps can be "easily" ported to WebWorks makes me think of how Microsoft tried to convince developers that VB6 apps would "easily" port over to VB.NET.

I don't think it's a massive loss, no, and I doubt that many devs were actually using Air (Flash Builder is hideously expensive), but let's not kid ourselves.

I'm betting that a lot of the BB10 Air apps were from devs who already had an iOS or Android Air app (which DOES port easily). I'm guessing these apps just won't be around anymore.

So... 10.3 is coming out in May? Where was that in the links? Or in the post? Did I miss it?

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Well this is promising.

The BB10 roadmap had become pretty much "frozen in time" around November 2013, making it seem very foreboding for the future of the platform. Nothing at all had progressed there pretty much since Chen came on board.

Lithuanian language please with dictionary. Tired of adding sentence in emails 'sorry for mistakes, my blackberry doesn't supports national lerters'.
Gmail account contacts ' birthdays reminder in hub
Battery saving features, like internet data off when screen off, etc...
Always visible to do list
Scheduled push settings

For now...

Regards, happy user

Posted via CB10

Modern dialer with t9 search, because current one is like nokias 3310,
Notification led settings,
Goggle drive support out of the box,

Thanks for listening.

Posted via CB10

Looking real good! Excited for 10.3 to drop. Won't wait for AT&T unless their delay in releasing any update is they are going to be the first to offer 10.3.....yes, I know, you all wonder what I have been smokin'. :D Hey, a guy can dream!

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Well if it's coming out in May then Sprint should have it by June, of 2015.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"

What does this bluetooth update mean? Not by any chance something that will let me sync my Jawbone UP24?

Posted via CB10


We recently updated our flight boards to give you a heads up on the feature functionality that we plan to land in all of our SDKs, as well as the upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 SDK OS. We currently have the deliveries scheduled to arrive in May, and we’re eager to get the beta of the 10.3 SDK OS and updated tooling in your hands so you can provide your feedback to the SDK teams.

I can't believe a year after BB10 is released, I still cannot post a BBM message to a group from the hub! That's just plain silly. The only option is to find the BBM app and run it to get into groups to post a message. Is that the best BB can do?

I can't believe that after 3+ years I still can't post a BBM message at all from my PlayBook. I know that I'm beating a dead horse but, it just infuriates me, that Android, iOS, and soon to be WP8, can BBM, and my BB built product cannot.

Does anyone remember the PlayBook? AIR really slowed things down and made QNX look human :) While I still like my PlayBook, AIR just had to go.

64bit support. hmm sounds like they might start getting ballsy with the hardware specs. Nothing wrong with that. =)

Swordsmanship Channel _C000C9AF6

BlackBerry will still be backward rubbish for retards until it offers full user control and management over background data connections. You know like Nokia had a decade ago.

Are they seriously trying to alienate the developers that they already have? BlackBerry needs to be supporting MORE platforms not less.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Nice! 64 bit support. And pretty painter (scratches head). Game maybe? Or perhaps a color customization for menus and what not.

Posted via CB10

Adobe air is slow. The downloads page when you have active downloads accessed from the quick settings menu and it is written in Adobe air and it lags badly

Posted via CB10

Damn android apps. Don't want that. We need more developers for native apps. Blackberry should focus on native and and a smart submission to bbw apps

Posted via CB10

AIR responded quickly but processed slowly. I haven't dealt with AIR too much but hopefully it's not too hard to port to the HTML5 standard.

It wouldn't be quick. Air uses mxml and actionscript 3. Seriously though, blackberry is doing those developers a favour.

Posted via CB10

So Bluetooth LE, does that mean there is a chance that the Android fitbit app might work fully with the fitbit devices?

Posted via CB10

Would be good a detailed explanation of each item, what it does and how far could it go in this next update

Posted via CB10

I'm seeing that Android will work with NFC. I've been waiting for this so I can use my camera app that connects via NFC. That being said, I would prefer a native BB10 app.

I didn't see "More free shit, of which you will most likely only use half" in the list of upgrades. How can we ensure this is included in the latest release?

Posted via CB10

I hope..there will be a phone customization on the 10.3 or to the upcoming updates. As of now.. i think that is the feature that many bb os 10 have been longing for. It is nice to have customized phone display, isnt it??

Posted via CB10

No its says "10.3 Beta SDK (Software Development Kit aka the "API's") for us Devs in May. A few Months later comes the 10.3 Gold (Final) SDK.

Around that Time will arrive the 10.3 OS. If the OS comes before or after the Gold SDK, depends on BlackBerry's internal Schedule. But don't ask me how many Months from now ;)

Via CB10 App / Z10-100-2@

Bluetooth LE!

Finally we can use Fit bit and other apps that require the Bluetooth profile.

Hope they update the Wifi so I can use an AR.Drone.

Posted via CB10

And also, at what point will 10.3 outgrow the current hardware specs? Think BlackBerry need to get that new hardware out there and push on even further, just to keep up...

Slowly the gap is opening up once again to other platforms....

I love BB10 but just don't wanna see it lose out and be out of date when the new handsets are released....

Posted via CB10

Why doesn't BB improve BlackBerry Groups? It is such an important feature that distinguishes it from just another IM tool. I want to sort and organize lists, search through lists, add files and videos not just photos. I also want to know who read my group posts and when. BBM must continue to evolve and go further. BB Groups adds so much value - my very own social networking group :)

Agree! Bbm group is what keeps my cross platform friends on bbm so it needs to keep improving!

From my new z30

AWESOME! Just what I have been waiting! Woo-hoo! Wait; what does all this jargon mean? =0)

Posted via CB10

This article is about the development kit for bb10 - not the Bb10 OS.
So no 64bit support of BB10.3 and if this development kit releases in May, we may get 10.3 in Fall 2014.

Posted via CB10

Great, but we need the inclusion of 64 bit coffee making in the morning so that my Z10 can have it ready for when I crawl out of bed at 5 am in the morning please! ; )

Careful! Z10 in action!

Doesn't matter if the carriers don't make it available. All this talk of updates is ridiculous and just a tease if the carriers are involved. Software updates need to be carrier independent.

Posted via CB10

Are people actually building exciting new apps for BB10. It seems like we get half ass apps and ports in the beginning. Look at Slacker radio, one release and then no updates. Really!

Posted via CB10

Well, In my humble opinion, I feel Blackberry should also take on the responsibility of software (OS) distribution. This way, everyone gets updates at the same time.

Posted via CB10

I believe stiick tennis is developed with adobe air: I do not want to lose that game :-(

Posted via CB10

No more AIR... good riddance! Was only ever useful for games and there are enough native frameworks.

Bluetooth LE in Android... can't wait! So many gadgets and nobody wants to go native.

Updated Android runtime... will prolly be vanilla Kitkat, but I would have loved to get Cyanogenmod or Blackphone OS. We need more granular permissions if we hope to protect a little bit of our privacy.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

I would love to have the gesture from the PlayBook to switch from open frames by swiping side to side, or how on the PlayBook I can swipe up to close the apps, other than that 10.3 looks solid.

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