BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 Bundle 59 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Desktop Sofware
By Bla1ze on 17 Apr 2012 04:24 pm EDT

If you're looking to test out the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software, you'll find it now available for download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Keep in mind, it is only available to North American users though there is no keycode required for installation. The known issues list is long for this one so before you commit to downloading it, make sure you give it a look as it may be something you wish to avoid for now and let those who don't mind bugs work the kinks out. Also, this is for Windows users only -- there is no Mac version offered at this time.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 Bundle 59

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BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 Bundle 59 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Awesome Lyr :) I saw this one didn't require a keycode and chuckled to myself.
RIM is asking that if you have any problems, you email the following info to

• Desktop Software version: (should be Desktop Software 7 Bundle 59)

• Windows OS version:

• Handheld Apps Version:
- This can be found under:
- Handheld code 5.x - Options -> About
- Handheld code 6.x & 7.x - Options -> Device -> About Device Versions
Third line down will contain the version in the format of v.6.0.### or v.7.0.###

• Handheld Model: (eg. Bold 9900)

• Observed Results: please reproduce the steps you took (Please be specific as possible when describing these steps)

• Expected Results: what did you expect to happen?

• Frequency: (Constant / Frequent / Intermittent / Rarely / Once)

Still haven't fully recovered from the last v7 and that one wasn't beta. Moving back to v6 was pure hell but after much trouble have got Calendar syncing with Outlook again without creating 10 entries for every calendar event. Still can no longer sync contacts, memo, or tasks without getting errors. I'm normally one of the first to try all things beta, but in this case I'll wait for the actual release and for a definite all clear before I stick my head up.


But try re-syncing on the 6.1 - I successfully managed to get everything "back to normal"...

No such luck. Have tried everything. Just to get calendar syncing, I had to sync 1 way from my phone to Outlook, remove thousands of duplicated events from Outlook (fortunately there's a tool for that), then re-sync in both directions.

Contacts are not nearly that simple. I have hundreds. I've removed birthdays and anniversaries, contact pictures, you name it. DM has taken separate street, suite, and city and merged them into one field. It will take a while to sort that out, and I've spent enough time on it for a while. Memos are straight forward enough and even they create a useless, how does this help me error. If I was writing the app, I would highlight the offending entry and allow you to fix it or at least note it and then delete and re-create it on your own.
Sometimes I think the authors of DM confuse sync with sink.

Just thought I would post this for anyone having problems with v7 for bb. I continued to receive error messages during sync process until I deleted all previous calendar entries and now it works like a charm. There is an issue with outlook calendar if appointments are replicating. Hopefully, this will not always be the only option but it beats having to go through g-mail or moving back to v6

"The known issues list is long for this one..."

Is there any way to see this list without being in the Beta Zone?

And it really took them 2 whole months since that "official" one day release just to get to this - and there is still a long list of known issues???

I installed this version of the Desktop, backed up my Playbook, and used it to install the Playbook update. I did not have any problems.

Not brave enough to DL after the last DM7 fiasco, but very curious to know if this version allows syncing from outlook to Playbook. Fingers crossed...

I did not see this as an available option yet. Backup works on phone and Playbook. Sync seems to work fine between the phone and Outlook. Application management on phone seems to work as expected. I do not use the media sync in DM so I cannot comment on that.

The install and sync worked fine. I have been using the original Release 7 without any problems other than the errors associated with scheduling all-day events (would show up as 2-day events on device if originally scheduled in Outlook). I had been working around this by scheduling the event from 12AM t0 12AM. I ran several tests of scheduling all-day events both on the device and in Outlook and I am very pleased with the behavior - it is working as it should. I did not try resetting the time on the device or the computer to pre-daylight savings but I am hoping that will work correctly - will find out in 6 months :)

Nice job on the fix - RIM caught a lot of flak on this one - I actually sympathize with them - the general public doesn't seem to appreciate how difficult software development supporting multiple platforms and combinations of systems really is.

I was a victim of the previous BBDM v7 release and was forced to move back to v6 and had been waiting for v7 to show back up. I saw it was released in Beta Zone but wasn't ready to try it due to the earlier SNAFU but after the recent Playbook Update I could no longer get my PC to recognize the playbook when hooked up via USB so I thought I would give it a try. Installed it this moring on my Win 7 64 bit operating system, set up the sync options and had no issues. First sync worked just fine. I am also happy to report that after installing v7 of Desktop Manager my PC now recognizes my PlayBook again.